D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 8 - Magic Spinners

Volume 8: Magic Spinners

Volume 8: Magic Spinners

Character Class

Role Playing Score: 6/10

At a Glance: A magic user/spell caster who specializes in both combining spells and manipulating magic being cast around them.

In-Depth: AKA Spell Spinners, This type of magic was created by Raine (of the 5) when he was still a child. At age 13 when he was designated “Mage of the Court” to the Universal Emperor he started taking on apprentices and teaching this style of spell casting to them. 

Many a young mage find this style of spell casting to be too difficult to learn because it requires both imagination and rhythm to accomplish. 

Mages who are able to grasp the concepts involved walk away with two amazing skills not seen in any other mage class. 

The first is the ability to “Spin Magic” which is combining two separate spells into one with the qualities of both. This allows for incredible magic’s to be created and cast, having the force of two spells in a single casting. Let’s give 3 quick examples of “Spun Magic” to help show what we mean.

Let’s say a low-level player wants to make a new “Spun Spell” using Fear and Blinding flash. One possibility would be they create the new spell “Blinding Fear” which is a much more incapacitating spell both blinding your opponent and causing them to flee in terror.

That was an easy one let’s try one a bit more inventive. 

Your mid-level character wants to combine Super Punch and Domination. This allows for the possible combination of “Dominating Punch.” A super strong punch that allows you to command your target to do something as you are punching. This could lead to some super fun role playing and possibly a characters own signature move running around punching enemies telling them to, “Sit Down!” or “Take a nap!” and they enemy actually does it! 

Let’s try one more with some high level spells. 

Let’s combine Summon Rats and Earthquake. Why just summon rats to attack and annoy a person or two when you can summon a horde of rats that cause earthquakes as they run around terrorizing a city with “Trembling Swarm”?

The secret to playing this class well is imagination and patience. Imagination to think of new and cool ways to combine spells creatively, and patience in understanding some of your spells may not be approved by the Game Master or Dungeon Master. This class is designed for players looking for a new way to play a magic user that allows them to be creative and imaginative in their spell use. 

How spun spells are made out of game for the player: The best way to make spun spells is to sit down and spend some time thinking about it. What spells does your character have? How can I combine them and what effects will they have? Once you have found a few combos you like, write them down. Try and come up with 2 you like for each combo in-case the Game Master or Dungeon Master doesn’t like one of them. Once they are approved the next step is adding them as spells into your list of spells. These spells fill 2 slots and must be taken from your existing pool of available spell slots. For example if your initial spell knowledge is 4 spells you could create “Dominating Fist” by taking Domination (1 spell slot), Super Punch (1 spell slot) and the approved: Dominating Punch (2 spell slots). In other words you spent 4 spell slots for 3 spells, but you got a pretty awesome Spun Spell in the process!

However this type of spell casting, while providing the ability to cast powerful spells, does come with a few disadvantages, at least at a first glance. This has to do with how I mentioned this class requires ‘rhythm’ to play because this character is all about chaining combos. 

Before we discuss how these combos are made, let’s talk about Magic Spinners other main ability “Spell Rotation”.  This ability allows the mage to “change the target” of any spell within visual range that has a visual component, with a flick of their wrist to another target or location! This works not just with offensive spells but also defensive. This action can be done AT ANY TIME! Even not during your turn! However spells more than one round old cannot be rotated. Rotating a spell takes 1 physical action.

Examples of spells being rotated: 

*Before your attack, another mage casts fireball at you. You use 1 physical action to rotate this magic away from you into one of the mages minions instead!

*At the beginning of battle you notice an enemy magic user cast Magic Armor on themselves. You notice a partner of this enemy already has the same magic armor spell on them. The magic armor on the partner was cast over a round ago so you cannot rotate it. However you just saw the mage cast Magic Armor on himself, so you spend 1 physical action and rotate that armor to a member of your party instead!

*You and your party are fighting another team and you see two magic users casting spells. The first mage casts a spell that causes an instant explosion nearby. This spell was instant and had no visual component so you could not rotate it. However the other magic user used fly to try and get a better vantage point. This spell does have a visual component (you can see the enemy mage take flight) and the spell has a duration so you easily spend the physical action to rotate the spell to yourself.

All of this makes for a very powerful magic user! But now we come to the part about chaining spells. In order to form a chain you as the caster must cast 1 regular spell, one spun spell, and rotate one magic. These can be done in any order. Completing a chain instantly renews 25% of your total mana pool! It also gives you a bonus physical action. The second chain will do the same, but after that no additional chain will provide any more physical actions, but they WILL still provide the 25% mana renewal every time you are able to make a chain. All of this is possible because magic spinners are taught to “spin” the mana inside them allowing them to cause the magic itself to multiply and feed from its own energy. By creating these chains the caster is weaving an ebb and flow of magical energies inside themselves allowing for these amazing feats.

However. If the caster is unable to make a chain, or breaks a chain, then the casters ebb and flow of magical energy abruptly halts causing a momentary unsettling of magic within them. During this time (1 min) the mage cannot cast anymore magic! This is why most Magic Spinners are also fluent in the use of at least one weapon. This combined with magic spinners lower than normal mana pool makes this character class an interesting class to play but one that takes forethought and creativity. 

If your roleplaying game does not allow a magic user to have both physical actions and magic actions in the same turn, the easy fix is to simply think of the physical actions as “rotation actions” Which still allows the class to use this awesome ability but keeps from the confusion of having added physical actions that cannot be used. 

This class thrives well in large battles where there is ample opportunity to rotate other magics in the area while pumping out their own spells in chains in order to regain mana. On the battlefield they are often referred to as “Magical Artillery”, for their ability to constantly manipulate and cast magic. 

There are many other perks and balances associated with this class but that would cause me to delve more into the “stats” side of the equation and I fear this may have been overly technical already ha ha. We will lighten the mood next post with a return to Bio’s with our Master of Forms: BASTION!


-Random Psionic



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