D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 75 - The Graze

Volume 75: The Graze

Racial Character Class

At a glance: The Graze are the quintessential alien race. They fly around the multiverse in disc shaped “U.F.O.s” They possess some of the greatest technology in all of reality and wield powerful psionics. They excel at organization and the study of biology.

Appearance & Lifestyle: The Graze look like what we humans refer to as “The Alien Grays.” They have large heads and wide black eyes. They have little to no nose and tiny mouths. They are diminutive in size usually being about 4’ tall or shorter. They have skinny arms and legs and sometimes have tiny pot bellies. They have 4 long fingers and 4 long toes on each hand and foot respectively. They have grayish skin. The exception to all of this is their magic users who are called “Gray Wizards.” They will be described below.

They dress in “star trek” like uniforms. Very “modern/futuristic” looking. They tend to wear large gloves and large boots. They are fond of bright primary colors accented with large sections of black or white or chrome.

The Graze are explorers and love to travel. Homesickness is a foreign concept to them because they believe home is where you are. They love to make new friends and tend to be overly trusting and extremely honest. However, this has not always been the case. This will be discussed in their history below.

The Graze can eat absolutely anything they can fit into their tiny mouths. Their teeth can bite and chew thru even hard metals. Their extremely advanced biology can pull the nutrients from whatever they ingest. Their name was perverted over time because of this trait. In ancient times they were called “The Grays.” But as other races got to know them and watched them pick over things wherever they were, nibbling constantly on what others would consider trash, people used to say they were always “grazing.” Indeed, it seems the Graze are always nibbling on something, be it a broken stapler or a loaf of stale bread, they are always eating. Their excrement (poop) is highly compact and produced in fist sized odorless balls. These super dark black balls known as “Graze Pods” are highly prized and valuable. They can easily be converted into fuel powerful enough to power starships, and a single pod can be diluted in enough water to fertilize a dozen acres of farmland. For this reason, Graze are never without money or funds because they can literally “poop it out.”

Powers & Abilities: The Graze have many unique powers and abilities. They are all naturally telepaths. This is by necessity as they do not possess vocal cords. They only sounds they can make that are audible are whistles (They are incredible whistlers) and tiny meow like screams if they are in pain or frightened. They do all of their communication through telepathy. Their “Mind Voices” are usually deep and calming. They can combine their mind voices to create choruses and beautiful psionic melodies. All Graze start with telepathy and are +1 to intelligence.

There have been many who say that the Graze are a race that excel at being second best at everything. They are considered to be the second most powerful race of psionic users in the multiverse, being only surpassed by the Destiny Elves. The only other race coming close would be the Humans. Regardless the Graze are incredibly adept at the use of psionics. Not only do they have psionic powers that only they can use, they can max out the power of any psionic by simply spending an extra action to power it up! This makes them devastatingly powerful on the battlefield.

They are also considered to be the second most technologically advanced race, beaten only in rank by the Centaurs. (Again, the Humans are close behind) But this was not always the case! For the vast majority of ancient history, the Graze were the dominant force in technology. (This will be discussed further in their history below.) They possess highly advanced technology in every field. Propulsion, weaponry, teleportation, and more. An entire race of robots living in the Technorganic Conglomerate were brought to life by the Graze!

They are also the second most advanced race in the study of biology and genetics. Second to the Trementians. This is contested as the Graze have achieved their incredible advancements in these fields through the use of science and technology alone. The Trementians have also used science and technology to achieve these ends but they have supplemented their efforts with a high amount of magic. Nevertheless, the Graze have studied the biologizes of countless races. They have taken much of what they have learned and integrated it into themselves. This is why today the Graze possess such amazing biological systems. They can live sustaining themselves on literally almost anything. They can last for weeks or even months without water or moisture of any kind. They are immune to most poisons and disease. They heal rapidly (regen 1d4 HP per 5 mins!) and can regenerate limbs. They have also used this knowledge, as the Trementians have, to help other races. They have provided GMO crops tailor made to grow on the harshest of worlds to people in need. They are adept healers and are sought out to treat ailments both physical and mental.

The Graze are also renowned for their organizational ability. They seem to easily be able to organize and sift thru the most tedious and massive amounts of information. They excel at pattern recognition. All Graze start with 4 math skills of their choice. They also gain the Organization skill @ 98%. They also start with 4 computer skills of their choice with a +10% bonus to computer skills involving data entry and data management.

There are perhaps other areas in which they rank second that we could mention but only one more important one we should address now. They also rank second for the worst civil war of all time. Their kind nearly eradicated themselves in a terrible civil war where brother fought against brother. This will also be discussed momentarily in their history below.

This race possesses many other special abilities and powers providing them with many very fun to play racial specialty classes. One day we will go over these in a supplemental publication. One one we will cover here is the “Gray Wizards

Magic does not come easily to the Graze. They can easily manipulate psionic energy but the arcane powers of the universe are elusive to them. That being said there are a small amount of their population that can weave these mystical energies. These members of their society are highly revered and are called the Gray Wizards.

First of all, a Graze cannot manipulate magical energy on their own. All Gray Wizards require a wand. These wands are usually technological marvels unto themselves, and they help to focus the magical powers the Gray Wizards are manipulating. These wands allow the Gray Wizards to use potent and deadly magics but are also a weakness. Taking a Gray Wizards wand renders them impotent. For this reason, many Gray Wizards will go to extraordinary lengths to place protective enchantments on their wands to keep them from being stolen, destroyed, or disarmed.

Second a Gray Wizard must be dedicated to their craft. This is because choosing a life of magic changes the appearance of a Graze radically. Gray Wizards will slowly start to stretch out. Their legs, arms, and torsos become elongated and incredibly thin. Their already large heads will also elongate. By level 10 a Gray Wizard will be 6’ + 1d2” tall! They will be -1 to constitution. They also lose their ability to regenerate. But with all of this comes exceptional power!

There are some who say that Gray Wizards are the second-best mages in the multiverse, falling behind the Elves, (and maybe the Humans) however there are also some who say they are unrivaled! Gray Wizards have massive mana pools, allowing them to cast more powerful spells more often. But their biggest advantage is their spell knowledge. Gray Wizards start with double the spells of most other classes. They also gain twice as many spells as normal classes each level! On top of all this Gray Wizards can learn new magic twice as quickly as most other arcane classes! Gray Wizards are voracious spell learners, tearing through magical tomes with astonishing alacrity. Truly Gray Wizards are a terrifying magical force in any setting.

History: We mentioned above that the Graze have the unfortunate accolade of having the second worst civil war in the history of the Multiverse. The sheer damage done to their own race by their own hands is only surpassed by the Man-Scorpions, a race we will learn about later. The civil war between the Graze wiped out nearly 85% of their entire population. This is a conservative number given by the Graze themselves. Most historians place the number at closer to 90%!

How they came to this place is a sad tale. The Graze are a semi-ancient race. Most say they came into the historical record shortly after the Elves, and Trementians. They possessed incredible psionic powers and supreme intellects. They advanced quickly.

They developed advanced technology while most of the multiverse was still young. They began traveling their own universe and then the multiverse in short order. For the most part the Graze have been considered a “peaceful race” They have never been conquerors or taken slaves. Their only interests seem to have been technology, and biology. It was this second passion that began their troubles.

The Graze loved observing other races. They were always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies but rarely, if ever, came across anything they had not already invented and invented better. But biologizes, oh there were plenty of those to be seen. And they were all fascinating. In the beginning they simply observed. They would take genetic samples when they could, but they would never be intrusive. They would take what samples they could get and study them in depth. When they found things that worked better than their own biological systems, they would attempt to integrate it into their own systems and genetics. In a short time, they began to grow stronger, smarter, and faster. They also began to grow vain.

Some of their population began to see themselves as a god race. They were already far more advanced than any other race they had encountered. But of course, MOST of them did not come out and just call themselves gods. They just thought it and slowly began to act on it. A huge faction of the Graze began calling for more invasive procedures on the races they encountered. They had made such great advances in biology and genetics with the small experiments they had done imagine what they could do if they dug a bit deeper.

There was a bit of a push back but in the beginning most of the Graze didn’t fully understand the road that was being paved for them. They saw the great advancements in their own health and life studying the genetics of other had given them they saw no reason not to take it further. During this time those that believed in this advanced experimentation began a propaganda campaign. They began saying things like, “The other races are only animals. We will be kind to them like we would any other animal, but we will take from them what we need. We are after all the most advanced race, far above them.” This was the general sentiment. Some voiced apprehension at this mind set but in the end they acquiesced, most also never thought things would go as far as they did…

This is how the abductions began. The Graze began traveling to worlds both old and new and abducting beings of every imaginable race. They still did all they could to cover their tracks. They used their powerful psionics to subdue and erase the memories of those they abducted. They would return them to the exact location they took them from with their minds wiped clean. They would use their advanced cloaking technologies to hide their ships and their energy/matter conversion beams to silently transport their victims aboard. Once on board they performed incredibly invasive often horribly painful experiments on these abductees. Again, many protested but those doing the experiments argued they were erasing the memories of these “animals” and they would never remember the pain. They used what psionics they could to help deaden the pain in their victims but sometimes there was no cure. Their experiments would just have to suffer for a while…

These abductions began the many tales that we still hear of today of people being taken into UFOs. In almost every culture across the multiverse there exists abduction myths based in fact. Humans, Elves, Dark Dwarves, Trementians, Centaurs, the list goes on and on. They were all abducted and experimented on by the Graze.

This lasted for a very long time. Over countless lifetimes the experiments grew more and more invasive. Eventually they began leaving probes and other hardware inside their victims to continue to monitor them. They began harvesting organs and taking tissue samples so large they left the abductees permanently injured and crippled. Public outcry began to grow louder but just as loud were the people who enjoyed the benefits of this experimentation. The Graze hardly knew disease anymore. They had advanced their biology to the point that they could regenerate from even grievous injury. Cancers were wiped out as easily as one would wipe out a hangnail. It was hard for them not to rejoice in this advancement.

But a schism was forming. More and more of the Graze saw what they were doing as torture and worse. They also saw the other races growing up to meet them in technology and culture. The people they were abducting were no longer primitive people living in mud huts they were complex people with unique personalities. Many Graze began seeing the other races as equals. As people.

Then the impregnations began. They began abducting other races and implanting their DNA into them to create hybrid children. Those abducted to bear these children were now being kept, constantly drugged or under a continuous psionic fog. They wandered their ships as zombies as they grew their hybrid children inside of them. When the children were born, they may be allowed to stay with the mothers for a short time but eventually the child would be taken away, and then usually dissected. Sometimes they would let the mothers watch or in worse case scenarios the mother would wander into the area were their child was being cut open. All of this leaving the mother with emotional and psychic scars no psionic was able to cover. This was the final straw.

Footage of these “abominations” and the mothers who bore them became frontpage news to the Graze civilization. The public outcry was immense and more and more of their civilization began calling out for an end to these experiments. For an end to abductions of any kinds. Many gathered behind this cause.

But it seemed just as many called for them to stay the course. The great things that had been brought to the Graze race had all been results of their experiments and abductions. Why would they give this all up for beings that were so clearly below them?

In the end though the kind hearts of the Graze seemed to prevail and in short time the experiments were ended, and the abductions were ordered to halt. At least this is what the public saw. The truth was that the government and the military had created a secret organization to continue their experiments. Not only continue them but advance them! They sent out their ships in secrets and continued to abduct beings of every race in shocking numbers. They created what came to be called. “Nightmare Halls” where they did horrifying and blasphemous experiments that were truly crimes against nature. They no longer even offered their subjects psionic memory suppression. They allowed their twisted experiments to be fully aware as they were twisted into monstrosities often living in constant agony. Some have said these Nightmare Halls are what inspired the Dark Dwarves to eventually create their “Nightmare Worlds” where they perform their own hideous experiments...

This continued almost until modern times. But several lifetimes before the 1st Crush it came to a head. For innumerable centuries the Grazes secret organization continued to do as they wished. The general public of the Graze truly had no idea such things even continued. In fact, by now the Graze had met with and become friends with many other races throughout the multiverse. Shockingly many races they were making alliances with were still experimenting on! But then it happened. Someone found out. In an explosive expose the whole of the Graze civilization began to see footage that had been smuggled out of several of these Nightmare Halls. It showed their own people performing cruel and bizarre experiments on races many of the Graze considered friends. Most could not believe it. There was instant backlash. Graze began marching in the streets and protesting, they demanded answers from their leaders. But the response was not what they expected. Their leaders had grown corrupt with power. Many of them had augmented themselves and their personal soldiers with genetic and biological augmentations the Graze people as a whole didn’t even know existed. They demanded that the Graze as a people fall in line. That if the other races ever found out what they had done…what they were doing, that they would be at war with them all. The experiments and abductions would continue, and their people would continue to reap the benefits. To the Graze credit, the public refused.

Battles began in the streets and in front of their government building. Those in power called upon the armed forces to defend them as well as their own personal augmented soldiers. They may have been more powerful, but the Graze public vastly outnumbered them. Across multiple universes war broke out on Graze home worlds. The death toll was astonishing. Those in power were drunk with it and they unleashed horrible biological weapons against their own people. Entire planets wilted and died like leaves on a tree. There was no Psion Orb technology at this time, so the multiverse as a whole was not privy to what was happening. The Graze killed themselves off rapidly and with vigor.

By time any other race could intervene the Graze had already almost wiped themselves out. The Elves, Swafts, and a many others attempted to intervene but were mostly met with silence. The remaining Graze existed as 2 factions. One still supported by what remained of the military and the civilian resistance. The resistance had long since wiped out all their Nightmare Halls, freeing those that they could but usually all who lived in one were killed. This was usually seen as a mercy to these tortured monsters that were created there. The battle ebbed and flowed going back and forth until finally, against all odds, the resistance toppled the final remaining installation of the military. The long civil war was over. And with it most of the Graze people.

Over the next few lifetimes the truth about what the Graze had done came out to the other races. It came out because the remaining Graze wanted it to. No more secrets. They wanted the multiverse to know. This did not go well for them. Races like the Dark Dwarves and the Naga immediately sought revenge and the descended upon the Graze with a fury, further decimating their remaining population. And the truth was no other race was in a hurry to come to their aid. Once it was common knowledge that almost ALL of them had been experimented on and abducted at sometime or another by the Graze, it seemed they would have to stand alone. For many more lifetimes the Graze existed as pariahs, but they did so with a certain pride. Those that remained were glad that the multiverse knew the truth. Many believed they deserved punishment for what they had done. Their numbers continued to dwindle.

But over several more lifetimes the fury of the other races began to subside. The Graze that remained set up new colonies on hidden worlds and tried to rebuild. Shortly after this time the Oblivion began to become known and the 1st Crush began. This helped deflect attention away from them.

Still to this day the Graze are an awkward and mostly untrusted race. They have done their best to make themselves an asset to the other races. They take on the most tedious of tasks and offer their healing abilities wherever they go. But despite all of this they are still often untrusted and looked upon with ire and disgust. Hopefully for them their continued hard work will eventually brighten them in the eyes of all the rest of reality.

It should be noted that there are rumors that the Graze militant faction were not all killed out. They did after all possess technology and genetic enhancements the general Graze public didn’t even know about. It is not entirely outside the realm of possibility some escaped and still exist to this day. Perhaps passing on their old ways, and new augmentations, to new generations of Graze. If this is true no one knows what their motives may be or what their goals are. The Graze as a whole hope beyond hope that these are after all just rumors.

About the illustrations: Today we have Snish using one of his most powerful moves, “The Nova Bang!”, we also have a pretty cool looking robot from the Technorganic Conglomerate, then we have a page of doodles but there is a hidden sneak peak at a major villain in there! 😊

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