D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 63 - The Panic

Volume 63: The Panic

The Panic

The Panic is said to truly begin with the destruction of the Elysium which marked the beginning of the Great Dark Dwarf War. This period also serves as a point to end the Second Crush and will eventually usher in the Third Crush. Compared to the Crushes, the Panic is a very short amount of time. However, what happens here will change the the multiverse forever. 

This period is called “The Panic” and not just The Great Dark Dwarf War because all though that war is a predominating theme during this time it is not even the only war to break out. With the disappearance of the Trinity the Xerxes began to turn out in force. It seemed they were everywhere and didn’t care who knew. Less and less of them were being discovered now and when they were it was just as likely they would Big Blast the body they occupied and take on a new one when the coast is clear. The fear of this knowledge gripped people in power everywhere. Everywhere except the Dark Dwarf Empire. But this made sense. Why would the Xerxes go after the one foe who had an ally that could stop them? The Robots remained immune to the Xerxes possession and the Dark Dwarves new allies, the Techno Empire, was nothing but robots. The Dark Dwarves were quick to mention this fact in nearly all of their pirated Psion Orb broadcasts. Yet another reason to relent and join the Dark Dwarf empire! On worlds being savaged by the Xerxes talk began in back places about doing just that. 

Robot hate was more prevalent than ever. The fragile bonds that still held the Technorganic Conglomerate together were threadbare. Gangs of young robots sporting TE emblems proudly on their various parts roamed the streets. When violence would break out these TE gangs would often slap TE emblems on innocent robots near them to add to the confusion. These emblems often came enchanted from the Dark Dwarves so removing them was no easy task. Innocent bots tagged with TE emblems could be arrested or worse while trying to find ways to remove them. 

More than this, the robots became a sight to be feared on the battlefield. DS bots (Dronebot Specialists) from the TE would walk into cities remotely controlling 2 or 4 dozen enchanted Dronebots and could easily gain control of (or decimate) a city in short time. Battles in space were similarly one sided. The religious fervor fueling the Dark Dwarves, bolstered by the indominable will of the robots from the Techno Empire, swept all who would oppose them from the stars. 

Not long after the destruction of the Elysium a VERY small amount of the Trinity began to reappear. Far less than 1%, but enough to be noticed. These few returnees were quickly scooped up by both friend and foe. Most were questioned to exhaustion, but none could provide an answer as to where they had been or where the others had gone. All they knew was they felt a wave of disorientation and now they were back here. This reappearing of various members of the Trinity would continue at a trickle for many years but none would ever be able to recall anything about their time away. 

Most of these returning Trinity members had to seek asylum with powerful families and governments. Upon finding out a member of the Trinity was in any city, riots would begin to breakout. The masses had a demand for T-Traxts that could not be sated. Trinity members caught in public could quite literally be torn apart or trampled in attempts to speak with them. 

As such a very very small group of people gained control of the only remaining T-Traxts in the whole of the multiverse. The price for these stones would grow to be astronomical. To top it all off the O-Boys placed massive bounties on members of the Trinity if the were delivered alive. It was their goal to not only control who had access to the Trinity but to stockpile their own T-Traxts for sale. A traveling secret market began to popup at various places around the multiverse called “The Shadow Market” where live members of the Trinity were auctioned off to the highest bidder and T-Traxts were sold for unbelievable prices. And of course, every other dark and twisted desire one could look for could also be found at the Shadow Market. And the O-Boys controlled it all. 

Interest in saving people in universes being consumed by the Oblivion waned. Even in their last days the Trinity organized most of these efforts, and with them now gone no one seemed to be able to pick up the slack. Several adventuring groups with Multiverse Warriors, Presence Revelers, Magic Spinners, and many more still attempted to do what they could but it was like spitting on a fire. The Oblivion seemed to be accelerating at an unchecked rate. 

Despite this the refugees still came. In the billions, and then the trillions. Universe after universe began to empty one into an other with displaced, universeless  people. The TC tried their best to help these refugees as they always had, but many found dealing with the TC to be to dangerous due to the attacks that followed them. Still many desperate people with nowhere else to turn allowed themselves to be taken under the TC’s wing. The TC began helping terraform asteroid belts through out the multiverse turning them into homes for those displaced by the Oblivion. They were cheap but efficient homes. Most were glad to have them. Unfortunately, they also became favorite targets for TE terror attacks as they could be destroyed so easily. Living in a “Roid Town” became synonymous with living in danger. 

This is how the Panic began. But many many other interesting things were still to happen in this very short period. Foremost among them: an influx of some very interesting refugees… 

About the Illustration: Today we have a pic of Raine the younger longing to fly with a Trementian, Then we have some Trementians doing magic, and finally a Robot of some kind. I’d be careful around that robot. He may have the… SPACE… MADNESS…

Heh heh ya… space madness…

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