D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 36 - Traxt Jewelers

Volume 36: Traxt Jewelers

“One to shape them...”

Character Class

RPS: 6/10

At a glance: Traxt Jewelers are the second member of The Trinity and are offensive powerhouses on the battlefield. 

In-depth: Traxt Jewelers have a variety of powers and abilities that make them a welcome member to any party. Beyond that they provide the second step to creating T-Traxts out of ordinary Traxts. After receiving a forged Traxt from a Smith the Jeweler will begin the lapidary process on the gem. This process takes about a days work (8ish hours) but as the Jeweler grows in experience the time is lessened. This is a very delicate process and interruptions, or mistakes can “flaw” the Traxt making it unusable for some time. A flawed Traxt will eventually “heal” but the process can take 1d4 years before another attempt can be made. However once the gem is fully cut it will sparkle with a brilliant intensity. However it won’t “glow” like it used too. Not until a Weaver completes the process, creating a true mother stone of it. 

Jewelers in general tend to be flashy and boisterous. They enjoy extreme fashion and love to be “avant-garde” and on the cutting edge of what’s hip and trendy. A level 1 Jeweler will start with 2 fully realized Trinity Gems and may acquire another every other level to a maximum of 10. However unlike the Smiths who gain power with each Traxt set into their Cosmic Hammers, Jewelers instead gain abilities depending on where they wear a gem. 

There are as many places on the body to pierce or wear jewelry as the imagination allows so in this writing I will not be able to list them all. However as with all our classes one day I do hope to be able to do a “full” write up and list all the abilities and spells available to this amazing class. There are 20+ spots alone on the ears that can be pierced each position providing a different ability. 

A note on jewelry: Jewelers spend an incredible amount of time crafting their own jewelry. One of the most dynamic and fun to play aspects of a Jeweler is crafting jewelry that gives them PERMANENT bonuses. However once a T-Traxt is made into a piece of jewelry it can not be changed. The Jeweler “bonds” with the piece of jewelry they have made, allowing them the bonuses, but forever linking that piece of jewelry to themselves. Most jewelers put a lot of thought into each piece they make and where they will wear it on their body. And once they reach 10 pieces of jewelry that is it for them. They can not wear any more. 

A list of some Trinity Gem jewelry locations and there effects

Left earring- supernatural hearing

Right earring- +3 save vs all forms of mind control

Left eyebrow- telescopic vision

Right eyebrow- microscopic vision

Belly button- regenerate 1d2 hp per round 

Right index finger- +1 to strength

Necklace hanging over heart- +25% hp

Left bracelet- regenerate 1d2 mana per round

 Jewelers are tenacious fighters. They further differentiate themselves by specializing in one of three “styles” of combat. Each one having its own bonuses and drawbacks. These are: Close Style, Turret Style, and Long Range style.

We will now briefly discuss each style and give some example abilities from each, again hopefully being able to provide a full list for each style sometime in the future with a supplementary writing. 

Close Style-

This style are the “glass cannons” of their group. They can produce devastating abilities but must do so at close range. Their class does not have very much HP so they must rely on their Style Perk, quick thinking, dexterity, and often luck to remain stable on the battlefield.

Most Close style jewelers will choose jewelry that bolsters their health and strength allowing them to survive longer at close quarters during battle. They have shockingly low HP but their Style Perk helps a lot! Close Style Jewelers instantly regenerate 1d4 hp every time they connect with a spell! This increases to 1d6 at level 10 and 1d8 at level 20! 

The range for most Close Style spells are touch so this type of Jeweler can’t be afraid to get their nails dirty and must wade full force into battles. Let’s take a look at a few of their spells

Low Level Close Style Spell- 

Gleaming Punch- The Jeweler come down with a might punch inflicting 1d6 +1 per level magic damage on an opponent. A dazzling spray of rainbow light follows the punch with a chance to dazzle the victim of the punch and anyone else within a 3’ radius

Mid Level Close Style Spell- 

Shimmering Tiger’s Roar – The jeweler makes a throwing motion toward and opponent within 10’ and unleashes a pearlescent tiger that leaps at an opponent immediately performing 3 attacks (2 claw, 1 bite) at the end of its attack the Tiger unleashes a might roar at the opponent who must make a saving throw or be deafened for 1d4 rounds! The tiger then disappears in a shower of sparkling lights. 

High level Close Style Spell- 

Chaos Tornado- The Jeweler surrounds themselves in a black and purple tornado that shudders with golden electricity. The Jeweler can then move freely in the tornado for 1 round per 5 levels doing massive damage to anything they come into contact with. The jeweler also takes half damage from all sources while in the tornado! Only psionics do full damage. 

Turret Style. 

This style of jeweler specializes in creating stand alone turrets from their jewelry that do continuous damage but remain in a fixed position. Traxt by their very nature cannot be destroyed but the turrets can be moved or toppled with sufficient force. When setting up a turret the Traxt gem itself leaves the jewelry it’s in and grows to a massive size. The gem will then hover just above the ground and start pumping out whatever kind of damage or effect is assigned to it. When a spell is done or canceled the gem magically returns to the Jeweler’s jewelry and is ready to be used again. This type of Jeweler likes to be mobile on the battle field, setting up Traxt Turrets and then running away or slipping into the shadows to pop up somewhere else with a new turret. The gem automatically returns to them when the spell is over no matter the distance, so they need not worry about remaining close to the turrets once they are summoned. These turrets don’t always do a lot of damage but it is continuous and almost impossible to avoid for any enemy that comes to close. Turrets last 2 rounds +1 round per 5 levels of the caster.  Turrets however can also be “set” like traps. When this is done the turret will remain dormant only activating when an enemy comes into range. Only then will its duration begin. Turrets left as traps can be left that way indefinitely and recalled at any time. 

Low level Turret Style Spell- 

Plus Beam Turret- This turret has a range of 20’ and will attack anyone who is hostile to the caster who comes into range. Once an enemy is found the Traxt Turret will let out a glittering beam of energy at the target once per round doing 1d6 damage. However, each time the same enemy is struck by this turret the damage increases by 1d4. Thus, an enemy hit 3 times by this turret would receive 1d6 + 2d4 damage on that 3rd hit!

Mid level Turret Style Spell- 

Shadow Turret – This turret must be placed in the shadows or the dark. Once the turret is placed it will remain hidden as if invisible waiting for an enemy to approach. Once an enemy comes within 10 feet the Turret will emerge casting a magical web over them which may ensnare the opponent for 1d4 rounds. Also, upon setting this turret the caster may “shadow step” instantly to any other dark or shadowy area within 100’!

High Level Turret Style Spell- 

Elemental Quad Gem- When this turret is set it slowly pulsates in color from blue, to red, to silver, to green. This turret has four charges and will attack any enemy of the caster that comes within 15’ of it. It will then unleash an elemental magic attack once per round at opponents until all 4 charges have been spent. The charges always go in the same order – water, fire, wind, earth. 

The water charge unleashes a powerful wave at one or more enemies with a chance to knock them down and doing huge damage. 

The fire charge unleashes a cone of fire which may also hit more than one enemy. Enemies not making a saving throw will receive continual burn damage for the next 1d4 rounds!

The wind charge creates an instant vacuum in the area, damaging anyone within it. Enemies not making a saving throw are deafened for 1d4 rounds

The earth charge sprays a single opponent with stinging hot mud that quickly hardens causing damage. Those not making a saving throw will be slowed for 1d4 rounds

The final style is the Long-Range Style. This style of jeweler like to be on the backlines of battle where they can volley their spells from safety. These spells apply “marks” to whomever they hit. These marks usually appear as an “aura” of glitter surrounding the person struck. The victim themselves are unable to see the mark but friend and foe alike on the battle field will see them.  These marks persist for 1d2 rounds + 1 round per five levels of the caster. These marks can then be “consumed” by the caster or other friendly forces for varying effects. Marks are consumed by landing an attack on the person who has the mark. Most of these spells have a range of sight. 

Low Level Long Range Style Spell – 

Healing mark- This spell sends a volley of magical energy against an opponent that does 1d4 damage if it connects. It also marks them with a green aura that if consumed by a friendly force will heal that character for 1d4 damage +1 per level of caster!  

Mid Level Long Range Style Spell- 

Little cloud full of diamonds- This spell summons a tiny cloud over the victim that begins to rain tiny white-hot diamonds onto them. The diamonds melt when they strike and do 1d4 burning damage for every round the cloud persists (1d4 rounds) The cloud will follow the victim up to speeds of 20 mph. The cloud also marks the victim with a white aura. If this opponent is attacked the white aura mark will be consumed and the cloud will explode dealing 1d6 damage to the victim only and appling a burn to the victim which will deal continual damage for another 1d4 rounds. 

High Level Long Range Style Spell- 

Neon Catapult- This spell summons a neon lit catapult that can fire 2 massive neon lit boulders (one per round) an incredible distance dealing massive damage over a wide area. It can be used to attack walls, buildings, etc. Aiming is difficult so the first boulder is always -2 to hit, but the second boulder infers no penalties. Any person or structure that receives damage will gain a neon light aura around them. Further attacks on structures or people with this aura consume the aura. Whoever consumes the aura will have their next attack be an automatic critical hit!

In closing between the jewelry they make and the styles they choose Jewelers offer and incredible array of diverse options for gameplay. Jewelers tend to be incredibly loyal and accepting of most cultures and ways of thinking. They tend to be over zealous at times and sometimes let their passion get the better of them. They can even be considered “hot tempered” by many. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, they have an amazing capacity for love and will fight with great resolve when they see injustice around them. 

   In the Illustration: Here we see 2 Jeweler's powering up spells. The left one seems to have a gem set into a crown of some sort, they other seems to have set gems into sunglasses. The Left one is powering up a powerful Chaos Tornado, while the one on the right seems to be preparing a Gleaming punch!


-Random Psionic


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