D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 66 - The Blobkin

Volume 66: The Blobkin

Racial Class

At a Glance: The Blobkin are a race of amorphic beings with many different and unique abilities involving shape shifting, cloning, density manipulation and more. 

Appearance/Lifestyle: The Blobkin have a wide variety of appearances. They typically will present either as gigantic single cellular organisms (This type are usually called One Cells) or as smooth gelatinous creatures. They will usually have one or more crude features for a “face” but can have their sensory organs appear at any part of there body. They can be any color they wish and will often be multiple colors. Blobkin to not typically wear clothes (unless they are shapeshifted into something with clothes) so their “fashion” will often be intricate colors, designs, and patterns that they will create in and on their own bodies. 

Unlike the Sliders who leave no trail in their wake, absorbing all the mud around them as they move, Blobkin can tend to leave a trail of themselves behind them as they move. They must consciously be aware of this or they may not be invited back to wherever they left a trail of slime, gel, and ooze. They can do this with minimal effort, so it is usually not a problem unless they are very tired or severely injured. For the Blobkin that resemble single cell organisms they tend to leave no trail regardless and will often have cilia or flagella on their outer “skin” which they use for locomotion. 

As Blobkin age and grow their appearance will change to more closely correlate with their “specialization”. (Each specialization being a separate Blobkin Character class. As usual we will not be able to present them all here but will one day in a supplemental writing) Blobkin reproduce in many different ways being able to reproduce asexually, or able to combine the genetic material from one or more of their kind into one child. In general, the child will take on the specialization of one of their parents. 

Powers and Abilities: All Blobkin share certain traits in commons. They can freely change their shape being  4’ to 8’ tall depending on what they want. Even the One Cells can stretch and squeeze their bodies in incredible ways allowing them to fit thru small crevices or compress themselves to be hidden. (+2 to Dex) They also take ½ damage from slashing weapons. They also tend to be stalwart and are able to take a lot of damage. (+1 to Con and +1 HP die per level) Conversely they tend to be slow to move and think (-2 to intel and -1 die to speed stat) They can breathe just as easily underwater as in the air and fare better in the vacuum of space than most other creatures, though even they cannot live their for very long. The prefer cold wet climates and usually make homes in caves or underground. Dry and hot climates hinder them. Their often startling had led many to be afraid of them. (Horror factor 14 on first meeting, -2 to charisma/physical beauty)

They can produce sensory organs at will (one action) on any part of their body. This is helpful for seeing around corner and into tight spaces.  

Beside this the rest of their powers will depend on their Specialization. There are to many specializations to list them all here so we will just cover a few of the most common ones. 

Cloners: These Blobkin can make exact copies of themselves. The only limit to the number of clones they can have active is the mana they have to produce them. Clones are EXACT copies of the original with all the same attributes, skills, abilities and memories. They exist for 5 mins + 5 mins per 2 levels. When a clone’s time has ended or they are killed they will pop into a small puddle of goo, and the original will gain all of the memories and experience of that clone as if it were their own. Clones take a lot of mana to create so this also is prohibitive. One Cells make some of the best Cloners but other Blobkin can also take this specialization. They can also create “Mini-Clones.” These clones are ¼ the size and have ¼ all attributes. These clones still have all of the memories and experience of the original however! They also last much longer (10mins +10 mins per 2 levels) and are much faster, having 5 times the speed of the original! These clones are often used as scouts or to spring traps. They can also be used as temporary guards. These mini-clones can also be set to detonate on contact with enemies or at a certain time or under a certain circumstance or at will. They do almost no damage (1d4 +1 per 2 levels) but have a 50% chance to cover a target in a slimy goo that will slow them as the spell of the same level of the original. The mini-clones excel as scouts because they also transfer all their memories and experience to the original upon death. 

Shapers: These Blobkin are master shapeshifters. They can take and maintain any form they can sample the genetic material of. They can do this with a touch or by having something like hair or blood of a target given to them. They can maintain this form indefinitely! There is a chance every time they take damage that they will lose the form. (95% chance -4% per level) They also cannot maintain the form while sleeping. However other than this the Blobkin will be an exact match. They can even shapeshift any clothing or even armor they wish onto the form! If they are shapeshifting from a willing target they can perform “The Meld” with them and temporarily gain the memories of that person! This allows the Shaper Blobkin to be very capable spies and infiltrators. The main disadvantage to this is the first time they lose the shape they lose all of this information. The most fantastic part of “The Meld” is they can choose spells, weapon proficiencies, piloting abilities, skills and psionics from the person they are shapeshifting to use while in that form! When taking the form of someone they have melded with they can choose 1 of any the above mentioned per level from that target. For example, a Level 3 Blobkin meld shape shifting into a mage friend could choose to take one of their spells, their ability to fight with a sword, and their ability to ride a horse. The Meld can be done in one round (15 seconds). Furthermore, once the meld has been done with the same willing target 10 times they can choose one of those abilities to have INSTANTLY whenever they take that form. Eventually allowing them to have the abilities of the person they are shapeshifting into without performing the meld! Truly powerful indeed! 

Stickys- Sticky Blobkin (Sometimes called Booger Blobs) are able to fire off agglutinative portions of their own mass at targets with varying effects. These gluey blasts can be used to slow opponents as the spell of the same level. They can also be made to be acidic causing damage over time to a target. (1d6 damage + 1d6 damage per round. Acidic blasts last 4 rounds +1 round per 2 levels of the Blobkin) The Blobkin can choose to make the acid weaker than max level if they wish causing damage over fewer rounds. They can also create very small “Tracking Boogers” they can fire at or wipe on a target. These boogers allow the Blobkin to know the general direction of the target up to 100 miles away! These boogers last for 1 day per 2 levels of the Blobkin. 

Sticky Blobkin can walk up any surface with no hindrance, scaling walls or building easily. They can also set up “Booger Bombs” that explode after a certain amount of time or upon contact. These booger bombs do very little damage (1d4 +1 per 2 levels) but they stink and taste horribly. Every action the Boogered target makes must be proceeded by a constitution saving throw. Failing the throw means the action can not be taken and instead the target will spend that action dry heaving and vomiting. Booger bombs coat their target for 1 round per 2 levels of the Blobkin. They can also create massive sticky pools (range 20’ + 2” per 2 levels. Duration 1 hour + 15 mins per 2 levels, pool size 5’ radius +1’ per 2 levels) These sticky pools are almost invisible but when someone steps on one they will become stuck solid. 2 consecutive strength checks must be made to step out of the pool. If they step forward, they will become stuck again. Targets knocked down or made to lay prone in the pool must make 4 consecutive strength checks to escape! Failing even one of the strength checks resets the challenge. This super sticky substance can also be smeared onto walls, items, and almost anything else causing anything that touches them to adhere similarly. 

As mentioned, there are MANY other specializations for the Blobkin, we will have to go over them at another time. 

History: The History of the Blobkin is not a well known one. They apparently existed for untold lifetimes with no written history. Blobkin do not excel at anything involving intelligence. They tend to prefer a simple existence, almost hedonistically, simply enjoying the act of existing. Blobkin almost always seem content. They delight in being part of the environment around them. 

What we do know about them we mostly know from their longtime allies, the Merfolk. The Blobkins ability to seamlessly exist above and below the water make them easy companions for the Merfolk. Blobkin often exist as foot soldiers in the armed forces of the Merfolk whom they love and care for. 

All this being said, do not consider for a moment that the Blobkin are dumb. They simply think much differently than most other beings. They do have a harder time in the things that involve logic and study, but can be incredibly skilled in almost every other aspect of being. They are artists, capable builders, even singers. They are slow to react but if they become passionate about something you will notice. 

The Merfolk claim they first discovered the Blobkin very early on in their multiversal travels. Living on the shores or even in the waters near the shores on many worlds, quietly eating fish and admiring nature. The Merfolk say they took them in and tried to educate them. This did not go very well. The Blobkin preferred to live rather than learn. So instead of trying to teach them they Merfolk sought simply to befriend them. This went much better. 

The Blobkin seem to be able to sense their own kind across the multiverse so in short order the Merfolk found billion and then trillions of Blobkin throughout reality. When asked about their past the Blobkin tell stories that are passed down from generation to generation through a sort of singsong story telling. Many compare this to yodeling with intermittent whistling. The Blobkin claim that “very old gods” gathered the extra raw genetic material from 1000’s of other races and mixed it together fashioning the Blobkin. But these gods forgot about them and left them alone in countless universes. These gods were supposed to return and “finish” fashioning the Blobkin but they never did. So over time the Blobkin fashioned themselves choosing to have no real or stable form. They took to the love of nature… and to eating. The Blobkin LOVE to taste things. They can digest any organic material. This made them terrifying to behold to other races who encountered them. Human size gelatinous mounds with haphazard eyes and mouths consuming anything and everything around them. But the truth is the Blobkin hate killing. For most of their existence they were scavengers eating only the dead they found along their way and eating mostly plants. They would much rather admire the beauty of a turkey than kill it and eat it. The flip side of this is the seem to have an abhorrence to the waste of genetic material. They think its is silly that other races bury their dead when they could be eaten, leading to many more conflicts when other races came into contact with the Blobkin in graveyards, digging up and opening coffins and consuming their contents like they were boxed lunches. 

Luckily the Merfolk have helped temper the Blobkins in social etiquette over many lifetimes. They are also responsible for helping the Blobkin set up their own government as well as helping them hone their specializations. It can truthfully be said if it were not for the Merfolk the Blobkin may never have made it as a race. 

Today we find the Blobkin as their own people, but still closely aligned with the Merfolk. They have their own home worlds, culture, and beliefs. Despite their often-horrifying appearance they have proven themselves to be fierce friends and dependable allies. They have been a great asset in the war against the Xerxes, as the Xerxes find the Blobkin “uncomfortable” to possess. So, when you see a Blobkin don’t be afraid. Instead say hello and make a new friend! Just don’t ask them to do your homework…

About the Illustration: Today we have another group of illustrations. In one we have a Centaur, a Naga, a Trementian, and a Destiny Elf leaping into battle! 

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