D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 62 - The Lizard People & The Bosh

Volume 62: The Lizard People & The Bosh

The Lizard people & The Bosh

Racial Classes

RPS: 7/10

At a glance: A pair of races that exist in a type of symbiosis across the multiverse. Reptilian people of all kinds fall under this banner. To the gamer this race offers a unique opportunity to play two characters at once!

Appearance: The Lizard people is an umbrella name given to almost any reptilian race in the multiverse. Though they mostly do appear as humanoid lizards, humanoid alligators, crocodiles, geckos, and every type of lizard imaginable are also represented. 

In general, they appear as humanoid lizards. Most have green to brown skin and very large eyes. They have long tails and often head, dorsal, and tail spikes. Many of their kind will only have 3 or 4 fingers per hand and many have feet with an apposable thumb or the ability to grip. They are tall on average reaching a height of 7’ to 8’. 

The Bosh appear as small humanoid frogs that live along side the Lizard people. It another quirk of the multiverse that there should be such symbiotic relationships between races. The relationship between the Lizard people and the Bosh is not unique. We will find other races that seem to live in unison throughout the multiverse as we move forward in our story. 

Regardless the Bosh are equally diverse as the Lizard people having characteristics of every type of frog in existence. Most however will look like tree frogs with a wide array of coloring and patterns on their skin.  They range on size from as small as 4” to 1’ in length. 

The fashion of both races varies greatly. Some still wear the military garb from their days as conquers while others have adopted a more rustic style of dress often being shirtless and wearing animal skins and natural fibers. They have a style all their own many refer to as “Military Casual” wearing military clothing but in a more relaxed and loose way. This will make more sense after reading their history below. The Bosh usually adopt the style of the Lizard people they live with but are just as often are nude or dressed in belts to hold various items they may need. 

The Lizard people and the Bosh do not always share a home together. Often a Lizard person will have a home near their Bosh companion and at the end of the day they will part ways, but upon starting each new day they will meet up and go out to conquer it together. 

Their relationship is mutually beneficial. Most often Lizard families and Bosh families grow up beside each other for countless generations. They time their mating together so that children are produced at nearly the same time. By age 1 a Lizard child and Bosh child will be “united” and from that point on will share a symbiotic relationship with each other. By age 5 they will share a telepathic and empathic connection with an incredible range. (100 miles + 10 miles per level) By age 12 they will be able to share each other’s senses, and by age 22 they will share an aura that increases their strength and healing ability many fold. 

Both races prefer to live in moist environments and near water. They are incredible swimmers and can hold their breath for long periods of time and dive deep. Some can even breath water. 

Powers and Abilities: The Lizard people possess many different powers and abilities depending on their “clan” Certain Lizard families hone certain abilities and over time the specialization of these abilities has led to “clans” being formed. All the clans live together in peace and harmony and support each other. Marrying outside of your clan used to be strictly forbidden but in more modern times is accepted with reluctance. Many young Lizard people still follow the old ways however and will look for a mate within their own clan, perhaps from another place on their own world or on another world altogether. 

There are to many clans to list them all here but to give you an example I will list 3 of them:

1) The Secret Serpent Clan: All Lizard People (and the Bosh) possess incredible regenerative powers. A normal Lizard person can regenerate 1d6 hp every 5 mins. They can also regenerate limbs. A hand in about a month, an arm in a year. More impressively they can regenerate a new tail in a single day! The Secret Serpent Clan has focused this healing ability into their tails allowing them to regenerate a new tail every 5 mins! In Battle members of this clan can detach their tails and have it attack on its own! But these tails can do far more than attack. They can be used to spy and gather information. The tip of each tail has crude sense organs on it allowing it to see heat, and even taste and smell what is around it. It has super sensitive pores on it that allow it to pick up vibrations and hear what is around it. The Lizards themselves have a telepathic link with these tails allowing them to receive any information they obtain. These tails last for a long time (1 hour per level) and a Lizard person can have 1 tail active per 5 levels. 

2) The Acoustics: This clan of Lizard people specialize in creating sonic blasts and manipulating sound and vibration. They have a wide array of sonic powers offensive, defensive, and utilitarian. They are often amazing singers and some can even take up the singing magic of the Merfolk, whom they have a long standing alliance with. 

3) The Sword Tails: This clan is able to extend their tales to incredible lengths (10’ + 10’ per level.) Their tails are nearly indestructible, and they use them as weapons of mass destruction. At higher levels they can bust down walls and pierce armor. These tails can also fight on their own but can not be detached from their bodies. In a pinch they can be cut off, but it is very painful and slow to regenerate. Most Lizard people feel little to no pain when detaching their tails. 

As mentioned there are many more clans each with their own unique powers and abilities but we will have to cover those at a later time. 

The Bosh only come in 3 types. Heaters, Menders, and Jumpers. Before we discuss them though let’s talk a bit more about the symbiosis shared by the these races. The Bosh’s main food source is the skin of the Lizard people which they shed fully about once a month, The Bosh eat this skin and gain power from it. They can and do eat other things, but they are able to survive entirely on the skin provided to them by their Lizard companion. In exchange for this the Lizard people receive amazing abilities while in contact with their Bosh. 

Furthermore, the Bosh gain the protection of their Lizard companion. They are a small people and can easily be captured or crushed. Not to make the Bosh sound like wilting flowers. They are powerful enough on their own when they need to be, but being 4” in length has many pitfalls that are negated by having a 7’ tall companion. The Lizard people also receive enhanced healing and strength while in contact with their Bosh. Normal healing is doubled and strength is +2! If their Lizard companion is badly injured the Bosh can enter a meditative state and provide a burst of healing after 1 round of 3d6hp + 1hp per level. This can be done once a day +1 per 10 levels of the Bosh. 

Bosh are not easily separated from their Lizard. Their hands and feet form a bond with the Lizard even thru clothing or armor and adheres the Bosh to them. Their small size and agility make them hard to hit. A direct and strong direct hit on a Bosh is the only surefire way to separate a Bosh from its Lizard companion. 

Lizard People and Bosh can only bond once. If one of them dies they other will not be able to have that kind of companionship again. They can however look for a similarly orphaned member of the opposing race and they can become companions. They can still share their powers with each other, but they will never again have the empathic, telepathic link and sensory projection they shared with their original companion. For this reason, companion pairs protect each other fiercely. Most will fight to the death for the other without question. The unfortunate reality is many Bosh and Lizard people will commit suicide after losing their companion. The connection is that deep. 

It should also be noted that no Lizard can have more than one Bosh companion. This is for several reasons, foremost of which is that a single Lizard person only produces enough food for one Bosh. Also carrying more than one Bosh is intoxicating to a Lizard person. Not in a fun way like being drunk, but in an unsettling way that makes them unbalanced and mutes their senses. If the Bosh are willing though they can sometimes be “traded” for short periods of time. If a Lizard person with a Mender type Bosh is going on a mission to a cold area, they may ask a close friend with a Heater type Bosh if they would be willing to trade with them for a few weeks. More correctly stated they would have to ask the Bosh themselves. They are their own being and make their own decisions. This sort of trading is common only among very close friends and not something done casually. 

As mentioned, the Bosh come with 3 types of powers. Unlike the Lizards, whose abilities are learned from their clan, the Bosh abilities are decided by genetics. Two Bosh of the same type will produce children of that type. Two Bosh of different types will produce children of a random type. For this reason, many Bosh families try to keep with their own type. Though the Bosh are far more relaxed about this aspect of life when compared to the Lizard clans. 

These are the different types of Bosh. We won’t be able to list ALL of the abilities for each type here but we will list some of the major ones of each so you can get a feel for them. 

Heater Type Bosh: Heater Bosh tend to be hot headed. They have tempers and are fiercely protective. The greatest ability they give their Lizard companion is they make them warm blooded! A Lizard with a heater type Bosh can travel even in the coldest environments with no more problem than a human would have. This also works in reverse with the Bosh absorbing excess body heat allowing their Lizard companion to work in desert environments and in extreme heat. 

Besides this, heater type Bosh can also shoot tiny “heat arrows” from their mouth. These arrows do 1d2 damage +1 damage per 2 levels and can be shot as a regular attack with a range of 10’ +1’ per 2 levels. They can scale these at will to produce less damage at higher levels or even just to start fires. 

Lizards with a heater Bosh take ½ damage from fire and all other heat sources. Once a day the Bosh can make himself and his Lizard companion completely immune to fire! Allowing the Lizard to walk thru flames with no damage to himself or his equipment. This ability lasts for 5 mins +1 min per level. 

Mender Type Bosh: These Bosh amp up a Lizards healing to phenomenal levels. They can regenerate at incredible speeds (1d4 hp per round) and are all but immune to disease and poison. When in an area filled with toxic smoke or fumes the Bosh will cover the Lizards face like a living air filter allowing the Lizard to breath normally. This works similarly in water allowing a Lizard with a mender type Bosh to stay underwater indefinitely. 

Mender Bosh also secrete “Mender Oil” which can be bottled and saved or given as a gift. Mender Oil “mends” things magically. Torn fabric, scratched armor, missing buttons, stained cloths, etc., Mender oil instantly correct it. Mender Oil can also be rubbed onto weapons giving them +1 to strike and damage for 1 week + 1 day per level of Bosh. At level 10 it increases to +2 and at level 15 +3. 

Once a day a Mender Bosh can perform a “Nova Heal.” After concentrating for 1 round the Bosh will release a wave of healing energy in a radius of 10’ +1’ per 2 levels. Allies touched by this energy are instantly healed for 1d6 damage +1 per level of the Bosh. The Lizard companion of the Bosh receives double healing!

Jumper Bosh: Jumper type Bosh provide their Lizard companion with the ability to leap incredible distances repeatedly. These Lizards can travel vast stretches of land in very short order. Lizards with a jumper Bosh can leap up to one mile in any direction with unerring accuracy. When preparing for a long jump the Lizard gains telescopic vision and can pinpoint their jump within a few feet of their target. (Base skill 60% + 5% per level) This can be done once per action! The Lizard can perform as many jumps as they have constitution points before having to rest for 5 + 1d4 mins. 

In close quarters these types of lizards move in terrifyingly fast jumps around the battle field. They can perform devastating jump kick attacks. They can also run at incredible speeds. Able to move at 60mph + 5 mph per 2 levels for 1 min per constitution point. Furthermore these Lizards take no falling damage from any height if they land on their feet! 

Jumper Bosh also allow their Lizard companion to swim at great speeds and even walk and run on water! 

History: The Lizard people are a fairly old race. In their most ancient history, they were a race of conquerors. Their companionship with the Bosh made them very strong while the multiverse was still young. The became a militant society where all members of their race were expected to serve in some military capacity for some time during their young lives. Most chose to remain in the military for their entire lives. 

The Lizard people were not destructive conquerors. Once they subdued a world, they would often allow their new subjects continue to rule their own worlds, at least in name. In exchange the Lizard people would have access to all of their technology and science and resources. All 3 of which they assimilated ravenously. Lizard people were very fond of conquering Human worlds in the early years. They found their curiosity infectious and they seemed to develop technology at an amazing rate. Humans also seemed to have contact with a variety of other races which the Lizard people studied and often used to conquer those other races. This was the status quo for quite some time. 

Then they met the Dark Dwarves. In their first meetings both sides were taken aback, not used to coming across another conqueror. Their initial meetings were somewhat peaceful as both sides felt each other out. The Lizard people possessed amazing technology they had amalgamized from countless other races. This made them a threat with claws to the Dark Dwarf people. But in the end not enough claw to matter. The Lizard people’s technology was great but spread over a wide array of functions. The Dark Dwarves know only one function for their technology, war. As such when it finally came to blows the Dark Dwarves came out on top. And they kept the attacks coming. 

Seeing the Lizard people as a real threat the Dark Dwarves laid into them with a ferocity they seldom unleashed. They visited home world after home world of the Lizard and Bosh people enslaving them in droves. The nightmare worlds and battle arenas of the Dark Dwarves were soon over flowing with Lizards and Frogs. 

This was an incredibly humbling time for the Lizard people and the Bosh. They found themselves on equal footing with many other races equally enslaved by the Dark Dwarves. A change occurred in the hearts of the Lizard and Bosh people and they began to see themselves as allies to the other races. The other races welcomed this new paradigm of the Lizard people and soon they formed an alliance with the Merfolk, the Sliders, the Swafts, and the Trementians, and helped form the first coalition against the Dark Dwarves. At this time the Lizard people had the highest technology of these races and they quickly shared this with the other races who each added their own flair to it, and soon they were able to force a stalemate with the Dark Dwarves on many fronts. For a long time, it was just these races versus the Dark Dwarves and there were heavy losses on all sides. During this time, in many ways, the Lizard people and the Bosh were seen as the “Leaders” of the resistance. They took this role seriously and did their best to organize the allied forces. 

After many lifetimes they were eventually joined by the Elves, the Humans, and many others. Together these races have made a united front against the Dark Dwarf scourge and to this day fight to keep it at bay. With this added support the Lizard people have relaxed their militaristic ways greatly and most have turned back to a simpler way of living. They have turned to nature and shifted their focus to the betterment of themselves, enhancing their powers and abilities through discipline and determination. But most of all through cooperation with the other races around them. 

Authors Note: A note about playing these races. Note that EITHER race can be played singularly. The sad truth is a great number of Lizard people and Bosh are made orphaned and companionless thru war, disease or any number of other factors. If you desire to play one of these races on their own, you should be allowed too. 

However, this race allows for a varied and unique type of game play depending on what you and your group need and desire. One of the biggest things I’ve run into in my many years of tabletop playing is players that desire to play more than one character at a time. I normally am not a huge fan of this but there are reasons to do it. If you are playing in a small group and NEED another character sometimes one of your more skilled players can pick up another character to help move things along. This takes a great deal of skill and ability to do well and should not be taken lightly. 

Playing a Lizard person with a Bosh allows for the best of both worlds. In general, most players will want to play this character as the Lizard person with the Bosh as and incredible support that they have available. They will still have to roleplay the Bosh character in certain situations but over all they can treat the Bosh as more of a familiar. 

But they may choose to play both characters. This race was designed to allow this. A Bosh and their Lizard companion share the exact same skills which makes sense as they have done everything together since they were children. This helps eliminate a huge amount of leg work on the characters. At higher levels the two share a telepathic and empathic and even sensory connection. They can act as extensions of each other. 

Overall it is up to the player and the DM to decide how the 2 characters will be played. Either separately or with one boosting the other. Neither is wrong. Gaming is about having fun so choose what is fun for you and your group! 

About the Illustration: I may have shown one or two of these before lol. I’ve included a few illustrations here. In one we have a Lizard Person playing a game with a Slider. The Lizard People and the Sliders share an unshakable alliance and friendship. In another we have a Lizard person and a Slider talking about playing a game. They love to play games! In the last one we have a Mer person and Lizard person. Looks like she’s casting a spell on him! 

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading this installment of Traskoria! PLEASE support my Patreon so I can keep bringing this important story to you! 



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