D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 9 - Multiverse Warriors

Volume 9: Multiverse Warriors

Volume 9: Multiverse Warriors

Character Class

RPS: 5/10

At a Glance: With a paladin like mentality, Multiverse Warriors will seek to right wrongs and bring justice to where it is needed at any cost. 

In-Depth: These type of warriors are fairly rare. They are from a long line of warriors of the same type who have undergone extensive, often brutal, training to prepare themselves to fight against the evils of the multiverse. 

It is most common that these warriors were trained at academies set up by other Multiverse Warriors in difficult, hard to find locations on remote planets throughout the multiverse. A Multiverse Warrior’s life is usually described as having 5 stages: 

1) Apprenticeship and Study: Having either found the academy through searching and perseverance, or by being invited by the instructor, the apprentice warrior begins their training at an academy. Typically an academy will have between 5 to 10 students all wishing for one reason or another to take up the mantle of Multiverse Warrior. 90% will fail or die. The time it takes for training varies with each cadet. The Instructor will gauge when they believe the cadet has reached a level where they can strike out on their own. They will often be sent on group missions, sometimes led by the instructor, to help hone their skills, and to get “real life” experience. Once they get close to “graduating” they will be sent on more dangerous solo missions. 

2) Warrior Born: When the cadet is ready there will be a ceremony for them. They will be given the title of “Warrior Born”, which means they are, in fact, now a true Multiverse Warrior ready to go out and bring justice to the multiverse. Some will strike out alone. Other times a small group will travel together for a while. This will be where most PC’s (Player Characters) begin their adventure. At level one the player may choose one additional skill from ANY category even if it is not normally allowed for their class. They may also choose one additional language skill: both speaking and literacy.

3) From this point on Multiverse Warriors have another “stage of life” every 5 levels. They should be role played accordingly. By level 5, a Multiverse Warrior should be well on the way to discovering themselves. It’s at this point they will chose a “Paradigm.” This paradigm along with their alignment will dictate how this character will live the rest of their lives. There are 6 paradigms so one can be selected randomly on a D6 but I feel it’s better if the player has been “playing toward” a paradigm of their choosing the first 5 levels and picks their own accordingly at said time. 

Here are the 6 Paradigms:

  1. A) Forever in the Lead: This character has always been a leader or has striven to lead. They naturally feel in command of any situation they walk into. They have a knack for strategy and recognizing strengths and weaknesses in both friend and foe. They will often find it hard to take orders from anyone else SAVE another Multiverse Warrior of higher level or more experience. They do have a great respect for authority and chain of command, but when thrust into a situation with another leader, or even worse multiple leaders, this type of Multiverse Warrior may lose their patience and will probably do everything they can to define themselves as leader quickly.This Paradigm gives the character +1 to Charisma (Physical Beauty), +1 non-weapon skill of their choosing, and the psionic power Empathy
  2. B) Forever a soldier: In this paradigm the Multiverse Warrior has proven themselves to be capable and steadfast. They excel at completing missions and following orders. They prefer to be in the thick of the action rather than calling the shots. They fit in well with any group, but can grow restless if there is too much down time. They prefer a set chain of command, and will tend to follow a fellow Multiverse Warrior’s lead rather than another’s, even if the Multiverse Warrior they are taking orders from is out ranked. They are fiercely loyal. They also are quite adept at leading teams when necessary but prefer to report to someone “higher up” when plans are being made. This paradigm provides the character with +1 strength, a weapon skill of their choice, and the psionic “summon inner strength
  3. C) Forever alone: This paradigm is often taken by Multiverse Warriors who went to academies with few or no other people in attendance. As such most of their training and early missions were done alone. Accordingly, they have come to rely on their own skills and intuition above all others. However this Multiverse Warrior still has a definite thirst for justice and works well with almost any team seeking to thwart evil. However, it is common for them to “go rogue” when they feel it is necessary, or if they feel that others around them are not doing enough to remedy a situation. They are most likely to take and follow orders from a fellow Multiverse Warrior of higher level or greater experience but will follow any leader they have grown to respect. This paradigm gives the player their choice of any espionage/rogue skill, +1 wisdom (Mental Affinity), and the psionic “Mind Block” 
  4. D) Forever Changed: The training to become a Multiverse Warrior is brutal and demanding. Often, even as an apprentice they will have to undertake missions where they face supernatural horrors beyond the scope of most other people’s ability to handle. Often a Multiverse Warrior will experience some horror so profound, or some event so supernatural it changes them fundamentally. They will often be considered by others to be “A little crazy”, “Strange”, or “Touched” and that would not be entirely untrue. However they act, the overwhelming pursuit of justice is still their number one goal. They are friendly, loyal, take orders well, but are often aloof and unattached. In battle however, their focus is steady and they fight with a tenacity often unmatched by friend or foe on the field. This paradigm gains 2 psychosis or phobias (random or chosen per Game Master/Dungeon Master and can be one of each), +1 to endurance, 1 artistic OR performance skill, 1military OR weapon skill, the psionic “Bio Regeneration.” 
  5. E) Forever Against: This paradigm is for Multiverse Warriors who have a grudge against some force or type of evil. This can include evil races like the dark dwarves, or any of the evil species of dragons, or even types of injustice, like child abuse, slavery, animal abuse, etc. This usually stems from some life event or from some event that occurred during their apprenticeship. These Multiverse Warrior are staunch heroes for justice, but can become single minded if they see their particular brand of hated evil taking place. Also they will find it hard to be silent if too long has gone by without them being able to rectify that certain type of evil. They will often have to be watched when confronting said evil as well, because they can tend to go to extreme measures in both capture and punishment of those perpetrating these injustices. This paradigm provides the player with 1 extra die to their speed stat, 1 communication skill, and the psionic “Sense Evil.” They are +1 to hit any foe associated with their type of hated evil. 
  6. F) Forever Watching: This Multiverse Warrior is always on the lookout for injustice. The have a sort of, “Glass Half Empty” view of life when it comes to the state of evil throughout the multiverse. They see evil as a force barely being held at bay and believe the only way to keep that even ground is through constant vigilance against it. They work great with teams who are constantly on the move. They take great pride in ridding some place of evil, but are ready to move on to the next mission as soon as one is completed. For them the fight against evil is a constant race that must be fought at all times. This paradigm grants the player the psionics, “Resist Fatigue” and “Resist Thirst” as well as one piloting skill of choice. 

4) At level 10 the Multiverse Warrior is well on their way to becoming a respected thwarter of evil wherever they go. Around this time they will feel the need to perform a ritual they had been taught about at length during their training, called, “The Focusing.”

During this week long ritual the Multiverse Warrior must sit motionless, without food or water, in complete darkness and preferably in silence. During this time they enter a DEEP meditative state where they attempt to extend their being out into the multiverse and seek a vision for their future. They will often have epic, very real feeling dreams and visions. Some will say at the end they feel like they have been gone for years or even lifetimes. The preparation for this is very exacting. If the meditation is interrupted for any reason the Multiverse Warrior will experience great psychic trauma resulting in a permanent phobia or psychosis. Many Multiverse Warriors will attempt to return to their academy (or another academy) for this ritual as they always have spaces set up for this very purpose. Barring that the Multiverse Warrior will usually have to rely on their friends to protect them while they take on this rite of passage. Upon completing the ritual the Multiverse Warrior will be granted several things. First they will have a very clear and concise vision about some part of their future. It is almost always something inspiring to the Multiverse Warrior. They will also experience a sense of renewal in themselves. Old problems may not seem as important anymore and they will be eager to continue bringing justice wherever they go. If they have been with a group long enough they will often take on a new, closer relationship with them, often considering themselves to be a father figure now to the entire group, someone who must protect them as if they were a family. Many Multiverse Warrior may have felt this way before the ritual and if so it is simply a redoubling of that feeling. Lastly they will gain their “Focus Ability. The player can choose ANY single spell, from levels 1-4, that they can cast 3 times a day at no cost. This spell is part of their being now and is an expression of their connection with the multiverse. 

5) At level 15 the Multiverse Warrior has done a lot of adventuring and starts to think about what they will pass on to the Multiverse once they are gone. It’s at this time the Multiverse Warrior will start longing to take on an apprentice. They will start to think about all of the things they have learned and been taught, and to some extent about the rarity of Multiverse Warriors as a whole. As such they will begin searching for an apprentice to begin honing the next generation of Multiverse Warriors. This can be done through any role playing means as necessary but in general should be accomplished by the time they reach 16th level or shortly after. A Multiverse Warrior will take great pride in their student and attempt to train them in the ways of justice. They will be undaunted if an apprentice decides to quit as they know the training expected of them is quite harsh. If an apprentice leaves they will begin the search for another immediately. Having an apprentice DIE under their watch is a completely different story however. If a Multiverse Warrior has an apprentice die while under their tutelage, the Multiverse Warrior will enter a deep depression. The Multiverse Warrior does understand dying is a possibility in their line of work, and indeed probably saw several comrades killed or horribly injured during their own training. However this is now THEIR apprentice and the shock of losing one does take a toll. This depression usually lasts about a week, during which time they will be lethargic, and very much consumed with making arrangements for a “warrior’s burial” for the fallen apprentice. 

On the other side the Multiverse Warrior is always inspired to have an apprentice by their side. When within visual range of their apprentice the Multiverse Warrior will gain one additional physical action/attack. They will also gain +1 to hit and an increased chance of success on all skill rolls. 

This covers the life cycle of your typical Multiverse Warrior. Let’s talk a little more about what it MEANS to be and become a Multiverse Warrior. 

Firstly your character MUST be of a good alignment. These warriors are symbols of goodness and light even in the darkest of places. This class can start as and be rolled as any “basic” warrior, mage, or psionic class. They will continue normally along that class path but gain the extra skills (and burdens) of this class as they progress. 

Multiverse Warriors must strictly follow their alignment. They are also compelled to right wrongs wherever and whenever they arise. If they are walking down the street and see someone beating a child, they will intervene. If they see a bar fight happening, they will intervene, if they see you throw trash on the ground, they will intervene. They live a life striving for their own personal perfection as paragons of justice. Keep in mind this intervention will hardly ever be violent. A Multiverse Warrior would much rather remedy a situation with words and teaching whenever possible. 

Their dogged pursuit of justice can often be found annoying by other members of the party they are in but if they persevere they will have a capable, loyal, and strong ally by their side forever. 


-Random Psionic



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