D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 50 - The Second Crush, and the beat goes on

Volume 50: The Second Crush: …and the beat goes on…

The news of the Xerxes threat at first shook the Multiverse but then, in a way, reconnected it. What had once been old routines began to feel new again as everyone learned all they could about this new menace. 

Many prestigious Magical Schools and Psionic Academies were tasked with finding ways to expose those who are possessed and remedy them. This new pursuit of study was a breath of fresh air after endless nonstop research into the Oblivion for countless generations. It wasn’t long before many wizards and psionics began to try to ply their craft to countering the Xerxes. 

But it was slow going. The Trementians were (apparently) the only race ever to survive an attack by this race! The Elves and the Swafts had ancient legends of entire civilizations lost to creatures very much like the ones the Trementians described. However, neither race took these ancient stories to be anymore than imaginary tales. But the more they heard the more it seemed the tales might have been true. 

Even the oBoys seemed to take notice and random attacks sharply dropped, as the Oboys seemed to pullback and reorganize. 

2 other interesting things began happening at this time. The first being the sudden disappearance of a massive group of Trinity. The actual story of what happened is a bit skewed because “eyewitnesses” to the event have embellished the story to points of grandeur. Nevertheless, it was undeniable that something did happen! A massive group of very high-level Trinity were having a meeting in a lodge on a far away world at the edge of a universe. Leaders from the largest and most powerful Smith, Jeweler, And Weaver guilds were all present. Near 1000 of them in total. The attendants (who authorities claim have the most accurate account of events) say that the morning meeting on the first day had just begun. Breakfast had ended and then…gone. No sounds, no flashes of light, they were all just…gone. There was terrible confusion for a while, and they even entertained the idea it was some group spell they cast on themselves to teleport to someplace discreet, but then they didn’t show up for lunch, or dinner… or the next morning. 

An investigation was started. It was easy to detect massive magic was used in some way, but it didn’t read as Traxt magic. Perhaps it was some spell of legend? Much investigating would have to be done. Eyes immediately turned to the oBoys but even they were quick to disclaim any involvement in whatever this was. Regardless, many of the highest ranking oBoys in the area began to be investigated and followed, which eventually led to an increasing again of Oboy gang violence, but this time against law enforcement and the public who would accuse the. 

The second thing of note is much more subtle. Stories began to be told in still secret universes of a “hidden universe”. A hidden universe named, “Traskoria” 

The stories were wild and far flung. Some claimed it was a universe filled with magical treasures and legendary weapons, all of which lay hidden for those who can find Traskoria and search for them. Some tales said it was a land of the undead, and they walked thick upon every planet there, killing any who would come. Still others said it was a “Bizarre Universe” with galaxies that spun haphazardly and in the universe’s center lay a massive sun and inside this sun there lived true Gods. Some who began to tell these tales claimed they heard them from members of The 5 first hand! Or perhaps from Snish or Raine the younger. Most people at this time took the stories in jest and as a welcome diversion, while drinking in some backwater, backuniverse space bar. 

Also, at this time the Technorganic Conglomerate began to call for the return of Snish. He was their peoples greatest leader and he had been gone for a very long time and that was even in “immortal” robot standards! They had had many leaders since then, but none had been able to compare to Snish and the way he united their people. To make matters worse, more than one of their leaders during this time had been members of a “Robotic Purist Movement” who wanted to purge all organics from the TC and give the power “Back to the Bots!” Luckily these leaders were quickly quelled but they started a movement that was growing and promoting hate against the Organics. They needed Snish to return and reunite the people of the TC once again. 

But he couldn’t be reached. He appeared with ever decreasing frequency and often for only moments teleporting in, gathering odd and ends, and teleporting away. It had been a lifetime since he had brought any news from The 5. It was rumored that he did eventually get news of what was happening to his people and that he “cried silver tears” but had to send the messenger away with only an apology. So now the TC were calling on other races to help locate Snish and get him to address his people. 

But knowing which races to speak out to and how to reach them were becoming increasingly difficult tasks. Many of the races were continuing to push for a “Multiversal Senate” but the lines of exactly what that should be was being drawn separately by each race. Who ACTUALLY seemed to be getting things done was a smaller group of representatives from the larger and stronger races. Each member extremely high level, powerful, and often from royalty. They began calling themselves “The Council” (For a short time “The Council of Kings” but that was quickly quashed by those of not royal blood and the many powerful female members of the group) and they propped themselves up as liaisons to the various races. And when approached they delivered…if you could pay the price. Their quests were always “noble” Bring me this magical item to end and Elven Plague, or bring me this one of a kind artifact to aid in my study of the Oblivion, but most member were quick to flaunt whatever was fetched for them to other members of The Council right away. 

And then one night as the highest-ranking members of The Council sat for a dinner meeting something happened. It had been an exceptionally successful day with many of those meeting showing off new exotic magical item they had had delivered. The celebrating was heavy, Red Whiskey flowed readily as didn’t many other powerful and rare spirits. And that was all before magical and rare drugs. After Dinner they lounged around a luxurious state room. There was an Elven prince and princess there. From the same family, brother and sister, and from one of the largest, most powerful Elven families across the multiverse. The Brother a high-level psionic, and the sister a high-level mage. Both trained in the most prestigious of schools. Both powerful. Both deadly. The sister had just received an oddity by a group that she had sent out on a quest. It was a charm that showed you a wonderful short dream and when the dream ended magical pleasure would pulsate thru your body. They gathered in a circle to try it out. The sister went first. She set the charm spinning in front of her and it lit off a mesmerizing display of light they others 'oood' and 'awed' too. And after about a min the charm floated to the ground and the princess let out a long heavy sigh and wrapped her arms around herself. “It’s amazing…” she purred. 

The prince picked up the charm next and smiled at his friends before setting it to spinning. There were lights and when it was over the prince gasped in exhilaration and rolled on his back in ecstasy. He was breathing heavy and sweating when he sat up smiling broadly. The rest of The Council starred at him with mixed reactions. He stared back at them and said, “It’s so intense! You all have to try it!” and he blinked his inner eyelids. “Whose next?”

About the Illustration: Today I thought I’d show you a very old pic (so old I drew it entirely with a MOUSE in photoshop ha ha ha) but it shows some of my original designs for the Trementians. This “cute” iteration of them was adorable but not functional lol. And this Dragon is also a very old design of a VIP dragon we will be meeting one day! 


-Random Psionic

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