D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 74: - The Naga

Volume 74: The Naga

Racial Character Class

At a glance: The Naga are a race that fluctuate between human and serpent. They specialize in several different abilities usually relating to their snake heritage. Some of them also have the ability to manipulate electricity. 

Appearance & Lifestyle: The Naga’s natural form is human from the waist up and serpent from the waist down. Very much like a mermaid but with a snake lower half. However, they can take other forms. All Naga can choose to take a totally human form. They can also become fully serpent/snake. Finally, they can also take on a form with a human head and serpent body. They use each of these forms for different reasons but mostly for subterfuge. Adding to this incredible shapeshifting ability is their ability to absorb clothing and equipment into their bodies while transforming. This allows them to go from fully serpent form to a clothed human form with almost no effort. To many it will appear that they summon equipment and weapons from thin air, but it is all part of their magic. These amazing abilities have made them some of the greatest spies and infiltrators in all the multiverse. 

Naga are incredibly fond of precious metals and gems. They rival the Dwarves in their love for these. Also like the Dwarves they live mostly underground. They can see in darkness as easily as full light. Sudden changes in light will blind them for 1d4 mins as their keen eyes take a while to adjust. 

Like Merfolk, the Naga tend to live on worlds also occupied by humans. Living in their underground and in caves. Leaving in their human forms to go and spy on the humans above, or to purchase (or steal) supplies and wares. 

Naga are a very old race but not as ancient as the Elves, Trementians and others. But still old enough to appear in the creation myths of many human civilizations, usually taking on the form of a speaking serpent that manipulates humans into doing their will.

The Naga prefer to live aristocratic posh type lifestyles, surrounded by opulence and luxury. They can be OCD about cleanliness and their massive underground cities are usually fastidiously immaculate. For much of their past this work was done by enslaving other races. Human, Goblins, Elves, Gnomes, and many others have toiled under the lash of the Naga slave masters.

They tend to be very attractive (+1 to charisma/physical beauty). Their serpent half/forms can be from any known serpent type and exist in a wide array of colors and patterns. They love to be the center of attention and like the Elves they can be vain. 

Socially they love having parties, dances, and balls of all types. It is typical for Naga to hold large elaborate celebrations several times a month or even weekly! Parties are by far their number one source of entertainment. Many account this social aspect as being their saving grace, and attribute it to their eventual turning away from slavery. Over many lifetimes they found they would much rather socialize with the races they enslaved than have them clean their cities. Though the real reason they gave up slavery is a much grander tale…

Powers & Abilities: Like many other races the Naga possess a multitude of abilities. Certain groups of Naga tend to specialize in a certain abilities making their own character classes. This being said all Naga do share some abilities and powers in common.

All Naga are +1 to Charisma. They possess absolute dark vision but do not handle changes in light level well. Sudden darkness or light or bright flashes, especially in darkness tend to daze them. (Dazed for 1d4 mins) This is considered their greatest weaknesses. 

All Naga can switch between 4 forms. They can switch between forms with an action. When changing forms all clothing and equipment (Up to 10 lbs + 2 lbs per level) can be absorbed into themselves. This clothing and equipment can then be summoned at will when needed. The 4 forms are: Human, full serpent, snake body with human head, and their “True Naga Form” which is Human from the waist up and serpent from the waist down. 

All Naga can produce fangs which are retractable. All Naga are able to produce poison from these fangs but for most Naga this poison is very weak, only able to cause slight nausea and/or discomfort. There are of course some Naga who can produce truly powerful poisons with varying effects and even potent acid. 

Naga have a special poison immunity. The first time a Naga is exposed to a new poison or toxin there is a 50% chance they will become instantly immune to it! Failing this percentile roll they can still have whatever saving throw that would be normally associated with that poison. If the Naga makes the immunity percentile, they will be immune to that poison for life! Also, if a Naga survives their first encounter with a poison and are exposed to it a second or third time, they can make the percentile roll again! If they ever succeed on the percentile save, they will gain the same blanket immunity to it for life! 

Other than this the Naga can specialize in many other abilities allowing for many separate and interesting character classes. These range from poison spitters, camouflage masters, giant serpents, acid spitters, armored serpents, shockers, and many many more. They even have mages and psionic users. Some Naga have even reversed their poison production and instead can produce powerful “Healing Venom” that can cure most wounds and diseases and even bring people back from the brink of death!

History: The Naga have a long and dark history with the multiverse. They possess incredible intellect and powerful magic and psionics. This allowed them to begin traveling the multiverse quite early on. They were not necessarily conquerors, but they would move from planet to planet taking over the underground areas and caves. They soon ran into the Dwarves in this manner and after a few initial conflicts made a strong alliance with them, both sharing a love of precious metals and gems. 

Whereas the Naga were not conquerors they did end up becoming slavers. They found the humans and other races on many of the worlds they settled on easy to manipulate. Soon they had one of the largest slave populations in the multiverse. This turned off the Dwarves who did not believe in slavery and the friendship they once shared evaporated. The Naga pretended not to care but deep down they missed their Dwarven companions. Who would attend their elaborate parties now that they were gone?

Regardless the Naga culture flourished, mostly due to its abundance of slaves which provided them with everything from food and drink to new and exciting technologies and forms of entertainment. For a time, this was enough for them. But then the Dark Dwarves came. Not for the Naga. but for the Dwarves. 

It took the Naga a while to notice. Since they had broken off contact with the Dwarves any news about them was slow in coming. But rumors began to spring up among their slave populations. Rumors about “Shadow Dwarves” who came and kidnapped and killed “real” Dwarves showing no mercy. For a while they considered these just to be rumors. Stories the slaves told to pass the time. But then they started seeing evidence. More than that they started sending their own spies to check up on their old dwarven friends, and what they saw shocked and frightened them. True Dark Dwarves, killing and torturing their once Dwarven allies. Claiming to be the only true Dwarves, they slaughtered them man, woman, and child. 

At first the Naga did not know what to do. These Dark Dwarves wielded technology they did not understand, and though the Naga did possess starships, the Dark Dwarves ships were vastly superior. But then their slaves came forward. The slaves told the Naga that if they wanted to oppose the Dark Dwarves they would help. The Naga were flabbergasted. Why? Why would these slaves help them fight? Not for you, the slaves explained, but for the Dwarves. Unlike the Naga the Dwarves were known for helping other races. The Naga soon came to find that for many lifetimes the true Dwarves had been running a (truly) underground railroad they used to secret the Naga slaves away. Almost every race enslaved by the Naga had at one time or another been helped by the Dwarves. 

This moved the Naga. It also shamed them. These slaves, from across many races, readily volunteered to fight to save the Dwarves, a people they once called brothers and sisters, while the Naga hesitated. Well no more. Within a short time, the Naga freed all of their slaves. More than this they sent their formers slaves away with new technology, precious metals and gems, all in abundance. And with their help they began to devise a plan to save the Dwarves.

I’d like to tell you that the Naga and the other races succeeded. I’d like to tell you that they pushed back the Dark Dwarf menace and started a new age of peace among all the races they had once enslaved. I would like to tell you that. But I cannot. The truth is they were decimated by the Dark Dwarves once they finally launched an attack. Even with their combined might they could not stand to the Dark Dwarven war machine. Added to this was the absolute hatred Dark Dwarves have for all other Dwarves. The Dark Dwarf fury rolled over them all like a bolder over moss. The Naga and all the other races who attempted to save the Dwarves had to retreat, or they were destroyed. 

But this is not the end of the story. Though they lost spectacularly, the Naga and their place in the multiverse changed during this time. Instead of slavers they became diplomats. Instead of hording their opulence they began to share it. Instead of being just known for their lavish parties they began to be known for their lavish gifts. Even today the Naga are known to give the most beautiful and decadent of gifts. They also have become allies to all who fight against the Dark Dwarves. It is also said that besides “The Order of the 3 Horned Ram”, the Naga protect the largest group of true Dwarves anywhere. Separate from the Secret Siblings, the Naga who know of these Dwarves secret existence call them, “The Bearded Neolates.” They keep them safe in the most secret of underground labyrinths. Hiding them and protecting them in atonement for a friendship that they once abandoned. They have vowed to never let that happen again…

About the illustrations: Here we have a VERY old drawing of Raine (the younger) and Bastion squaring off. Next we have a heroine we may learn more about later 😊. Finally we have one of the Lizard People reciting a mantra their people often recite to themselves during battle. 

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