D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 35 - A Recap

Volume 35: A Recap...


Hello everyone! We are finally back! Regular posts begin again TODAY! Prepare for a lot of new content coming your way! 

I thought to ease us back into things I’d offer a recap of our story so far. Then tomorrow we will begin with the new material starting with our writeup of the Jeweler Character Class!

So far here is what we have experienced:

In the beginning there were “The 6” mortal being who achieved god like power, roaming the multiverse and bringing justice and hope where ever it was needed

Along the way they met up with a terrible force that came to be known as “The Oblivion

The Oblivion is the consumer of the multiverse. It “consumes” multiple universes simultaneously moving from one far end of a universe to another. Nothing that enters it ever returns. The closer you come to The Oblivion the stronger the gravity becomes pulling you into it, thus those straying to close often find themselves unable to escape and are consumed. Extending out from The Oblivion proper is The Crawl, long tendrils of Oblivion that seek to ensnare whatever they come into contact with and pull it into The Oblivion. Also, seemingly randomly, The Oblivion will release Oblivion Wraiths out of itself. These huge blobs of Oblivion seek out things to pull into the Oblivion as well but travel much faster and farther than The Crawl. 

The 6 tried desperately to stop The Oblivion upon its discovery. They brought to bear all manner of powers against it, magical, psionic, mystical, technological and more. None seemed to have any effect on it. Eventually they decided to combine their powers into one and attempt to thwart The Oblivion this way. The one chosen among the 6 to hold this power was named Dran.

Fortified by their combined power Dran entered The Oblivion but after a week was still unable to divine any of its secrets. Finally out of frustration and desperation Dran decided he would attempt to contact the terminal edge of The Oblivion proper. The other 5 pleaded with him not too but Dran, desperate for answers, and perhaps a bit drunk with power, did not acquiesce, and when he finally touched The Oblivion, all of reality changed.

The mysterious being known as Arc appeared carrying the crystalized remains of Dran which he called a “Traxt” Arc then combined this Traxt with Dran’s heart which he had left behind, creating The DC (Dran Combined” Which causes any universe it enters to experience “The Traxt Phenomenon” Where in people no longer fall dead as we know it but instead within moments of death become “Traxts”, thus leading to turmoil and panic in many universe for several reasons. 

Arc took the remaining 5 to mysterious universe called Traskoria. He taught them many things there and eventually departed them. They were given many responsibilities during this time, preparing Traskoria among them. Preparing exactly for what remains to be seen. 

Now known as “The 5” they traveled from universe to universe attempting to stop The Oblivion and to learn all they could about it and its abilities. They began teaching others how to use Traxts for magical purposes, creating the classes of Traxt Smiths, Traxt Jewelers, and Traxt weavers, all of which have the power to slow, temporarily stop, and destroy The Oblivion. However even with this new powerful form of magic The Oblivion, though slowed, could still not be stopped. 

The consumption of the multiverse came to be described as a series of “Crushes” due to the bizarre crushing sound each planet hears as The Oblivion becomes visible in their sky, before falling silent again. 

Along the way The 5 met up with many powerful, yet enigmatic friends, like Raine the Younger and the robotic life form known as Snish, among others. 

At our current point in the story we are in the middle of The Second Crush, and several races are coming to the forefront of the multiverse. Many are races you would know like the elves, centaurs, merfolk and more. Some you may have not heard of which include the Swafts, the Sliders, and the Trementians among others. Also in their number are counted The Dark Dwarves. A terrifying race of conquering dwarves. However as the Second Crush begins we find even the Dark Dwarves have turned to peace with the seemingly unstoppable force of The Oblivion pressing down upon them. This time is probably the greatest time of peace the multiverse has ever known.

That’s it for the recap. It is sparse but to learn the details all you must do is go back and start the story from the beginning! Along the way we have met several other awesome character and racial classes! Its all waiting for you! 

And once again thank you all! Im excited to start producing content again! Buckle up because we are about to hit it full force! 


-Random Psionic


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