D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 55 - The Second Crush: Trinity Assemble!

Volume 55: The Second Crush: Trinity Assemble!

During the time immediately following the sudden departure of the Dark Dwarves, the Trinity began making new advancements in the field of Traxt Magic. Most notably they created a way to provide T-Traxts with enchantments!

These enchantments led to new demands for T-Tracks, which were already highly sought after. They were so popular because these enchantments could be used by anyone, leading people with no magical or psionic ability to begin longing for enchanted mother stones of their own. A T-Traxt can hold one enchantment immediately,  and as it grows closer to the person that owns it eventually hold more enchantments (1 enchantment per 5 levels of the owner, also the owner must be in possession of the T-Traxt for 1 year for each enchantment. ) Enchantments placed on a T-Traxt will only work for the owner of the stone. If the owner wishes to give the stone away it will take a full year to acclimate to a new owner and will lose all of its previous enchantments. 

To place an enchantment takes all three members of the Trinity. It can be done one at a time by seeing a Traxt Smith, Jeweler, and Weaver separately over time but can be done much more quickly if all three are available to do the enchantment at the same time. The time it takes to  place the enchantment varies by level of the enchantment. Placing an enchantment takes 1 hour + 1d20 mins per level of the enchantment if the enchantment is placed by members of the Trinity individually. If the all 3 members of the Trinity are present the enchantment can be placed in 15 mins + 1d4 mins per level of enchantment! 

The enchantments that can be placed on a T-Traxt are numerous and usually fall inline with spells of the same level. Enchantments that are offensive in nature can be used once a day at no cost. But MOST enchantment are utilitarian or defensive in nature, providing permanent stat or skill bonuses for the owner of the T-Traxt while it is on or near them. 

Of all the enchantments created by the Trinity, 2 are far and above the most sought after. The demand for these 2 enchantments was staggering leading to many members of the Trinity being overwhelmed by request, or often demands. These two enchantments are:

Detect Xerxes: Mother stones with this enchantment will turn matte black in the presence of Xerxes or anyone possessed by them! The downside to this is it is not instantaneous. Upon coming within 10’ of a Xerxes or someone possessed by them the T-Traxt will SLOWLY begin to change color. It takes 5 +1d4 mins for the stone to really change enough to be noticed. Many Xerxes would eventually become aware of this time limit and would attempt to be brief around anyone known to be wearing T-Traxt jewelry or have the stones in their possession. Regardless this was a huge step forward in the fight against the Xerxes! Using this enchantment DOZENS of Xerxes operatives were found in short order. This unfortunately did lead to another round of very serious losses throughout the multiverse as many Xerxes exploded the bodies of those they possessed, some even being prepared enough to use their “Big Blast” causing many casualties and deaths. This time though not all of them could escape. For the first time, maybe ever, several Xerxes were caught alive. And through this much was learned about them. We will talk more about this later. 

This enchantment to detect the Xerxes was a low-level enchantment and soon almost everyone in positions of power were sporting Traxt Jewelry and looking for the possessed with everyone they came into contact with. The seemingly unbreakable grip of fear the Xerxes held on the multiverse began to ease just a little bit. 

The second enchantment was equally as staggering in its implications. The Anti-Death enchantment. For countless lifetimes now the Traxt Phenomenon had rendered impotent all resurrection magic. It had come to be accepted that when someone died, they would “Traxd” and that was it. There was no hope for them to come back. 

Not anymore. The Anti-Death enchantment changed everything. With this powerful enchantment the moment your life ceases the spell kicks in, cocooning your body instantly in a chrome like shell. You are dead for all intents and purposes, but your body will not Traxd. You can then be resurrected by one of the many magical or even psionic means available throughout the multiverse. The realization of this shook the multiverse. 

Resurrection and Life Restoring magics had all mostly been abandoned or forgotten by this time. The news that they could be used again caused a renaissance in this field of magic, and people far and wide began taking up these spells again. The flipside of this enchantment is it is very high level, bordering on a spell of legend. The enchantment can take days or even weeks to complete depending on one’s access to the Trinity and their time to do it. The demand for this enchantment was also immense and members of the Trinity found themselves bombarded by requests to the point that many went into hiding. It would also become known that despite the high level of this enchantment it would only work twice on the same person. Many boisterous adventurers who acquired this enchantment early began taking great risks, feeling themselves invincible now that they could be resurrected again. Unfortunately, many found out all to soon that the 3rd time is not a charm, and upon dying a 3rd time the enchantment ceases to work and the body will be Traxd. Nevertheless, being able to resurrect twice was far more than zero so this enchantment was highly prized. 

As mentioned, many of the Trinity could not take the constant demands for these enchantments and began going into hiding. But to many it seemed like more than that. The investigation into the mass disappearance of the Trinity that happened previously at the lodge was ongoing, but had so far produced no results or even leads. On top of this it seemed every day more and more of the Trinity were simply “disappearing” It began to be noticed more and more around this time but it was chalked up to Trinity members simply wishing to avoid the public, as they were now constantly harangued with requests for enchantments. Those in power though were soon coming to realize that these disappearances were far more than hiding. Prominent, and powerful Smiths, Jewelers, and Weavers were simply “vanishing.”  No form of magical detection or scying was able to find any trace of them. Some tried to say that the Trinity had probably just designed their own enchantments, to hide them from magical and psionic location finding. Many did not believe this to be the case. Friends and Family members that belonged to the Trinity, simply gone, without ever saying goodbye. The authorities across the multiverse received a deluge of missing person reports, and the number seemed to increase every day. 

The Oboys continued to be looked at as “a group of interest” in these disappearances, given their long standing feud with the Trinity, but the Oboys denounced any involvement, and the continued accusations led to an increase in Oboy violence and vandalism, as they became more and more frustrated with the constant allegations. 

Despite all of this the introduction of T-Traxt enchantments was a welcomed bit of good news, providing a pause from all of the bad news that seemed to be surrounding the multiverse from every side. The Trinity, seeing themselves as protectors of everyone, even sent the knowledge of Traxt Enchantment to The Dark Dwarves, Fungaloids, and other “dubious” races. The allied races were appalled at this, but the Trinity saw the Xerxes as a threat to all living things and continued releasing the information anyway. The Dark Dwarves offered no public response to anyone upon receiving this information, but it’s rumored that the group of Trinity who sent the initial information about the enchantment abilities, received a cask of extremely rare Dark Dwarf ale at their main base soon after. 


About the Illustration: I’ve included a group of illustrations again today. One is a robot from the TC. Many of the robots there don’t care to be “Humanoid Looking” so they make their bodies look however they want!  

Second we have a Class U being. Maybe a bit of dragon is in his blood?

Lastly is a Destiny Elf, Elf, Human, Mermaid, and Trementian, casting a group spell together. I wonder what it will do!

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-Random Psionic


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