D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 41 - The Swaft Part 2

Volume 41: The Swaft (Part 2)

So it was decided by the “gods” of the Dark Dwarves that they would bind themselves to the Dark Dwarves forever and permanently diminish themselves in order to cast one of the First Spells. The one that is sometimes called, “The Erasure” 

The premise of the spell is straightforward. Once the spell is cast it need only touch one member of another species. As soon as that happens the entire race, regardless of space, time, and across the multiverse will begin to start changing fully and genetically into the race who cast the spell. In essence the Dark Dwarves were going to create the genocide of the Swaft people by turning all of them into Dark Dwarves. 

The spell would take some time to prepare however so the Dark Dwarves and the Swaft continued with their lives. The Dark Dwarves went on with their conquering and the Swaft continued to explore. The Swaft were not fools however. They kept constant watch on the Dark Dwarves where they could and warned other races about them. This led to a rekindling of the war. Soon the Swaft began showing up in swarms to  help planets and universe besieged by the Dark Dwarves. With each loss the Dark Dwarves grew more and more angry. They also began to grow less and less patient with their Gods, demanding them to give them this weapon they kept speaking of to destroy the Swaft menace. These “gods” by this time had already poured most of their essence into the spell so did all they could to placate the Dark Dwarves to whom they were now bound, but their words began to hold less and less weight with each brutal loss to the Swaft Forces. The “gods” began taking shortcuts in the spell to create it faster. 

The Swaft remained oblivious to the spell. They knew the Dark Dwarves were working on “some new weapon” to defeat them but this was old news. The Swaft’s ability to gas exchange teleport was all but unstoppable to the Dark Dwarf forces and they were constantly introducing new weapons against them in attempts to thwart it. 

Finally, when it seemed the Dark Dwarves were on the verge of revolt against their Gods, the “gods” announced the weapon was ready. They produced for them a glowing, sickly green sphere. The First Spell was complete. Erasure was ready to deploy. 

Deploying the spell would not be hard. They would place the sphere on one of their flagships and the next time the Swaft attacked they would release it against them. They only had to hit 1…

And so it was that they provoked a skirmish with the Swaft over a contested world and when they attacked the captain of the Dark Dwarf ship smashed the Erasure Sphere at the feet of the Swaft forces as they boarded his ship. And then the spell took hold. 

As imagined the “shortcuts” the Dwarven “gods” took to complete the spell offered some complications. First the spell which should have spread to all the Swaft race over about a week had its progression slowed. All in all, the Swaft and Dark Dwarves came to find they would have about a month for the spell to fully take hold. Secondly a VERY small number of Swaft (Less than 1%) would be wholly unaffected by the spell. (Leading to a separate character class we will discuss later) 

Regardless it was not a good situation for the Swaft. As soon as the spell was detonated a wave of disorientation ran thru the entire Swaft race thru space and time. This led to heavy, near absolute casualties, of all the Swaft forces in the field. For the Swaft residing on home worlds and elsewhere the sickness continued, seeming to get worse day after day. One of the first features they took on was the spider legs from their backs. It was incredibly painful as their entire anatomies began to be rearranged. 

The best and brightest Swaft began to work on a cure. But between their lack of knowledge on the spell, the sheer potency of the spell, and the constant pain the Swaft were in, progress was almost nonexistent. 

The Dark Dwarves rallied their forces and began attacking in mass the known worlds that housed Swaft. The attacks were severe and brutal. The Dark Dwarves killed with wild abandon. The sheer number of Swaft lost is beyond terrifying. The Swaft were no longer able to gas exchange teleport and were all but sitting ducks to the furious and enraged Dark Dwarf wave that was engulfing them. 

This continued for 7 days. The Dark Dwarves slowed their attack simply out of laziness. Their “gods” had also advised them it was all for not because within a matter of weeks the Swaft would be no more. In their place would stand newly made Dark Dwarf brothers and sisters. Blank slates to be welcomed into the fold. The Dark Dwarves, seemingly sated by their devastating opening salvo, slowed their attack to a crawl and began to take on other tasks. 

Thankfully for the Swaft, this is when the Elves arrived. The two races had never met but had began hearing of each other throughout the multiverse. The detonation of one of the “First Spells” acted like a beacon to the Elves, whose uncanny sense of magic attuned them to the mystical energies of the entire multiverse. They arrived to a people in agonizing panic. 

The Elves began doing what they could for the Swaft people. The Elves, being masters of arcane magic, had experience with the First Spells. They began working on a reversal for the spell, but they let it be known to the Swaft they were not hopeful. 

The Dark Dwarves quickly took notice of this intervention and began to press the attack against these interlopers. The Elves were also a new race to the Dark Dwarves so they had no idea what to expect. They were surprised. What the Dark Dwarves had in technological force the Elves matched with pure magical power. Over the next week there was a constant ebb and flow between the Dark Dwarf and Elven forces as they began learning about each other through war. 

It was coming down to the final stages of the spell. By now the entirety of the Swaft Race had fully grown spider legs from their backs and began losing their height. When at last the Elves came up with a solution, but not one without cost. The Elves had prepared a counter spell but the cost would be the almost total severing of the Swaft connection from the elemental plane of wind. The realization of this hit the Swaft people hard but as there was little time, there was only scant argument before the Swaft leaders gave the OK for the spell to be done. 

Finally, on the last day of the spell the Elves, still fighting an all out war against the Dark Dwarves in space, set down the base magics for the reversal spell. They opened a portal to the elemental plane of wind using the Swaft’s own connection to it as a conduit. And literally in the last moments before the Dark Dwarves cast their World Net around the world where the spell was being cast, the counter spell was released. It spread through space and time and the “Erasure” of the Swaft people halted.

As mentioned though the price was heavy. The Swaft lost their ability to gas exchange teleport and fly freely. They were all forever shorter as a people and most distinctly they and their kind would now always carry the spider legs of their oppressors upon their backs. However, with the spell ended the Swaft quickly threw off their sickness and pain and joined the Elves in pushing back the Dark Dwarves. 

Infuriated the Dark Dwarves pushed back with a mighty force. The Dark Dwarf gods, scared what their people would do now with the spell being a failure, began pouring what little power they had left into the Dark Dwarves, hoping to satiate them in this way. 

As such the war continued for hundreds of years. In time the Dark Dwarves all but forgot about the failed “First Spell” and instead began to see what they had done as a victory. And urged on by their gods they began conquering weaker peoples and enslaving them, only fighting the Elves and Swaft when they ran into each other. Such is the history of the Swaft people.

Powers & Abilities: The Swaft still retain many of their elemental wind abilities. They are experts at casting Wind Elemental magic, receiving massive bonuses in this class. They also can still “float” 1’ to 3’ above the ground with no effort. With minimal effort they can still fly but not effortlessly as they could before their transformation. (Generally being able to fly with minimal magical cost for 1 hour per level) Over time they have learned to use their spider legs much like the dark Dwarves do for both attack and defense. They are resistant to extreme temperature changes, both cold and heat. They are immune to gas attacks of all kinds. Their bodies filter all harmful gasses easily. They can also exist in the vacuum of space (1 hour per level). 

Culture: The Swaft are a people of peace. In many ways they are “The Listeners” of the multiverse, offering counsel to many worlds, but never pushing their own beliefs or cultural ways onto them. They love light and open spaces. Much of their architecture is open to the air. 

They tend to both male and female go topless but will don tops if they are among a people who is not open to it. As such they wear very colorful and bright bottoms. They tend to not wear shoes unless absolutely necessary. 

They love all manner of flying things and celebrate them. From birds and butterflies, to kites and balloons, they love creating and viewing beautiful things that fly. 

All in all, this is the Beginnings of the Swaft we know today. They are a friendly, helpful race, seeking friendship and alliances throughout the multiverse. They will become one of the major races as we continue into the history of The Crushes. 

About the Illustration: I didn’t like the color of the last illustration, so I recolored it. Which do you like better? I think I like this one more ha ha. This is our main Swaft Character. We will be learning all about him eventually. 



-Random Psionic


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