D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 47 - Berries and Such

Volume 47: Berries and Such...

Berries, Odds, and Ends

We have one more Racial Class write up and then back to the Crushes! We will have to pause eventually to talk about the remaining major races but we can postpone that a little while. Let’s tie up a few loose ends and also, talk about berries.

Tremy Berries - One of the few things we didn’t discuss about the Trementians is their favorite source of food, Tremy Berries. These berries occur naturally on many of their home worlds and have been a staple of their diet for as long as they can remember. As mentioned Trementians love to study all forms of life and there is no better example of this than Tremy Berry Bushes

The Trementians are amazing farmers, studying the land and growing crops that feed it instead of taking away. They are masters of selective breeding which has led them to create breeds of plants that produce huge crops with minimal care. Their most amazing achievement in this field is what they have done with the Tremy Berry Bushes. 

Tremy Berry Bushes can grow in the harshest of conditions. They are able to thrive in the arid heat, as well as the bitter cold. They can pull moisture from not only deep underground but also from the air and by other means. They can pull nutrients from even the rockiest soils. They grow quickly and produce fruit readily and reproduce quickly. A normal Tremy Berry Bush can produce several new bushes in a single year on its own, with help they can produce dozens more. 

Every part of the plant is useful. The berries are sweet and just a bit tart and pop in your mouth with an effervesce like pop rocks but without the crunch. The twigs and branches can be crushed to produce a nutritious sweet tasting milk that also helps settle stomachs, fight headache and fever, and boosts the immune system. The leaves can be boiled and then eaten and have a taste somewhere between arugula and spinach. The broth left behind after boiling can be used as an anesthetic and is a natural insect repellant. The whole leaves can be wrapped around burns, stings, bites, and welts to increase healing and provide some pain relief. If necessary, the bush can be pulled up and the trunk milked. The trunk milk is similar to the milk provided by the twigs and branches but is also a strong antibiotic that can be used as medicine. And finally, the roots can be ground down into a dust known as “Tremy Spice” which has a mesquite flavor and is used to flavor meats, vegetables, broths and more. 

The bushes grow about 4’ high. The trunk and branches are a pinkish brown. The leaves of the bush are long and wide and radiate from pink to yellow to green in color from the stem out. The berries themselves are a bit larger than cherries and are incredibly shiny. They are magenta to purple in color. 

Trementians use every part of the bush throughout their cuisine. Deserts, Teas, Ice Cream, casseroles, vegetable dishes, meat preparations, the list goes on. They have created dozens of medicines, ointments, creams, and salves from its many parts. 

In Trementian cities and towns the bushes are encouraged to grow EVERYWHERE. They line most streets and sidewalks and grow around most buildings and around homes. The have a slight floral fragrance that is more intense at night than during the day. Trementians love to give these bushes away as gifts to new races they discover as a beautiful an ample food source. Any Trementian starship of size will have a very large space devoted to housing these bushes, not only for their own food supply, but to give away if they run across worlds in need of food. On starving planets, the Trementians will often stay for months or more helping the people their learn to cultivate and use these bushes for maximum benefit. 

Whereas most species welcome this flexible and fast growing and beautiful food source some races consider the bushes to be weeds, as they grow so quickly and spread so easily. The Dark Dwarves have “declared war” on the bushes and all soldiers have orders to burn them down on sight. 

These bushes can now be found on the home worlds of many races. There are multiversal competitions for sculpting the bushes, and many approach sculpting the bushes with a sense of Zen, as one would with bonsai. 

OK that’s all for now! Our next write up should be our last racial class write up before moving back into the main story and it will feature, “The Technorganic Conglomerate!”



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About the illustration: In todays artwork we see a Slider, a Trementian, and an Elf gathered together. Maybe they are an adventuring party going out on a quest, or maybe they are just friends gathering together for a Tremy Leaf casserole!


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