D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 53 -The Second Crush: Coming Out

Volume 53: The Second Crush: Coming Out

The abrupt departure of the Dark Dwarves sent tremors throughout all realities. Within a month the entirety of the Dark Dwarf population had withdrawn from all allied installations and any allied forces existing in their space where promptly, and somewhat harshly, made to leave in haste. Fears quickly rose up that they would resume their war like ways and start bringing terror to an already burdened multiverse again. However, several lifetimes passed with no attacks by the Dark Dwarves. They seem to have retreated to their own home worlds, involved in some sort of reflection of their own. 

The Presence Reveler, and his team, who foiled the attack were praised as heroes throughout the Elysium. The Group traveling with the Presence Reveler were all adventurers having a Traxt Jeweler and a Multiverse Warrior among them. They claimed as they were entering the sector “Clicker” (their Presence Reveler) had an intense vision that they should come here and shut a door. They expressed that this by FAR was not even close to the weirdest thing he had asked them to do based on a vision, so they homed in on the Elysium immediately. Clicker’s visions had a 99% success rate, so they trusted him absolutely. It would have been 100% they said but for one unfortunate incident involving a chicken and a one-armed Trementian, but that wasn’t something that was polite to discuss in public… 

The chaos sparked by the Dark Dwarves helped fuel other events during the time that followed. With fear gripping the whole of reality more and more races turned to the Multiversal Senate and the Elysium for protection. An abundance of new races began to show up asking for (or often demanding) representation. Here is a list of the major races that began to appear:

One of the first to arrive were the Lizard People, who existed in symbiosis with a race of tiny frog people called the Bosh

The Centaurs, with their incredibly advanced technology showed up. Many wearing impressive full body suits of power armor. 

The Naga came and drew many stares. Many of the other races that knew them claimed they could not be trusted, though the Centaurs welcomed them with open arms. 

One of the most unique races to present themselves known were they Blobkin. A race of beings whose natural form was a gigantic dripping pile of slime, ooze, and gel with large eyes and large mouths. Many approached them cautiously. 

A tree like people calling themselves the Dryads came in massive tree ships made of wood with gigantic space flowers blooming on their hulls. The Dryads themselves had leaves and petals in place of hair and long dark eyelashes. 

The Merpeople showed up in frightening numbers. It would come to be known they existed in colossal numbers in almost every universe, ruling the seas in secret on countless worlds. 

These along with The Humans, Elves (including the Destiny Elves), Trementians, Swaft, Dark Dwarves, Sliders, and the Technorganic Conglomerate make up the major races of the multiverse. (With the TC barely making the cut as they are really an amalgamation of various races and by far the lowest in total population.) These races came to have the most representation in the Multiversal Senate. Despite their efforts they began to be called “The A List Races”

The B List Races were composed of races with not as large a population as those on the A list but still in substantial numbers to garner consideration. Those in this bracket include: 

The Satyrs, Nymphs, & Fauns who always existed together throughout the many universes and often existed on worlds that were home to the Dryads. 

The Gnomes who were often enslaved by the Dark Dwarves for their expertise in building and inventing things. Their close association with the Humans and the Centaurs, and their kind, friendly nature, provided much protection for their people. 

The Graze, whom we have met already, but had become extremely diminished in number, losing an extraordinary amount of home universes in the shortest amount of time of any race, to the Oblivion. 

And the Animus. Who themselves were far and away the lowest in population of the B List, but because of their protection of the Elysium where allowed greater representation in the senate. 

The C-list was made up of groups meeting the minimal standards for representation on the Senate. Some are not even races but groups, banded together in such numbers that they demanded recognition. 

The Fungaloids showed up unexpectedly and much to the chagrin of some of the other races. Their Spore Ships emitting obnoxious amber clouds that stained anything they touched a sickly yellow. 

A bizarre group of Clowns calling themselves the C.F.O.B. (Clowns full of Bees) showed up claiming to be part of the Multiversal Clowning Federation, charged with protecting nature wherever they went. They made very quick friends with the Dryads. 

The Scorpios, a race of humans with massive scorpion tales and the ability to turn their hands and feet into huge, nearly indestructible claws

The Minotaurs charged in, being brash and insensitive. Stories began to spread through the other races that the Minotaurs were quite primitive, stealing all of their technology from other races and reverse engineering it. 

The Gorgon people, with snakes for hair and known to have the power to petrify with a glare, arrived. They rode upon iridescent crocodiles, alligators, and basilisks, even on the senate floor. They had a fierce alliance with the Naga, who argued that the Gorgons should be an A list race but were ultimately unsuccessful. 

Another group that caused quite a commotion when they arrived was a group calling themselves GHR (Pronouced either as Grr or as a Shallow cough from the back of the throat) being the Giants and the Rocs each being 20’ to 30’ tall and arriving in ships that where often entire asteroids, hollowed out and fitted with engines. The Giants and Rocs, existing thru the multiverse in tandem, considered themselves to be “Brother Races” , one not existing without the other. They invented the most sophisticated holographic systems in the multiverse to represent them as they traveled between realities, as their size made doing so in person nearly impossible. The holographic systems eventually became self-aware and split its consciousness into thousands of Living Holograms, beings made of pure light. They were the children of the Giants and Rocs and the holograms stayed on to serve them and learn as obedient children. The Light Finders took immediate interest in this group. 

The Tiki and their tiny companions the Menehune arrived in beautiful wooden ships of their own, that were covered in vegetation, waterfalls, and gigantic space insects. These beings only exist on worlds with islands or swamps and exist in those locations exclusively. They wield powerful nature magic and it is rumored they have their own form of Traxt Magic which they keep a closely guarded secret!

And bringing up the end of the C-list we have the Werepeople. These people are in no way related to the Werefold, the race Bastion is from. The Werepeople transform into various creatures under moonlight. Their animal forms are not ALWAYS aggressive, but can be. Most of them simply receive massive stat bonuses and regeneration. They possess powerful magic and psionics as well. Either class being able to summon “Nighttime” to a gargantuan area, and flood it with moonlight of their choosing. Powerful magic indeed. This race has existed in secrecy since the 1st crush and even perhaps before. Rather than die in secrecy from the Oblivion they have made themselves known to help however they can. The other note on this race is that a huge amount of them follow a religion that worships Bastion as a god. They claim he saved their people from being wiped out and that he enhanced their Were-abilities when they were still few in number throughout the multiverse. Its is said Bastion looked after the first Werepeople for many lifetimes, acting as a Father to them, telling them he looked upon them as an extension of the Werefold, whom the Werepeople idolize. If there is any truth to this story only Bastion would know, and no one has seen him any many lifetimes. 

Besides these there exist almost COUNTLESS other races, but gathered in such few number that gaining representation with the senate is a constant battle. Some of them being Class U (The only one of their kind), Class Pre-U (Less than 10,000 of their kind exist) or Sub-U (Less than a million of their kind exist) Some of the smaller groups in this category will often seek membership into the TC. Most of the time these requests are granted. 

Wrapping up this talk of races there are 2 other notes of point to bring up involving the TC. First is that a subgroup of the fully robotic group known as the Synths, became the overwhelming presence representing the TC during this time. This was done on purpose by the TC as the Synths look the most “Humanoid” like of their kind, all being androids modeled after various races, a majority of them being Human. This did not go as planned. Many of the other races were offended that they were being “recreated” in robotic form. It didn’t help matters that Synths LOVE to collect faces. If they see a beautiful face, they will copy it and make it their own. Their bodies and features change to fit the target exactly over about a day. They Synths see this as a compliment and do it as a gesture of admiration. However, most of the time, walking in to come face to face with your doppleganger is a jarring experience, so this too started causing turmoil for the TC in the senate. 

The second thing is a SEPARATE delegation showed up from the TC claiming to be the TRUE representatives of the TC. They were all fully robotic, a few of them without any visible “head” or “Face.” They claimed to represent the Techno Empire and were the legitimate power behind the TC, the robots. They demanded representation based on one fact alone. The organics needed them to face the oncoming Xerxes storm that was coming. Because the robots could not be possessed by the Xerxes. They alone were an immutable force that could battle them unhindered. 

This sent ripples thru the Elysium. The Synths, (Whom the Techno Empire despised for their emulations of the organics) came forward quickly and claimed they were the only representatives from the TC and they represented not only the robots but ALL of the beings that made up the TC. The TE countered saying that the robots outnumbered the organic in the TC 4 to 1, and that their movement was gaining support every day as more and more robots began to grow weary of the constant influx of “organic” refugees. There was intense debate, but with the support of the Naga people the TE gained C-List status. The TC was livid and made protest daily. 

Someplace hidden The 5 did still toiled. With Snish and Raine (the younger) assisting them. But since his meeting with a representative of the TC, and hearing their plight, Snish’s thoughts were always with his people. They others took notice and talked with him about it. Snish was torn between his duty here and the duty to his people. The choice seemed impossible. The others vowed to help Snish in anyway he needed, even if it meant leaving here for a time. Snish was stunned at the generous offer, but knew he could not pull them away from this important work. 

Then one day Snish came to them as they were gathered together having a simple meal. He told them he had decided what he must do. The others waited with anticipation and urged him to continue. 

“I want to have a child. And I would like for you all to help me raise them.” Snish said. 

The others were taken aback but acquiesced. They were quick to claim they had no idea how to create robotic life. But Snish did. It was the most closely kept secret of the robotic people, how they created their own kind. So guarded is this secret ALL robots come set with an automatic memory wipe if the secret is attempted to be forcibly removed. Many races have tried, all have failed. Snish would make his child and imbue it with life, using not only his energy, but the energy of The 5 and Raine (the younger) as well. 

They were all soon quite delighted at the thought of having a “baby” with them. A welcome light and diversion in these dark times. 

“What will they be like?” Brazz asked Snish.

“I have given it a lot of thought.” Snish said in his singsong robotic voice. “And I have decided to model them inspired by my home world, long destroyed by the Oblivion” 

“Sentimental as always Snish.” Jodi said smiling. “It is a beautiful idea. Tell us about your home world will you Snish?”

Snish looked at Jodi a long moment and then looked up to the sky with a longing sigh. “My home world was called Lunarun, and it had 6 BEAUTIFUL moons…”


About the illustration: I’ve included 3 sketches today. One of an Elven Warrior leaping into battle with a Trementian! We also have a Trementian standing by a large clawed Rabbit Dog, and finally 2  Class U beings. 


-Random Psionic


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