D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 46 - The Trementians

Volume 46: The Trementians

The Trementians:

At a glance: The Trementians are one of the ancient races. They are extremely long lived like the Elves and Swaft. They possess unique biology and are masters of elemental magic in all its forms. 

Appearance: The Trementians are an extremely colorful people. Their skin comes in every color of the rainbow. They usually are born pale in color and brighten and intensify this color with age. Primarily a Trementian will be 3 colors. Their body will be one color, their arms and legs share another color and their eyes will be another color. Trementians are born able to use one of the 4 main elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) and their colors will USUALLY be related to that element. For example, a fire Trementian might have a red body with orange arms and legs and yellow eyes. A water Trementain may have a blue body with white arms and legs and green eyes. The only Trementians not like this are the Wind Trementians which we will discuss in a moment. 

In general Trementians stand approx. 4’ high. With large glossy eyes and 2 large “Brain Lobes” which also house most of their organs. Trementians born to the element of wind are different though. They tend to be taller (approx., 5’) more muscular, have square lobes, and their body colors are usually shades of gray. This genetic variance has always existed among their people. 

Trementians have no exposed genitals so therefore wear no clothing save shoes. As such most of their “fashion” is in the design of footwear. They have large feet, so they often design large functional shoes with bright colors and interesting designs. 

Biology: Although MOST races have completely different, often fantastic biology's the Trementians are so unique in some respects that they merit this section to learn more about them. As mentioned Trementians have no genitals. They still reproduce genetically but in a much different way. Trementians reproduce through kissing. Their large mouths form a seal with their partner and pouches in their cheeks open to release the genetic material. They use their tongues to churn up the genetic material and then if the female wishes to try to become pregnant she will swallow the material and nature will run its course from there. For this reason Trementians consider mouth kissing to be VERY intimate. They will kiss foreheads and cheeks and hands like any other race would but to kiss a Trementian on the lips is absolutely sexual to them. 

They also produce no bodily waste, neither urine or faeces. They have a specialized organ at the end of their digestive track that breaks down all waste into magical energy which they store in their bodies. For this reason however Trementians MUST perform magic, usually daily, to rid themselves of the excess magical energy. Not doing so can lead to Magic Migraines, sickness, and in extreme cases death. For this reason most Trementians learn multiple benign cantrips from an early age so they can use them whenever they need too to release magical energy. Often families will have a “Family Cantrip” they teach their children so they can do so when they need too. 

Trementian Skin is soft and smooth but also thick and strong, almost like leather. As such slashing weapons tend to do less damage to them. 

Powers and abilities: Trementians are born to the powers of magic.  Much like the Elves they share a kind of intrinsic connection to the magical energies of the multiverse. However almost always this will translate to the use of elemental magic, rather than arcane magic or psionics. Trementians can and do become arcane wizards and psionics but just do not receive the bonuses they would receive as elemental mages. When Trementians are born they instinctively will glow brightly when they are eliminating excess magic. They retain this ability for about the first 10 years of life and then it fades away as they learn cantrips and other spells to release magical energy instead. 

They take half damage from all slashing attacks due to their thick skin and are +1 to save versus all elemental magic directed against them. 

Trementians can store 1d4 per level “Reserve Mana” inside their bodies. This reserve mana is due to their biology and will usually be used by a Trementian as a last resort back up incase they need extra mana for one reason or another. It can be used at anytime and regenerates at a rate of 1d4 per day. 

Lastly at levels 1 and 10 Trementains can pick any 1st level elemental spell from their element regardless of class! They can use these spells as often as they like if they have the mana to do so. Psionic Trementians can STILL use these spells but must expend triple the cost of the spell in psionic energy to do so. 

Culture: The Trementians are one of the ancient races, having already set up thriving communities while the multiverse was still young. Their innate ability to manipulate the magical energies around them allowed them to advance quickly. They began exploring the multiverse quite early on, but unlike the other races were not interested in exploring for exploring’s sake. Trementians love to study life in all its forms. Finding and nurturing new and unique plants and animals bring them incredible joy. So often they would enter a new universe and find the first planet with life on it and study it for very long stretches of time. The Trementians applied this same way of thinking to their home universe exploring its every nook and cranny and delighting in life wherever they could find it. 

As mentioned Trementians are normally born predisposed to one form of elemental magic. However VERY rarely (1 in a million) a Trementian will be born with access to two elements! These Trementians will usually receive special education and be groomed for leadership. Trementian leadership, for better or for worse, is usually decided by power. For this reason, most of the leaders of the Trementian people have either been Duel Elementalists or Wind Warriors. Only once in the history of the Trementian people was there born one who could wield 3 elements! He was known as “The Trifold King” and he ushered in a great age of peace and discovery for his people. It was under his leadership that alliances were formed with both the Elven and Swaft races. An alliance the proved beneficial to all when threats like the Dark Dwarves, The Fungaloid, and many many other warring races came looking for trouble and conquest. 

There are very ancient legends that say there was once a Trementian born that could control both light and dark. They say he was incredibly powerful and that he set the foundation for the Trementian society we know today. Historians vacillate positions of the veracity of this figure, as little evidence of him exists. Nevertheless, it is a story believed by many of the Trementian people and many think that one day another Trementian will be born with the power to control light and dark and that they will lead the Trementian people into a new age of peace. 

Apart from this Trementians are most interested in the beauty of life in all its forms. They excel at all forms of life science. They are known as some of the best medicine makers, doctors, and surgeons across the multiverse. They create beautiful and colorful art and moving soulful music. 

Wind Warriors: As mentioned Trementians born to the element of wind are slightly different than the rest of their kin. This genetic anomaly has existed forever among their race. They tend to be larger and stronger than regular Trementians with squarish brain lobes. Almost all wind using Trementians will be raised as Wind Warriors

Wind Warriors are the “tip of the spear” for the Trementian people. They are on the front lines of battle, blazing a trail for their brothers and sisters to follow in battle. Wind warriors can become full Wind Elemental Mages, many do, however a greater majority turn their wind elemental magic into a terrifying fighting style they call, “The Infinite Cut.” Wind Warriors who master this style can use their weapons to create devastating wind effects of the field of battle, crippling foes and at times, literally blowing away enemies. Wind Warriors specialize in Duel Wielding weapons and part of their magic is applied to these weapons as well. Wind Warriors possess the ability to combine two weapons into one larger weapon by simply slamming the weapons together. They can then separate the weapon back into two weapons by “pulling it apart.” They receive bonuses to each weapon type and a bonus each time they combine or separate their weapon. This combined with their Infinite Cut style leads them to being mesmerizing machines of destruction on the battlefield. This power is also what has led many a Wind Warrior to taking the throne and to becoming leaders of their people. 

The only way to ensure a wind elemental Trementian is born is for 2 wind elemental Trementians to mate. Occasionally a wind elemental Trementian will be born to a non-wind set of partners. They can then decide how the child will be raised, though it will usually be strongly encouraged for the parents to allow the child to attend one of the many Wind Warrior academies to better serve their people. 

History: The history of the Trementians is mainly one of peace. Their entire race shares a fascination for life and beauty and despite the fact that they choose their rulers based on power, there have been very few times of civil unrest among them. Before meeting with the Swafts and Elves their biggest threat lay with a race called, “The Xerxes”, a bizarre and horrifying race with terrifying forms covered in eyes, tenticles, legs and mouths. They are able to enter a Hive Mind with those of their kind around them sharing skills and their senses making them incredibly deadly in battle. They lay their eggs in living hosts and can even possess other beings to infiltrate enemy forces and gain intel. 

There was a time when it seemed the entire Trementian race might be wiped out by the Xerxes but under the Trifold King the Trementains were finally able to push back the Xerses and send them back to their home universe. 

Not long after this is when the alliance was made with the Swaft and the Elves and together these 3 races formed a strong friendship and have set about working together to bring peace and prosperity to the multiverse. 



About the Illustration: Today I have included multiple Illustrations. The first is of a Trementian. Not just any Trementian but a VIP Trementian we will learn about soon.


-Random Psionic


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