D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 60 - Humans

Volume 60: Humans


Racial Class

At a glance: The most prolific of all species. One that we all know well but hardly know at all. How does one speak about one’s self?

Appearance: Humans appear…well…Human. With rare exception almost anyone reading this on this planet is human. We come in a splendid and beautiful display of sizes, shapes, and colors. 

How does one talk about their own races without waxing philosophically? To avoid this as much as possible lets just stick to the facts. 

Powers & Abilities: The most powerful ability humans possess is adaptability. We are everywhere. And by choice! Through out the multiverse we will happily try to make homes in the most remote and dangerous of places. And we thrive. 

We possess the widest array of supernatural abilities. We excel in both the Magics and almost all forms of Psionics. We alone are often able to use powers and abilities many other races consider theirs only. I mean, some of are even just BORN with super powers! This all adds up to us being some of the fiercest friends and deadliest enemies in all of reality. 

We also are able to use skills and abilities from almost any source. Skills can be chosen from ANY skill set with approval from your DM. But as stated we are everywhere, and we are voracious learners. When we see a species using some new skill we want to learn it and if given the chance we will! (Human can pick 3 additional skills from ANY skill type with GM approval. If these skills are very exotic the player will be required to provide a back story as to how they acquired these skills. Additionally humans are +5% base on all skills.)

When it comes to technology, we rank high on the list. At the very least we are good at figuring out how to backwards engineering nearly any technology. We easily rank in the top 5 most technologically advanced. Races that may SOMETIMES rank above us include: The Dark Dwarves, The Centaurs, and The Graze. (Humans possess unique hacking, and engineering skills. These will be specialty classes ) 

For all this we have our flaws. Some much greater than the other races. We have very short life spans when compared to the other races. And we are very fragile. We also more than any other race fight amongst ourselves. We search for differences when there are vastly more similarities. It is when we all come together as one human people when we are the strongest. (3 or more humans working together in ANY situation gain +5% to all skill rolls and for every additional human working on the same problem raise the skill by another 1%) 

History: What race has a history more complex or unique? Humans seemed to have been involved with almost everything since the inception of the multiverse. Though we may have advanced the most slowly. While we were still living in caves other races like the Elves, Swaft, Sliders, Trementians and more were visiting us and teaching us. We by far have received the most help of any race. This has led us to being one of the most loved of all the races. We were the “children” of so many other races throughout our history that still today many races share an affection for us. During the short peace that was shared with the Dark Dwarves even they expressed tales in their past of times when their ancient people enslaved our ancestors on various worlds, and we were often the most prized of all their slaves. True praise indeed. 

Despite all the help we are often the most destructive and self-destructive of the races. We are stubborn and slow to change, and we often die from it. The other races can only help so much and many of our civilizations never make it. We kill ourselves with war, pollution, hatred, and more. When it comes down to it, we as Humans must save ourselves. 

The wonderful this is we have made it. And we always will. We may be slow to learn what the multiverse is trying to teach us but once we figure it out, we embrace it. Humans coming together to fix problems. A truly powerful thing. 

An interesting note is how many “Half-Human” races there seems to be. Most of these races say that is ridiculous but its easy to see. Centaurs, Merfolk, Sliders, and many other races share human characteristics. Perhaps it is this similarity that has led so many other races to helping us in our ancient past. 

In the end throughout the multiverse Humans continue to live and thrive. We started traveling the multiverse a bit later than most other races but since we have, we have set up shop everywhere. Living alongside almost every other race, for better or for worse, the multiverse is stuck with us. 

About the illustration: A cat, a dog, a wizard, and a dude. Humans pop up anywhere! What do you think it is that makes us most Human? 

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-Random Psionic

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