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Volume 6: Raine's Biography

Volume 6: Raine's Biography 

Happy day everyone! Today we will be looking in-depth at one of the founding members of The 6. Raine. 

Appearance: Raine appears as a Human. He is very tall standing approximately 6’8”. His build could be described as “Lanky Athletic.” He very much has the build of a professional basketball player. He is considered handsome but definitely more on the cute/dorky side. He maintains the approximate look of a male between the ages of 30 – 35, though he is in fact much much older. 

He prefers to wear one of a limited number of sets of custom made wizard type robes. He usually prefers colors in the blue range, but does own a set of striking yellow robes he wears on special occasions. 

Raine does in general carry a number of magical items on his person. However, he prefers to have magical gems, embroidery, and trinkets sewn into his robes that he can activate for varying effects. 

Weapons: Raine does not carry any traditional weapons other than one enchanted dagger he uses mostly for utility. His main weapon of choice though, is his staff which is called “Negawave.” The staff appears as a long, mostly plain rod of magically hardened silver. At its top, in a long brass claw, are panels of blood red glass. The inside glows with varying intensity according to Raine’s will and often emotions. Negawave possesses many unique abilities some of which Raine has added to or tweaked along the years, and some have been set into it from Jodi’s magical forging abilities. 

The whole of the staff is considered to be indestructible. When not in active use it can collapse to just the top lantern portion which Raine usually hangs on his side. The staff can emit light in shades from red to pink, in either a beam form or in diffuse manner to light up a space. It also can be used several times a day to launch bright red fireballs with varying degrees of destructive power. Lastly, the staff gets its name from its main ability, “The Negawave.”

At will, Raine can send out a crimson wave of energy in all directions that will negate any magical effect or psionic effect in the area. This is all encompassing however, negating both hostile and friendly magics and psionics so he uses it with some care. The effect can however be more precisely applied by Raine in a crimson cone emanating from the staff in a chosen direction. This will negate only the area focused onto by the cone. 

Raine carries a spell book that “disappears” up his sleeve which he calls “The Ever Tome.” The book is linked to him psychically and he can transcribe into it through thought alone. The book magically contains a seemingly infinite number of pages and contains information on all manner of studies scientific, personal, and magical. 

Skills/Abilities: Raine possesses VAST magical knowledge from an incredible number of universes. He has a supernatural intelligence that allows him to process spells and magical knowledge at an incredible rate of speed. For the purpose of game play Raine should be considered a God level/type character. It should be assumed he knows almost every spell including: spells of legend, elemental magic, curses, and more. He is considered the creator of the magical craft known as “Magic Spinning” and has trained a number of apprentices in this technique over his long life, who have in turn trained others allowing it to spread across the multiverse. More recently he has also become the teacher of a new form of magic called, “Traxt Magic.” He has also trained many apprentices in this technique with the stated mission to said pupils that they should go and teach others as well. 

He is accomplished in many sciences and possesses doctorate level knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology, magic craft, spell craft, metaphysics, and more. He is an accomplished diplomat and strategist and prefers peaceful negotiation and parlay to battle and war. 

If it comes to battle, Raine has resolved not to kill unless absolutely necessary and sometimes not even then. He has had trouble on various battlefronts killing even the most evil of enemies. This is reflected in his choice of spells which are almost always status affecting spells rather than battle type spells. In other words, he would rather encase an enemy in cement from the neck down and attempt to reason with them, than simply disintegrate them with arcane energies. (Which he definitely could do.)

He is also an accomplished spacecraft pilot but is not so skilled with terrestrial based craft, which has often led to some close and sometimes comical encounters on many worlds.   

Character and Disposition: Generally Raine is warm and caring. He looks over his comrades and is known to worry about them when they are in dangerous situations or on missions. His compassion spills over to most everyone he meets. If he stumbles upon a poor or grief stricken world he will often be compelled to “fix” that world before moving on, even if he is under time constraints with other duties.  When he is studying he can often be distant and hard to speak to especially if it is a problem that is hard to solve. He enjoys music of all kinds and loves to hear new types of music and sounds, often appreciating music others would not care to listen to. He is constantly making small magical gifts which he gives away readily to friends, children, and even animals he meets in his travels. 

History:  Raine was born into a universe of plenty. Multiverse scholars often refer to his type of universe as a “Silver Universe” which is absolutely rare to the point of being unique. His universe as a whole knew very little war, poverty, or crime. This was mostly due to the abundance of magical energies in his universe which could be readily crafted into what was needed across the board. As such this also allowed then to make incredible leaps in the studies of science and magic. This allowed them to be one of the first to be able to travel to other universes. Seeing the evil, poverty, and terror in other universes led their universe to creating the first in a line of “Multiverse Warriors”, a group of highly trained individuals who would travel to other actualities attempting to right wrongs, and provide assistance and freedom to those in need. 

Raine’s father was a viceroy to the Universal Emperor (The Universal Emperor happening to be Jodi’s Mother) and as such, he received the best training their universe had to offer. He excelled at the magical arts and was named Court Mage to the Emperor by the time he was 13 years old. He befriended Jodi about this time, who had also excelled in his training and was given a similar position of honor on his mother’s high court. For the next few years their friendship grew and when they turned 17, they decided to enlist in the Multiverse Core together to try to become Multiverse Warriors.

The attrition rate for this program was very high as the training was considered, even by those administering it, to be “brutal.”

This intense training was allowed to continue for several reasons, part of which being that the ability to travel to other universes was, even to them, a very new technology, and the magical equivalent was still not fully usable as it tended to transport teams, “off target”, often leading to horrible injuries and deaths. 

Despite their parent’s protests, Raine and Jodi both excelled at the Academy and graduated top of their classes. They were soon given command of their own team. They were to be deployed on a two year long mission to a universe being overrun by a tyrannical group of “Dark Dwarves”, who were themselves multiverse travelers who wield formidable magics and technologies.

By the time of Raine’s graduation the magical version of “Universe Jumping” had been “perfected” and even though they were given ships with Reality Drives, they and all the other platoons being sent to this other universe were teleported there by this new magic to save wear on the very expensive Reality Drives

They arrived in the middle of a universe at war. The war was fairing far far worse than they had been told in their briefings. For the next 2 years they fought alongside the other inhabitants of this universe against the awesome might of the Dark Dwarves. They garnered catastrophic losses. 80% of all the Multiverse Warrior’s forces were killed or captured within the first year. To make matters worse, they lost contact with their home universe almost immediately. The Dark Dwarves were found to have technology which specifically stunted all multiverse communications. They did not want their enemies to be able to call for backup. 

However the tide of battle turned over the next year as Jodi and Raine worked together to create a massive Magical Forge on a remote world yet undiscovered by the Dark Dwarves. Here they fashioned new armor, weapons, and even entire ships enchanted with powerful new magic and new technologies designed to counteract the Dark Dwarves own. In the end they managed to push the Dark Dwarf scourge from this universe, but again at a heavy cost. Raine and Jodi were the only surviving members of their platoon. Only a handful of the other Multiverse Warriors made it through the calamity as well. The denizens of this universe also faced massive devastation and loss of life so immense in scale it defies thinking. 

The few dozen Mutiverse Warriors who survived fell in under Jodi and Raine’s umbrella and for a short time they worked with the survivors of this universe to help rebuild. During this time several attempts by various means were made by Raine to contact THEIR home universe. Nothing worked. Unease grew among the troops. Soon it was decided they would just use one of the ships to jump back to their home universe to see why there was no contact. However every such attempt also failed. Panic and despair began to set in among many of the warriors. Some simply put their heads down and continued to work on fixing this universe putting their faith in Jodi and Raine to figure out what was happening. Months passed. The emerging theory was that somehow the magical means of universe jumping had indeed not been perfected. That some glitch in the spell had placed a magical banishment on them keeping them from returning to their home universe. More months passed as Raine and several other mages attempted to “reverse” the banishment, but all roads on this front led to dead ends. During this time several of the Warriors mutinied and stole more than a few ships, jumping off to other realities unknown. In truth the remaining warriors including Jodi and Raine found it hard to blame them and in the end offered little pursuit. A year passed and finally in a gathering of the Multiverse Warriors that remained they came to the heartbreaking conclusion that they would never be able to return to their home universe. (It was not until much much later Raine surmised that their universe had actually been one of the first to be consumed by The Oblivion.) They still possessed several operable ships with Reality Drives so they were all given free choice as to what they would like to do. 

Many of them had grown fond of this universe and indeed fallen in love with people there. A few even had children by this time. These decided they would stay in this universe. Several grouped up and said they would continue traveling the multiverse righting what wrongs that they could. One by one with often sad goodbyes, ship after ship of Multiverse Warriors jumped head first into the unknown. In the end Jodi and Raine decided they would take the last remaining and smallest ship, and likewise set out on their own.

Most of the Multiverse Warriors fared well. Traveling about, correcting injustices where they were found. Many set up their own academies, often on outback and out of the way worlds, to train other Multiverse Warriors. Raine and Jodi however had a much grander fate in store, and as they traveled they grew mightily in power and fame, and over time they gathered 4 more champions to their coterie and became known throughout the multiverse as “The 6.” They would become known as the greatest champions of justice the multiverse had ever known. 


-Random Psionic



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