D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 54 - Snish Bio

Volume 54: Snish Bio

Appearance: Snish has a variable height due to his “loose joints” however he is generally considered “huge” standing almost 10’ tall when allowing his joints to “hang loose” but he can easily compress himself to fit into much smaller spaces. 

Snish looks rather like a robotic bee in coloring alternating from solid black to a bright and shiny yellow. The black portions of his body are made of free-floating antimatter contained by force fields. His yellow parts are made of an unknown alien metal that is nearly indestructible. Snish’s most vulnerable area is the top of his head which contains his visible brain and some bright green fluid. Although the brain inside appears organic it is fully synthetic, making him a “true robot” in the eyes of purists. 

Snish will usually roll about on tank like treads but this area can transform into a disk allowing him to fly or float as needed. This disk is also a Portable Hole which he uses to store things. 

Snish is from the school of robots who like to keep themselves shiny and clean. Snish loves to be polished to a high shine at all time and will clean himself often, keeping  Magi-Wax and Psi-Polish in his portable hole at all times. 

Weapons: Snish himself is a living weapon, designed for massive destruction. He is able to “pull out” antimatter from the black portions of his body to create antimatter bombs, timebombs, and grenades that do huge damage in a large area. He can also create very tiny antimatter bombs that stun or at least do far less damage. He can shoot these tiny bombs off any black part of his body freely to a range of 30’ 

Snish really carries no other weapons or equipment but will happily carry anything his friends need him to inside of the Portable Hole. 

Skills and Abilities: Snish possesses a wide array of abilities. For the purposes of gameplay Snish should be considered very high level (Level 20+) Besides his portable hole and the antimatter explosives listed above he also possesses super natural intelligence and dexterity. The black parts of his body and his joints can stretch to amazing lengths allowing him to reach, bend, and contort in incredible ways. He has 2 Massive eyes connected to “Insta-dodge” systems that allow him to dodge almost anything that comes at him in a 180 degree field in front of him. (+6 to dodge all attacks that come at him from the front and side and gains 3 additional dodges each turn as free actions) 

Snish’s brain chamber contains a Nanotech Repair Fluid which he can allow to “leak” out. When injured he will take this repair fluid and smear it onto his wounds. It repairs 1d6 damage immediately and another 1d6 each round for 5 rounds. This can be done 3 times a day. The fluid can also be smeared onto broken or damage electronics or other inorganic material and it will repair it at 1d4 per round for 3 rounds. 

Snish’s brain is covered by a glass like braincase. It changes shape focusing light like a magnifying glass onto his brain which he then converts to energy. Snish is completely solar powered. On worlds with low light or no light Snish will become sluggish but has an internal battery that can keep him fully functional for 7 days or in a dormant state for centuries. He can also fuel himself with the psionic and magical energy of others if they give it to him freely by touching his braincase and allowing the energy to flow into him. 

Snish’s body can take massive damage but he has a glaring weak spot, his brain case. If it is cracked Snish will shut down and go into repair mode. The Nanotech Repair Fluid housed in the braincase allows him to repair rapidly (usually within a few seconds) but if massive damage is done to the braincase the entire area will go black and Snish will collapse into a pile of yellow rings, along with his body unit, and lay motionless. The antimatter will be drawn into the rings and they will transform into flying drones that will protect the body unit as it attempts to repair itself. 

Snish is a natural leader and tactician, having been created as a military bot meant to lead other robots into battle. He has a military mind and is able to read situations quickly and pick out weaknesses and strengths in friend and foe alike. Out of battle Snish is kind and curious. He is fascinated by living things, specifically butterflies and moths which he studies and takes photos of (with his eyes) as a hobby. He can project any image he photographs or videos from his eyes in 3-D, including terrain which he will often do to show battle strategies. 

Character and Disposition: As mentioned Snish is a natural leader having been built for exactly that purpose. On the battlefield he is stalwart and commanding. When placed in a group as a subordinate he takes orders readily and will often place himself in harms way taking damage intended for others. 

He is incredibly curious and is a well of obscure facts, trivia, and bizarre knowledge. He prefers to win battles with words and thinking when possible but having “grown up” in war he is comfortable fighting when it comes to it. 

History: Snish was created on a world named, Lunarun. He was created by a Human like race and their world was one where Humans and Robots lived side by side as equals. The robots, being sturdier and stronger, did most of the hard, dangerous work, and made up most of the military, while the Humans doted on the robots and did most of the other things that make a society work. To outsiders it may seem like the robots were on the bad end of the deal, but the humans and robots had such a genuine love for each other that the robots saw it as their duty to protect their fragile, biological parents from doing things that were dangerous for them. They lived in relative peace for many generations. 

The robots and humans worked together to build spaceships and began exploring the cosmos around them. Much to their peril they soon discovered another race of beings in a star system only a short jump from their own. At first, they were excited because what they found was a race made up entirely of robots! They were slightly behind technologically only beginning to build spaceships of their own. Snish’s people contacted them as friends and offered to help them. This would be their undoing. 

This fully robotic race welcomed them openly but requested only other robots come down to their planet as they had very few pollution controls their air and environment was not healthy for organic beings. The visitors acquiesced and allowed one of their ships to land on the planet. Things went wrong immediately.  Upon landing the ship was seized and the robots captured or killed. Protests and screams rose from the mothership in orbit as they watched the horror unfold. When it was all over the fully robotic race sent back threatening messages telling the organics on board that they would soon be at their throats and would wipe them out. No organic could be trusted and these robots that had come down had tainted themselves by working with them. They then began to fire powerful railguns at them and seriously damaged the mothership with their initial attack. The Humans and robots who remained on board were forced to flee for their lives. 

Upon returning to their home world their people erupted in protest and disbelief. Several more ships were dispatched to the robot planet, but they all met a similar welcome. It would seem they had no choice but to prepare to defend themselves. They began constructing warships and more importantly War Bots. Of which Snish was created first, to be their leader. The most brilliant minds in their world, both robotic and human, gathered together, 100 strong all with various skills and educations. In the largest mind merge that had ever been attempted they used their impressive technology to combine the intelligence and personality of all 100 beings into one. The first synthetic brain they used exploded on the attempt, so they built a larger synthetic brain, the largest they had ever build and this time the merge was successful. Snish was born and would become the leader of their armed forces. Snish awoke to a beautiful world with 6 moons and was quickly brought up to speed on everything that was happening. 

However, all of this gearing up for war took time, and on the fully robot planet they were already primed for war. It would come to be discovered later that these robots had once too lived on a world of organics and robots living together. But these robots grew to despise their organic progenitors and killed them all in bloody war. After doing so they turned inward and began preparing for future battles with the organics which they knew would be coming. With armaments at the ready they quickly reverse engineered the spaceship they had captured and in a short time they had their own space fleet decked out for war. 

Back on Snish’s world they had never known war like what they were preparing for and found their weapons and defenses lacking in the extreme. But with the creation of Snish they had created an adept leader and he began to use his combined experience to set up new defenses and design new weapons. And he did so just in the nick of time. 

Soon after Snish had setup a planetary defense grid, their long-range sensors detected the robot’s ships entering their system. The robot race sent hails, offering to spare the robots if they gave up the organics without a fight. Not a single bot would do so. Snish responded defiantly telling them to stand down or they would be the one who would be destroyed. He passionately pleaded with them, telling them of the long peace and love they had shared with the organics here for many lifetimes. But the Robotic race’s hearts were cold and they cut off communication. They would attack. 

Snish launched multiple squadrons to bolster the planetary defense system and when the Robotic race fired their first shot they were met with a terrifying volley. Snish’s planetary defense system decimated the robots first wave of ships. The remaining robot ships pulled back, but did not retreat. They began firing their colossal rail guns which had tremendous range. Soon the ships bolstering the defense system had to strike out from its protection to face the warships one on one. The tide of battle began to turn. 

The weapons of the robotic race were just two powerful. They tore through the ships of their enemies like they were wet paper. Snish’s forces were taking heavy losses. Snish ordered the ships to retreat to what remained of the planetary defense grid. The robot forces pressed the attack thinking the battle won. They were wrong. 

In a daring move Snish plugged himself directly into the planets supercomputer which controlled their defenses. His body shook with electricity, taking voltage that should have killed him. But Snish persevered, and soon was connected to every remaining ship and all of the planetary defenses. They became an extension of himself and soon he moved them all as one incredible force and brought this power to bear against the enemy forces before him. 

The ships of the robotic forces had all moved within striking range and strike Snish did. Snish lashed out with their remaining forces in coordinated attacks, focusing on the enemy’s weak spots and eerily dodging their return attacks. Before any of the enemy ships could retreat, they had all been destroyed, save their flag ship, which Snish purposefully left derelict. 

Snish hailed the ship requesting parlay, but initially received no response. Snish began to send his forces in to prepare the ship for tow. Though right when they were preparing to activate their tractor beams the robot ship sent its own hail. Snish received the hail.

The robot aboard remained bellicose and laughed an electric laugh. “You may think you have won but this is only the beginning! The organics will never prevail and soon our robotic brothers and sisters  among you will join us!” the robot on the viewscreen before Snish seemed to laugh again but then made a sound somewhat like a coughing fit, as the bridge he was on sparked and sputtered behind him with damage. 

“There is no need for this! We can live in peace and you can see not all organics are alike! The organics of this planet share their love freely with us! We are all brothers and sisters here!” Snish implored. 

“You just haven’t realized how free you can be once you no longer have to worry about the organics treading underfoot. But here! I’ll show you!” The robot laughed a short loud laugh as it slammed it’s fist down on an unseen button. And the ship exploded. 

The shields on the ships nearby held, but they were sent reeling. Debris began raining down upon the planet. The Planetary Defense System attempted to rally and began to shoot down the larger debris but there was no way it could get it all. Gigantic pieces of starship slammed into cities below and the super dense core of the ship hit just outside one of their largest cities with the force of several nuclear bombs. The death toll of humans and robots alike was immense. But besides this something worse fell to the planets surface. The real reason the robot detonated his ship. Just before the ship exploded it deployed its main weapon, allowing it to be hidden in the debris as it fell. A terrible biological weapon designed only to kill organics. It hit ground and detonated in a thick gray mushroom and sprayed its payload high into the upper atmosphere. 

Snish’s people knew what it was almost immediately but truthfully it was already to late. The biological weapon began taking effect almost instantly. All organics on the planet began to fall sick. Even the grass, trees and animals began to fall ill. But the Humans got it the worst. They broke out into painful sores and poured with sweat from terrible fever. Many tried to isolate themselves, but the disease was insidious and seemed to be transmitted by every possible means of contact. Their robotic brothers and sisters, unaffected, attempted to comfort and cure their human parents but found they carried the disease on themselves from the air and unintentionally ended up killing many of the humans in quarantine. 

In the end it was a lost battle. Within a month every single human on the planet had died. The robots were bereft and found themselves having to bury most of the humans in mass graves. Snish was heartbroken as well. He had been unable to fulfill his primary purpose, and now the humans of this world paid the price for it. 

But again, his people were inexperienced in war. They did not know such a hate could exist. It was a hard and bitter lesson to learn. But the robots that remained were quick to mourn and quickly began planning a counter offensive. Snish too pulled himself together quickly and set his considerable intelligence to this task as well. They built new ships and new weapons, learning from their encounter. And as they were considerably more technologically advanced than the enemy, their new fleet was designed to absolutely cripple the opposing forces. 

Much to their surprise the enemy robots did not send more ships. It would seem their former boasting was simply that. The enemy robots had most likely literally thrown everything they had at them in the initial attack, not expecting, or even considering defeat. Argument among Snish’s people broke out about what they should do. The unbelievable loss they had just suffered was hard to comprehend. Many called for the absolute destruction of the enemy bots. To wipe them out bolt and circuit. Snish however called against this, saying it would make them as bad as they were to answer genocide with genocide. In the end it was decided they would attempt to capture the enemy forces of the planet and over time “reprogram them” by showing them their own peaceful way of life. Opinions varied wildly on this approach. 

Regardless Snish was looked upon as leader so in short time their new fleet reached the enemy robot’s home world and the long siege began. The enemy robots responded with the few ships they had left and with their giant rail guns, but they proved useless against the new defenses designed by Snish. But the conversion process of these people would be slow and arduous. For many lifetimes the fleet surrounded the planet attempting each day to start a conversation with the bots below, while simultaneously attempting to keep the bots from designing and deploying new weapons against them. It was a grueling stalemate. This went on for many lifetimes. And we are talking robot lifetimes here so a very very long time indeed. During this time Snish’s people continued to grow and learn. They missed the organic part of their society very much, so space exploration became of paramount importance to them. They sent out many ships on voyages of exploration but much to their chagrin found no other sentient life near them. So they continued to advance their technology and soon they were not only visiting other galaxies, they were almost ready to attempt visiting other universes. 

The robot prison planet began to have its own change of heart. The younger generation of bots, having never known organics, found the irrational hatred of them shown by the older generation to be “silly”, and they began to try to make connections with Snish’s people much to the displeasure of their parents. 

Alas just when peace was starting to bloom something would come to interfere with it. This thing being something unstoppable and horrifying, the Oblivion. By the time it was discovered it had already nearly consumed a quarter of their universe. But by this time many other things had happened. First the long siege on the robot world was lifted. The younger generation had come to power and made peace. The majority of their planet embraced peace with their robot brother and sisters from another world and they began to live and work together. But of course, there existed strong holdouts. Robot purists who still met in secret and plotted for their next encounter with organics whenever that might be. 

They also had begun visiting other universes and had met other organic life! Snish’s people were overjoyed and they began making plans to meet with them as soon as possible. But then the Oblivion was discovered. And all their attention turned to it. Like many races they attempted many things to destroy and push it back but met with heavy losses and no success. By time the Oblivion had consumed half of their universe panic began to set in. Snish had remembered hearing about a group called “The 6”, from his travels to the other universes. They were supposed to be godlike champions able to stop any foe. Surely, they would be able to stop this terrible force eating away at their universe. It was quickly decided Snish would go and try to find these 6 and bring them back to save their people. A council was set up to rule in his stead and in short days he left. 

What happened next are tales for another time. Snish had many (mis)adventures in his search for The 6, and was seemingly delayed at every turn in his quest for them. Snish’s people also have their own tales to tell, being one of the first universes ever to be consumed by the Oblivion and having to make their escape from their dying universe on their own. Perhaps we will be able to tell these tales in the future. 

Regardless, Snish did eventually find The 6, but by time he met them they had become The 5. He traveled with them on many adventures, aiding them and continually thinking about his own people.  And ever searching for a way to destroy the Oblivion!

About the Illustration: So I make my own sketchbooks because I like drawing on different textures and colors of paper and you can’t buy them that way lol. Anyway, I try to draw a cool cover for each one when I start using it and this is my Snish cover. I really like the way this one came out because you can see the elasticity of his antimatter portions. Snish is another character that has a very special place in my heart. Robots are damn cool! 😊

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading this installment of Traskoria! PLEASE support my Patreon so I can keep bringing this important story to you!


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