Volume 70: Beings from the Multiverse

November 28, 2019

D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 70 - Beings from the Multiverse
Humans: Humans love to change the way they look. They have invented technology that allows them to change their skin, eye, and hair color in minutes! Nearly every Human city will have at least one, "At a Glance" booth. Humans use these booths to style themselves however they like! Influential Humans will have an "At a Glance" booth right in their own home!

Lizard People & The Bosh: This symbiotic race loves to live a life full of love and laughter! In their ancient history they were militaristic conquerors but in our present day they have turned back to a simpler life lived in nature. 




Merfolk: Kind and inquisitive the Merfolk are teachers and explorers. They have been kind too and instructed many races! Many say the Blobkin would have long since died out without their help! 




Trementians: One of the true ancient races, they have been mistaken for fairies, frog people, and many others. The exist in tune with the Prime Elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) and are known for their kindness and prowess in biology and other sciences! 


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