D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 59 - The Second Crush: The Robots attack

Volume 59: The Second Crush: The Robots attack

The Second Crush: The Robots attack

As Snish laid his son gently down next to the rubble, a long lost emotion began boiling up within him. Rage. Snish had been built for war but since joining The 5 had been a bot of peace. But as he looked down at his broken boy the familiar pangs of war filled him and he embraced it. 

In a single bound Snish jumped back over the stage where he had spoken not long ago. He leapt again and landed directly in the middle of the incoming robotic forces. He stretched out his arms and attacked. Antimatter bullets flew out of him in every direction, missing allies but millimeters but devastating every robot wearing a “TE” symbol. 

His dramatic entrance inspired those who could see him, and they rallied the attack. The enemy robots had shown up in surprising numbers, but it was soon evident the majority of these robots were Dronebots, not living but being controlled remotely. Incredibly deadly but also slow to react and soon the allied forces turned that to their advantage. And then the Techno Empire’s forces were in retreat. Snish pursued them for some time and they captured many of the opposing force alive and crushed almost all of the dronebots. 

When the battle was over the delegates from the Elysium took charge, routing prisoners for questioning and interrogation and tending to the wounded and the aftermath. They saw Snish as he returned to the city, a few prisoners of his own in tow. He wheeled up on his tank like treads and deposited the prisoners with others and without saying a word turned and began to wheel towards the delegates. A few started to speak to him but he rolled passed them never even meeting their gaze. No one pursued him. When he reached his son and gently bent over and picked him up and rolled out of town in silence. Where they went next was anyone’s guess. 

Several months passed. Several things came to light. Through interrogation and statements given on pirated Psion Orb waves, the TE expressed full responsibility for the attack. They claimed the attempt to “reunite” the robotics and the organics was the final straw for them, so they used Snish’s return as a chance to make a move. Killing the son who was to be the leader of this reunification was a “happy accident” for them. They placed demands, calling for the removal of all organics from the TE and for the TE alone to be recognized as the only nation of Robots. Attacks would continue any place organics and robots lived together until these demands were met. 

These demands were met with a variety of outrage from the other races but the TE were also quick to remind them that the robots were the only hope for the war against the Xerxes which had begun to take hold again.  If their “simple” demands were met they would agree to be the Elysium’s weapon against the forces of the Xerxes. The offer gave pause to many leaders. 

Because of all this distrust began to spring up around ALL robots. Part of the TE’s claim was that they were everywhere. Any robot anywhere could be and probably was a member of the TE waiting to strike. No place was safe. Because of this peddled fear hate crimes began to spring up around the robotic community. Even the Synths and other robot representatives from the Technorganic Conglomerate began to be eyed with suspicion. 

Some in the Elysium argued the TE’s threats about the Xerxes were largely muted by the Trinity’s new advancements in Xerxes detection. The enchanted T-Traxts were already producing phenomenal results, unveiling several Xerxes insurgents since their invention. The problem was it was seemingly getting harder and harder to even find a member of the Trinity these days. So many had gone recluse to escape the constant requests for Traxt enchantment. On top of that members of the Trinity continued to be reported missing at an alarming rate. Smiths, Jewelers, and Weavers vanishing without a trace across the multiverse. The authorities had a hard time figuring out which one had disappeared, and which ones had simply gone into hiding. 

And of course, The 5 and Raine the younger had watched the entire thing unfold VIA Psion Orb broadcast. They waited urgently for Snish and Lunar 1’s return which they expected at any moment. Raine the older and Telanor set up a triage to treat Lunar 1 when he arrived as Raine the younger and Brazz began a powerful healing spell together, ready to apply it to Lunar 1 the moment he arrived. But minutes turned to hours and these turned to days. Each of them sent out various magical and psionic attempts at communication but either they never arrived or were being ignored. They knew Telanor could locate them with Delphi if it was requested, but they felt this would be overstepping a boundary so did not attempt to scry their location. They didn’t talk about it much but they all secretly hoped that one day Snish and Lunar 1 would both come walking back into their lives. Sadly, it was a hope in vain.

The loss of Snish and Lunar 1 was a terrible blow to The 5 and their efforts. Snish had been an integral cog in their clockwork and now it was missing. They found it hard to reset. But they ground on and found they must push forward even through the sadness. 

It was at this time a very troubling thing began to be noticed. The Oblivion was accelerating. The reason for this was widely speculated but most saw it as a reaction to the loss of so many of the Trinity on the front lines. Traxt magic was still the biggest deterrent to the Oblivion and the Crawl. But so many posts had been seemingly abandoned by the Trinity over the last few lifetimes that it was beginning to have an effect. The Trinity responded to this outcry by showing up in mass where the could, but it soon became apparent even to them that they were diminished in number. Fear about this spread among the Trinity wondering what was happening to them and would they be next? 

This realization also startled the multiverse. If they lost the Trinity how would they push back the Oblivion? Who would enchant Traxts? Crowds began to once again follow the Trinity begging for enchantments and mother stone creation. Overwhelmed many once again returned to hiding, exacerbating the problem. 

About the illustration: Today we have 2 sketches. One shows Raine the younger using his medallion for a powerful light attack and a Trementian. In the other, who do we have? Its Bastion of course! 😊 

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