D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 73 - Elysium 12

Volume 73: Elysium 12

The battle to save the newest iteration of the Elysium was far from easy, even with the help of the Grinders. Many were lost on both sides, but in the end the Dark Dwarves and their allies lost more and had to retreat. The truth was that the Dark Dwarves had over extended. Even with their new allies both conscripted (people from worlds they had conquered and most notably, the Fungaloid) and voluntary (most notably the Techno Empire) they were currently fighting wars in so many universes they had underestimated this battle and stretched themselves to thin. But then again, they how could they know about the Grinders? 

Several representatives from PsiNews were present and recorded the entire battle with commentary. Its broadcast gave much needed inspiration and hope to the people of the multiverse. The invincible juggernaut of the Dark Dwarf forces had been broken. Cheers rang out in every city able to watch the fight VIA Psion Orb broadcast. There was some confusion as people watched the battle. Seeing what appeared to be very young and even childlike O-Boys quickly conjured wild speculation among the people. Luckily the Multiverse Warriors quickly stepped forward and explained the situation. They explained who the Grinders were and how they had fought bravely to rescue the Elysium. They told the masses they would be a new fighting force, working alongside the Multiverse Warriors. They also explained how they could be recognized by their badges and how those badges could be tested. Several Light Finders also came forward to express their support for the Grinders having just fought along side them in a harrowing battle. The reactions from the public were mixed. Regardless the secret of the Grinders existence was no more. What would happen in their future would remain to be seen. 

On top of this was the further good news that it seemed the multiverse would soon have another Elysium. This seemed to provide a breath of fresh air to a suffocating multiverse. The thought of having a place where the races could go to sort out their problems and get help from someone other than the O-Boys or The Council was an incredible relief. Ships from every race began to gather to this new unfinished Elysium almost at once. 

Several more attempts were made by the Dark Dwarves to destroy this new Elysium, but they just didn’t have the numbers to do so. The Animus took up their old role as protectors, joined by the Grinders and now ships from almost every other race, it looked like this Elysium would finally make it. Being protected as they were, the engineers spent extra time making this Elysium far stronger than any they had made before. They installed the most advanced weapons, shielding, and protection spells available. One of the most amazing features they installed with this new Elysium was the ability to split into 3 distinct sections. If it came to it the Elysium could now split into 2 “Drive Sections” and 1 “War Section.” Both drive sections had independent propulsion and reality drives. They were designed for incredible maneuverability despite their massive size, and fantastic speed. The war section possessed a ludicrous array of cannons and torpedo bays. It housed 2 separate starship bays that would eventually be filled with Animus and Grinder attack ships, as well as housing and training areas for the battalions of warriors that would pilot them. All 3 sections boasted the most advanced Animus shielding which was known to be the best in the multiverse. Overall it was a technological wonder unlike anything the multiverse had seen before. 

As it prepared to open to the public it was decided that the Grinders would be stationed here permanently to help bolster the Animus forces that had been badly decimated in the fall of the first Elysium. The Grinders embraced this assignment and became quick friends with the Animus who admired their warrior spirit and their discipline. They couldn’t ask for a better match. 

This was the 12th attempt at recreating the Elysium so it soon came to be referred to as “Elysium 12” or to some simply as “12.” The Dark Dwarves had begun flooding the Psion Orb airwaves again with their obnoxious religious propaganda, calling the Elysium 12 a symbol of evil that would only continue to fuel the Oblivion. They continued to argue that subjugation to their will was the way to save the multiverse. Most of these broadcasts were simply ignored. 

It came to light over the next period that many of the previous attempts at rebuilding the Elysium were thwarted because The Council had been leaking the locations of these attempts to the Dark Dwarves. The evidence of this caused a huge public outcry and people began demanding that The Council pay for these heinous crimes. However, in the end the families that controlled The Council proved to be too powerful to touch. Some got off the hook by claiming “Xerxes Possession.” Others claimed they gave the information under duress or in an attempt to gather dirt on the Dark Dwarves themselves. Regardless, in the end The Council gave up only a few sacrificial lambs from their lesser ranks to take the blame for this and those who had really committed these terrible crimes escaped unhindered. The Grinders, who were new to the concept of “social justice”, found this appalling and grew to have a sort of righteous fury when dealing with anyone known to be a member of The Council. A feeling the Animus also quickly adopted. 

In the end the new and improved Elysium 12 eventually opened, and it immediately became the hot spot for the entire multiverse. Learning from their former mistakes the new senate that was formed was much fairer and had much less red tape than before. They also made it a goal to treat all the races equally whereas before the “A-List races” seemed to occupy almost all the senate’s time. There were still bugs to be worked out for sure, and for the first few years things were still bumpy, but overall, they were determined and set about to be a place of peace and resolution for all of the multiverse. 

And the races of the multiverse came in droves. Wave after wave of new races of every shape, size, color, and creed began to show up at 12. The ever-accelerating Oblivion was consuming universes at an alarming rate and causing new races to flee as never before. Keeping track of them was nearly impossible. Thankfully there was one group who was up to the challenge. The Technorganic Conglomerate. The TC had always been known to be a home for wayward races and they once again took up this mantle offering home and assistance wherever they could. Bolstered by the Graze who also called the TC home, they combined their incredible organizational skills with the computational strength of the robot’s minds and proved to be an invaluable asset to the senate in organizing all these new races. This infuriated the Techno Empire who restarted its terror campaign against places that housed organics and robots together, but it seemed to lack much of its strength this time. The TE had become so involved with the Dark Dwarves holy war it seemed that was their only function these days. Likewise, the huge influx of new organics saw the friendly robots as true brothers and sisters who helped them when no one else would and their fierce loyalty to the robots of the TC helped thwart many would be terror attacks by the TE. Young robots who had once idolized the TE for its anti-organic sentiment fell away from them, seeing the TE now as nothing more than foot soldiers for the Dark Dwarf war machine. A new time of peace between the organics and the robots was on the horizon. At least in the Technorganic Conglomerate…

During this time the dragons had been waiting and watching. They continued to be mostly uninvolved simply content to observe. But as Elysium 12 began to become fully operational many began to notice an unease in the dragons. They began to appear nervous and some noticed many of them were beginning to disappear. And then they found out why. In recent ground battles with the Dark Dwarves and their forces many had noticed the Dark Dwarves wearing a new type of armor. Dark Dwarves killed by this armor fell to the ground but didn’t Traxt! Even more stunning it was observed by allied forces that these fallen Dark Dwarves were being resurrected by magic! Dwarven clerics wandered the battlefields resurrecting their fallen comrades. The allied forces could not believe their eyes! It didn’t take long to find out why. The Dark Dwarves had begun hunting dragons of all kinds and making armor out of their skins! This highly magical armor negated the Traxt Phenomenon in anyone wearing it! This is why the dragons had been so nervous and now their secret was out. It was at this time, for the first time ever, that the various races of dragons banded together and approached Elysium 12 to officially join the senate and seek its protection. 

About the Illustrations: Here we have some fun ones lol. First, we have just some doodles, you may recognize a popular plumber and an electric mouse…

Next, we have a bizarre undead monstrosity...

Lastly, we have a very special “sneak peek” page! Besides Bastion these are all IMPORTANT characters we won’t meet until later in our story!

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