D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 45 - Destiny Elves

Volume 45: Destiny Elves

Destiny Elves

At a glance: Destiny Elves are Elves who have forsaken arcane magic for the pursuit of psionics, and as such have become perhaps the most diverse and powerful psionic users in the multiverse!

Appearance: Destiny Elves appear exactly like regular elves, because to be frank they are. They come from a common lineage that started when the multiverse was still forming. In common, all Elves share sharp features and most predominantly pointed ears. They tend to be lithe and svelte. Though like with any race these are generalizations. The MAIN difference, if any can be noticed at all, is that Destiny Elves tend to be slightly taller than regular Elves. Destiny Elves make up about 10% - 15% of all Elves in the multiverse. 

The easiest way normally to tell a Destiny Elf from a regular Elf is to look at how they dress. Destiny Elves tend to prefer White or Black dress, whereas regular Elves dress in a myriad of colors. Again, these are generalizations, not rules. They tend to dress in long robes or even trench coats. They are fond of gloves and large boots often worn to the knee. Tending to wear only black, white, and shades of gray, the Destiny Elves have created some of the most intriguing fashions in the multiverse. They delight in creating fashion for other races as well. They say meeting a Destiny Elf who cannot sew is “A Tragedy.”

History: The Destiny Elves share a common history with the Elves. They started as one singular unified race being one of the very oldest of all the races, already with thriving societies when the multiverse was still very young. There was an incredible amount of “excess” magical energy during this time and the Elves are absolutely in tune with the arcane energies of the multiverse. Some say the Elves have an additional sense that allow them to experience magical energies in ways other species cannot. 

Regardless there is no denying the magical prowess of the Elves and with so much energy to pull from they advanced more quickly than most other races. The Elves, being a helpful and peace-loving race, (though often also arrogant and proud), turned to the multiverse and began bringing help other to burgeoning races of all kinds, blazing a trail in this still destructive and forming multiverse.

Vast swaths of time passed. The Elves being one of the longest-lived races found it amenable however. Time has little meaning to you when you live as long as they do. They began to send out massive “World Ships” the size of moons, using them to settle unclaimed worlds, while also continuing their errands of mercy and being helpful where they found those needing help. 

It was during this time the Elves entered a universe that was new to them. 3 of their massive World Ships entered this universe and almost completely lost power. At this time their ships mostly still pulled ambient magical energy from the universe for power. However, this universe had almost no magical energy at all! They switched to their internal magical batteries and continue to explore. They soon found a world teaming with life. Humans. A species they had encountered before with mixed results. They had a thriving industrial society and from observing them they seemed to live in relative peace. Most shockingly they seemed to be using magic! And not just a little bit! They produced incredible feats of magic and the Elves found themselves dumbfounded as they continued to detect almost zero magic anywhere around them. It was about this time one of the beings on the planet appeared on the bridge of their lead ship! The Elves were shocked, but the human raised her hands in peace. She told them they had sensed them when they first entered their orbit and had been observing them as well! This shocked the Elves as well as they had also detected no technology cable of observing them! The Human smiled at them and told them not to be alarmed. She invited then to come down and meet with them and they would explain the wondrous things they saw on the world beneath them. 

An away team was formed and about a dozen Elves flew down to the capital city in a shuttle. They arrived to a warm welcome. They were embraced and greeted and taken to an elaborate feast that had been prepared in their honor. They found many of the foods they normally ate prepared in ways that were customary to their people. One of the Humans expressed they “had a feeling” they would like it prepared this way. 

After dinner they sat around a massive fire and began to speak. The Elves asked many questions. They asked about magic and were met with blank stares. These people had no idea what magic was! When asked how they performed the amazing tasks they did they smiled with understanding and said, “Oh! You mean our psychic power!” 

They began to explain to the Elves about what they did, and about the power of Psionics! The Elves were spellbound by this new magic, though the humans kept telling them they had no idea what this “magic” was they kept talking about. It did not take long for the Elves themselves to realize this was indeed no magic. And soon every Elf onboard the 3 ships began clamouring to comedown to the planet’s surface to experience these “psionics” for themselves!

The humans were happy to ameliorate this desire. Weeks turned into months and then into years. By this time the 3 World ships were placed in Orbit and 3 million Elves joined this human community and began to learn the ways of psionics. It was slow going but the Elves are patient and they eventually began to see results. As their psionic powers grew their magical powers faded and eventually disappeared. The Elves, living easily many many human lifetimes saw many generations of humans come and go, learning from them and first and over time becoming the teachers. The Elves began to excel past the humans mastering incredible new forms of psionics. Eventually they set up 3 massive schools for teaching psionics across this world. The School on the Mountain, which specialized in general psionics of all kinds, The School in the Sky which specialized in sensitive psionics, like clairvoyance, 6th sense, Astral Projection and more, and The School under the River, which specialized in combat psionics of all kinds. 

The Elves began having children of their own. And they lived in harmony with the humans. There was fierce competition to get into one of the 3 Elven schools however so they set up “The 3 year Trial” to test new students before they could gain formal entry into one of the schools. Anyone wishing to enter the school must spend a year at EACH school undergoing a sort of “bootcamp” in the various disciplines offered by each school. It is a gruelling 3 years, pushing the limits of Elf and Human alike. Those who can not make it all 3 years are automatically disqualified from consideration and may not apply again. Those that make it however will be offered entry by at least one of the 3 schools. At that time the student may choose which school they want to attend from whatever offers were made. 

More time passed. The Elves had tripled in number. Many began intermingling with the humans, giving birth to “Half Elves.” The Psionic Schools set up by the Elves thrived and expanded, each coming a virtual city state in their own right. But it was about this time that the Elves started having “The Vision

It began with the Elves at The School in the Sky but soon all the Elves began having visions of what they call “The Nor’ Novell” which means, “The end of all things”, when translated. In these visions they saw the end of the Elven people but in their Darkest Hour an Elf wielding Psionic power comes to unite all the Elven people together. And through this unification they push back the Nor’ Novell and save all of reality from destruction. 

The intensity of the visions grew and soon the Elves began to believe they must return to their people and share this vision with them. The fate of not only the Elves but all realities seemed to lay in the balance! Hasty plans were made to depart. A few Elves with families stayed behind and the humans quickly stepped up to fill the vacancies left at the schools when the Elves departed. There were tearful goodbyes but in a mass exodus, and in a very short amount of time, the Elves all returned to their World Ships and set a course back to their home worlds. 

In short order they returned to their own worlds. They had been gone for many Elven lifetimes, so they received a joyous, celebratory response when they made their reunions. There was celebrating and feasting for many weeks. The returning Elves began to show off their new abilities and their magical brothers and sisters were fascinated by this new power. They began speaking of their visions and how they must begin training all of them in the ways of psionics, because it was their destiny to be saved by one of their own wielding this power. For a very short time the magical Elves were for it, having no reason to doubt their psionic kin’s visions, but that all quickly came to a stop when they magical Elves learned the price of this new power. Complete loss of magical ability. 

The magical elves were shocked and stunned. How could they just give up their connection to the arcane energies of the multiverse? Distrust began to arise. Were these lost kin even really Elves anymore? How can you call yourself and Elf when you can’t do magic? Can’t FEEL magic? 

The psionic Elves pleaded with the others, but a great distrust arose among the magical Elves. They began to call their psionic relatives “Destiny Elves” as they seemed to go on and on about the Elves destiny to be saved by psionics all the time. The Destiny Elves gathered together all on one world, feeling themselves more and more isolated from their magical family. But even trying to stay to themselves did not seem to be enough for the magical Elves. Leaders from the Destiny Elves (A name they embraced) began meeting with leaders from the Magical Elves. The Main Leader from each side was very powerful and there were strong words from each faction. The magical Elves began to demand the Destiny Elves renounce their use of psionics and return to the magical ways of their people. The Destiny Elves refused and continued to press on about their Elven destiny and the Nor’ Novell. 

When finally, after a huge amount of time spent arguing things came to a head. At a massive meeting between the Destiny Elves and the magical Elves tempers began to boil over and then a fight broke out. The fight was short but terrifying. Both sides using psionics and magics full force against one another. It may had lasted longer and been much worse, but the two leaders brought their massive power to bear and quelled the fight quickly. In the end there were dozens of injuries, many quite serious, but thankfully no deaths. But this was the last straw. For both sides. 

The Leaders had come to see they could not resolve their differences at this time. So once again the Destiny Elves would leave. They began to once again board their World Ships, this time in numbers so great they were filling them to capacity. The feelings on both sides were morose and melancholy. A great sadness rose up on both sides, but what is done is done, and in short order the Destiny Elves were gone, off to seek their fortunes among the stars. 

They quickly settled on a new world in another universe. They landed and dismantled their world ships creating 3 mega cities all within traveling distance of each other. They set up 3 new psionic schools, modelled after the original 3 they had help to found, and opened their doors to the multiverse for teaching, but specifically tried to recruit Elves from across all realities. 

Again more time passed. The Destiny Elves befriended dozens of new species as well as many Class U and Class Q beings began coming to their schools to learn the ways of psionics. And much to their surprise, Elves came. Some claimed to have had the vision of Nor’ Novell themselves, while other came out of curiosity or personal reasons. The number of Destiny Elves began to swell. 

They began to have large families. Elven women have no pain during childbirth, on the contrary it tends to be a very spiritual and enlightening experience for them. A Destiny Elf woman can harness this spiritual ecstasy and pass it on to the baby as soon as they are born, so that each babies first experience as they emerge into the world is absolute spiritual bliss. It began to be not uncommon to run into Destiny Elf families with 50 to 100 children or more! “Family Cities” began to spring up where a single family of Destiny Elves would run and entire city or town. Massive families became a tradition of the Destiny Elf people. Often several dozen Mega Families would ban together and build a new World Ship to go off and populate another new world. 

Time began to heal the wounds between the Destiny Elves and their Magical kin. They still didn’t correspond often, but they began to be diplomatic with each other. Their relationship would be akin to having a sibling you really don’t care for. You don’t agree with how they live their life, or what they believe but at then end of the day they are still family. So you tolerate them and hope they change their ways. Such was the relationship between the two Elven factions. 

But when it counted they have always been their for each other. When the Dark Dwarf fleets began to attack Elven outposts the Destiny Elves stepped up immediately and ran to the aid of the magical Elves helping push back the Dark Dwarves. The magical Elves offered similar aid to the Destiny Elves when they began to be attacked by a terrifying race called the Fungaloids. The bonds between the 2 Elven peoples grew stronger with each battle together. 

Before long the races considered each other friends, though the Destiny Elves continued to implore their magical brethren to abandon the arcane and to join them in the use of psionics, and the magical Elves continued to give passive aggressive contempt to the Destiny Elves for their abandonment of magic. All in all, behaving just like a family. By the beginning of the Second Crush the Destiny Elves were considered to make up at least 10% of all Elves in the multiverse. Some censuses put the number as high as 15%! 

Powers and Abilities: Destiny Elves are barred from ALL schools of magic. They have completely removed any connection they once had to the magical energies of the multiverse. Instead they have opened their minds to the inner world of psionics and mastered it in its many forms. 

Destiny Elves receive massive bonuses to all types of psionics and can choose from ANY psionic class. On top of this they have created several specialty psionic classes of their own. A couple can be taught to other races but most can be exclusively learned by Destiny Elves only! On top of this they gain significant bonuses versus magic, being able to often negate significant portions of magical damage applied against them. 



About the illustration: Here we see a VIP Trementian flying along side a Destiny Elf. Notice his distinctive white robes as he telekinetically sores through the air! 


-Random Psionic


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