D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 57 - The Second Crush: A little help from my friends

Volume 57: The Second Crush: A little help from my friends

The Second Crush: A little help from my friends

Snish’s desire for progeny provided a welcome diversion for The 5 and Raine the younger. But a diversion they had little time for. Snish had expressed a desire for his child to be, in many ways, a tribute to his lost world of Lunarun. Lunarun’s most magnificent feature, according to Snish, was its 6 beautiful moons, each of which always showed a different phase. His people called them, “The Celestial Lamps” and they provided his entire world with a gentle glow throughout the night. The biologics of his world used the moons power to use “Moon Magic” a largely lost form of magic. But the details of it were in Snish’s databanks and he wanted to find a way to incorporate all of this into his child’s design. 

Each of The 5 would give something to the creation of this child and each spent long hours speaking with Snish about his hopes and dreams for this child. Jodi fashioned magical armor for the child’s body. It was as black as the night sky and enchanted, so it looked like the stars were dancing upon it. Jodi called it “The Armor of Void” and it would be the child’s skin. It would give him the power to become intangible. 

Raine the older fashioned magical hands for the child, also black, but of such a deep darkness they seemed to absorb light around them. Raine called these hands “Gloves of Shadow Skill” and they would give the child the ability to control darkness like the Dark Dwarves Obtenebration.  

Bastion had learned that among the Werepeople there still existed some who used a form of Moon Magic, so with Snish’s permission he extracted the information Snish had in his mind about his people Moon Magic and took it to the Werepeople to learn it for himself. The Werepeople were ecstatic to be visited by someone many of them thought of as a God and they poured all of their effort into learning this new form of Moon Magic and combined it with their own. Bastion found it easy to learn and mastered it in only a few short months. The Werepeople begged Bastion to stay but he was adamant that he could not. Nevertheless, this short and unexpected time among them fortified the Werepeople’s worship of him, much to Bastion’s displeasure. Nearly the entirety of the Werepeople converted to the worship of Bastion after this time. 

Upon returning Bastion, with the help of Raine the Older, prepared a powerful spell of legend to infuse the child with this Moon Magic. This would give the child various abilities depending on the phases of whatever moons circled the planet he was currently on. 

Telenor fashioned magical boots for the child from strands of leather she had been collecting for countless lifetimes. Made from the remnants of countless animal skins she had worked with over countless lifetimes she enchanted them to allow the child to be attuned with nature and these boots would become the child’s feet. 

Brazz, being the most esoteric among them, used her magic to “condense time” into a liquid called Quintessence. This liquid time would be mixed with the child’s other internal fluids and give him great speed and agility. 

Last but not least Raine the Younger gave a vial of his own blood, which The 5 had come to understand was fantastically powerful, and not something he gave up lightly. This blood would be mixed in with the other fluids in the child’s body and would give him rapid healing and regeneration. 

In the end Snish was very moved by the generosity and love shown to him and his child by his friends and he thanked them all, shedding silver tears for each. Snish crafted his child’s body and began to prepare the secret formula of computer code, circuitry, energy and liquids that would give the child life. The 5 and Raine the younger also all freely gave Snish a small portion of their lifeforce, the 6 of them together providing half of the lifeforce for the child and Snish himself fully providing the other half. 

Then one stormy night when everything was completed Snish called his friends to his lab to witness the birth of his son. The “child” was fashioned full grown, as was the custom of his people, and had a humanoid appearance. He had an almost androgynous and beautiful android face. He was fashioned of enchanted brass and bronze, with his torso being a starry black from the Armor of Void that encased him. Jet black hands and dark tan legs and feet that complimented his bronze and brass features. On his forehead was a pearlescent disc that changed to fit the phase of the dominant moon on whatever planet he was on. 

And then, in a beautiful display of lights and sparks Snish completed the secret ritual as the others looked on in awe. Brazz wept. The child sat up and looked at Snish through his almost human looking eyes and said, “Father?” Snish embraced his son and soon so did the others. Lunar 1 had been born. 

Snish named his son Lunar 1 partly as a play on his home planets name, but also in the hopes that he would have other children one day, but this son would always be the first. 

Lunar 1 possessed all the memories and experience of Snish inside him but it was now filtered thru the lens of not only Snish but the combined energy of his six friends as well. This gave Lunar 1 his own dynamic personality and he quickly proved himself to be capable and strong. 

Over the next decade they would all raise Lunar 1, teaching him what they could about all things. He learned of the Oblivion and about Traskoria and the politics of the various races. He was a voracious learner and absorbed all of it quickly. Most importantly to Snish he was taught all about the Technorganic Conglomerate (TC) and its people. He was being groomed by Snish to go back and lead their people. 

And soon enough the time came. Snish had begun sending word to the TC that he had fashioned a son, infused with all of his knowledge and experience, and he would be coming back to present him as their new leader. The TC erupted in celebration. The return of Snish was something they had longed for. The current TC senate that had been running things for centuries was in constant disarray and had not had a true leader in years. They too awaited Snish’s return with great anticipation. 

The family Lunar 1 had come to know were all greatly saddened when the day arrived but also filled with pride. They knew he was going to lead a great people that needed him. They all expressed great faith in him. And after their goodbyes, Lunar 1 and Snish left and headed to the TC. 

They arrived at the TC’s current capital world to much fanfare. The streets were packed with organic and robots of every shape, size, and color. Many delegates from the Elysium were also in attendance, eager to welcome a new leader to their ranks. They hoped he would be able to stifle the growing threat by the Techno Empire, whose attacks on organics living in their cities had been growing in both number and ferocity. Lunar 1 had learned everything he could about the TE and was confident he could unite their people once again. This confidence filled Snish with an overwhelming fatherly joy.

A giant stage had been set up and on it sat many of the leaders from various races. The PAWS security seemed to be straining to keep the crowd in check as the excitement seemed to reach a fever pitch. When Snish and Lunar 1 came out onto the stage the crowd erupted into applause. Broadcast multiversally VIA Psion Orb technology, Snish and Lunar 1 lit up view screens across the multiverse. 

Snish was first to address the people but had to stop several times as his every word seemed to garner ruckus waves of applause. He apologized for his long departure and explained the work he was doing was incredibly important, but he remained purposefully vague as to what it was. He expressed his sorrow at the plight of their people. It brought him great sadness when he learned that their once peaceful people had began to splinter, and most distressingly these “Robot Purists” calling themselves the Techno Empire. The crowd grew quiet hanging on his every word. Across the multiverse trillions leaned forward and looked into their view screens rapt. Snish then went on about how he had heard their cries to have him comeback to lead them. But he could not. His work with The 5 must be continued at all costs. This sent a murmur through the crowd, some of which had all but forgotten about The 5, or saw them only as legends or rumor. 

Snish did not pause and continued to tell them that he had found another solution. He would give to them his own son, infused with all his knowledge and experience, but with a view all his own. Built and trained to be a leader. He wound them up tight with words and when he introduced his son once again the crowds exploded with cheering. Lunar 1 approached the podium and waved to the people. And when they quieted down, he spoke. 

He addressed them in a strong commanding voice. He spoke as a leader and he grabbed their attention with his words. He told them he was not his father. He could not replace him. He would not be the leader Snish was. He would be his own leader. And he would unify the organics and the robots once more. Once again great cheering arose from the crowds. Lunar 1 went on to explain his various plans and ideas to do so. And he didn’t just address the TC and the TE, he turned and spoke directly to the leaders of the various races on stage with him. He proposed technology exchanges and innovative political policies that representatives from the Elysium were very much impressed by. Also impressed was Snish. He had no idea his son had come so far! These policies and ideas were all his own. He had raised not only an incredible son but an adept leader. He smiled internally. 

Lunar 1 finished his speech calling not only for the unification of the TC but for the unification of all peoples in the multiverse. Across the multiverse people rose up and cheered. Lunar 1’s speech struck a chord with everyone who heard him. He was ready to lead. 

And as Snish looked at his son clapping with the others, his Insta-Dodge systems began to whirl up. Snish instantly scanned the area but the overwhelming numbers that surrounded him made pinpointing anything impossible. Lunar 1 had moved to the front of the stage and was speaking to some of the people. That’s when Snish noticed it. 

He turned just to late to notice the plasma rocket whizzing past him. The crowd gasped as Lunar 1 was hit full blast in the chest and thrown back thru the stage. Piercing screams and panic rose up and spread like a pulse through the people. Several other rockets quickly followed but this time Snish was aware. He converted his bottom section into its portable hole form and leapt up catching the rockets into it. And then he saw them. 

Marching up over the horizon, wading through the crowd, were TE forces. Gigantic Mechs, power armor, and robots of all kinds, marked with huge neon blue TE symbols on their bodies and armor and weapons, strode forward killing indiscriminately. Snish turned and ran away from them. Several of the delegates on stage had already begun casting magics and using psionics in response to the attack. Snish made eye contact with the Merpeople’s representative and she gave him a knowing nod. Snish leapt over the stage in a single bound and landed mere feet from his son who lay motionless on the ground surrounded by fiery debris. Snish gently lifted his son and cradled him in his arms. Where the rocket had struck a molten hole had formed all the way through his chest. He looked at his father and smiled. 

“I think I moved the people dad…” Lunar 1 said in a failing synthetic voice. 

“You moved us all son.” Snish replied silvery tears began to fall from his eyes. 

And with that Lunar 1’s body fell limp in his arms. Snish looked down at his son and his silver tears ran onto him. Snish looked up into the sky and howled a robotic howl of anguish that shook the ground for miles in every direction. 

About the Illustration: Here we see a random robot from the TC. The extreme variation in their individual appearances really adds to the beauty of these people.

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading this installment of Traskoria! PLEASE support my Patreon so I can keep bringing this important story to you!



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