Volume 72: Beings of the Multiverse II

December 02, 2019

D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 72 - Beings of the Multiverse II
Dark Dwarves: The Dark Dwarves have been a thorn in the side of the multiverse since the beginning of time! Their powerful magic, technology, and fanatical zealotry make them perhaps the most feared beings in all of reality!

Sliders: The Sliders are helpful and strong. This Slider is part of the Atomic Brotherhood. These Sliders absorb radioactivity into their bodies and can unleash it with incredible force! You can tell a member of the Atomic Brotherhood by their golden skin that reflects a neon glow!




Centaurs: Centaurs are masters of technology but they also fall in love! They sometimes have problems expressing their emotions. Their society thrives on logic and science and sometimes emotions are looked upon as weakness. But everyone needs love! ❤️💕




Blobkin: The Blobkin are happy go lucky! But also often confused. But what they lack in intelligence they make up for in loyalty and endurance! They are very hard to kill!


-Random Psionic


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