Vol. 103: The Fae

Vol. 103: The Fae

The Fae


The Fae

At a Glance: Our journey following the genetic legacy of the Nympkin ends with The Fae. Often incorrectely called, “Fairy Kind” they represent several different subspecies that are all classified together as The Fae. 

Appearance and Lifestyle: The Fae, like the Goblinkin, are descendants of the Nymphkin. To this day the genetic and magical diversity of the Nymphkin amazes both mage and scholar alike. No other single “root race” has produced so much genetic diversity in the known multiverse. There are some who say there may even be other races out there that are true descendants of the Nymphkin. The veracity of this remains to be seen. 

Regardless, like the Goblinkin, the Fae encompasses many different subspecies. Fairies, Pixies, Brownines, Sprites, Leprechauns, and many more all fall under the banner of The Fae. The most important thing the share in common is the ability to breed with each other and produce viable offspring. Very rarely a member of the Fae will reproduce with a Goblinkin (usually by force.) The resulting offspring is almost ALWAYS a Gobomination, a true terror. But we will have to talk about them another time…

Besides being able to reproduce with each other the Fae share many other traits in common, linking them together as one single race. All Fae can turn invisible at will. They also all possess formidable strength for their size. All Fae possess strength proportional to a normal human. This leads many to believe that they have supernatural strength, which in a way they do, but really it is no more than human strength in a very compact form. So yes, a Fae can lift a gallon of milk, or even a large rock if they have too, they just wont be lifting it very high. 

Another trait all Fae share is they are very diminutive in size. Fae can be anywhere from 1” tall to about 18” high. These are the extremes, most Fae fall in between 3” to 7”. This size is due to the last thing all Fae have in common: The worship of the goddess Tixie

Tixie, like all other beings calling themselves god, is actually just a multidimensional being. She is a goddess of mischief, tiny things, and beauty. She is a sporadic and crazy god, subject to many whims, but overall is considered “good”, at least neutrally, by most. 

The Fae come in many shapes and sizes. Most as mentioned will be tiny, and beautiful. Or at least incredibly charismatic. Fae are +2 to charisma (both Physical Beauty and straight up charisma) Almost all have wings, but even those without wings can usually fly. They tend to be naked or barely clothed. The delight in wearing “baubles”, or shiny tiny beautiful things. They love bright colors, and flair. Anything glittery or shiny amuses them. They are prone to looking at themselves in mirrors and shiny surfaces and have no qualms about commenting on their own beauty. 

Like the Nymphs, they tend to not be very intelligent. (-2 to intelligence) They can be vapid, and willfully ignorant. Despite this they are considered to be very kind and helpful (when not playing pranks) and are favorably viewed by most other races. 

The Fae LOVE playing pranks and tricks on others and themselves! In fact, it is demanded by their goddess. These pranks are rarely harmful in the long run and almost never cause physical harm. Unless you are an enemy, in that case the pranks laid out by the Fae will be deadly, insidious, and cruel. But with their friends, things like Whoopie Cushions, water buckets falling from above, and frightening surprises are all in order. After pulling a successful prank a Fae will normally double over in laughter or roll on the ground. They have sparkling “tee hee laughter” and will often laugh, “Tee hee! Tixie! Tee hee! Tixie!” All Fae seem to do this in one way or another whether they are aware of it or not. It is thought that this laughing Tixie chant somehow provides power to Tixie herself. 

A final quick note is that almost all Fae are Pansexual. Another trait they share in common with the Nymphs and Fauns

Powers & Abilities: The powers and abilities of the Fae very wildly depending on their subrace within the Fae. But they all do share some abilities in common. Some like invisibility and beauty we have already mentioned. 

Almost all Fae can fly naturally. The two exceptions to this are the Leprechauns who can fly but require a spell to do so, and Brownies, who can’t fly, but can move at supernatural speed. 

Probably the most dramatic ability all Fae possess is called Accommodation. And it has several functions. Firstly, Accommodation allows Fae to shrink any nonliving thing down to their size! This ability takes magical power to use but not much. The Fae can shrink any object, up to 20 lbs per level, to their size! It will stay this size for 1 hour per level of the Fae! It should be noted this ability is not meant to cause harm. It will not work if cast on a living person or to anything a living being is touching. Thus, a Fae could not shrink a coat or suit of armor with someone in it. 

The second ability of Accommodation is it allows the Fae to become Human size! This cost significantly more mana to use but when it is used the Fae and all of their gear will spring up to a proportional human size. This spell only lasts for 2 mins per level but has many uses as you may imagine. 

The final ability Accommodation provides is it allows the Fae to shrink other willing beings down to their size. This only works well on living participants. To shrink someone unwilling down the Fae must roll a natural 20. And even then, the target gets a saving throw. However, on a willing target they and all of their gear will instantly shrink down to the same size as the Fae. This also takes considerable mana, but the duration is significant. 1 hour + 10 mins per level of the Fae! 

The last ability all Fae share in common is called, “Summon Seat.” This somewhat bizarre ability also has several uses. Using Summon Seat costs almost no mana. It summons a rock or mushroom/toadstool, underneath the Fae. While sitting or standing on this “seat” the Fae gains several abilities. They gain continuous mana and health regeneration! Not much (1d4 per round) but its something! They also get +1 to spell strength and +2 to all saving throws! A Fae on their seat is hard to dislodge. Doing so requires either a direct hit on the Fae doing more than 8 points of damage, or a successful strength check. Fae Seats also have a charge in them that will attack anyone besides the Fey that attempts to touch the seat directly. This attack is an electrical charge that deals 1d8 damage and has a 50% chance + 2% per level of the Fae to stun for 1d4 rounds!

While on the seat a Fae can cast “Fae Fire” at NO COST! This attack is +5 to hit and does 1d4 damage +1 for each additional consecutive strike. This damage can really add up!

A ring of at least 6 Fae seats provides additional protections and powers. This creates a Fairy Circle.  Fae within the Fairy Circle are invisible. All Fae and their allies that stand within the circle cannot be charmed or mind controlled by any means. Fae and their allies within the circle will also regenerate health, 1d4 per round. 

If a Fae leaves their seat or the circle their seat is in, the seat will persist for 1d4 rounds +1 round per level of the Fae. After this time rock seats will crumble to dust and mushrooms will melt to sludge. 

Besides a ritual we will speak about next, this concludes all of the “common” powers and abilities of the Fae. Each subrace has a multitude of powers and abilities as well, but those will all have to be looked at at a later time.

The final ritual we will look at can also be done by all Fae, but it has been a curse and a blessing for them, and around it have sprung up many of the myths we have heard about Fae and their kind. Since their beginnings people have had very stark ideas about Fairies (The Fae) and their relationship to children. Specifically, babies. The Fae LOVE babies! Some people believe Fae make incredible caregivers for babies and around this has sprung up the myth of “Fairy God Mothers” which are a real thing! For untold lifetimes the Fae have acted as guardians for babies and young children alike. Fae gain additional magic when protecting children. Their speed and strength are doubled. They can also turn any child less than 2 years old invisible. This along with their enhanced strength and speed allows Fae to sprint children away when they are in danger. But for whatever reason these bonuses end the day the child turns two. Many think this is because the goddess Tixie no longer considers them tiny at this age so no longer provides the power to the Fae. Despite this many Fae will go on to be godmothers (or godfathers!)  or nannies (Or mannies!)  for many years after, relying on their other formidable powers. Powerful wizards, kings, queens, and more have sought after Fae to care for their children for all of history throughout the multiverse. 

But none of this talks about the ritual. And this is where the Fae get a much worse reputation. By many the Fae are considered to be baby snatchers, kidnappers, and worse. Some believe this claim, that the Fae kidnap sleeping babies from their beds, spiriting them away into the deep forests for use in dark rituals, or to turn them into fairies! This has led many people to hunt down and kill Fae, blaming them for everything from kidnappings to scraped knees. If your toddler falls outside and busts their lip, you can bet it was those “Damned Fairies” playing their cruel jokes, trying to injure the child enough so that they can take them away! Conflicts and even wars have broken out between the Fae and other races (most notably Humans) from this misunderstanding. Here is the truth: The Fae DO turn babies into Fairies (or other Fae). 

The twist on this is the why. And it makes all the difference. As we have mentioned Fae love babies. They will often flit to windows and watch new borns sleep with the attention one of us would have watching a movie. If the window is left open the Fae may enter and cast helpful magics on the baby, healing wounds or disease, mending broken toys or clothing, and often just enchanting the child to have beautiful restful dreams. Parents who happen upon this may be caught of guard or be extremely fearful! Tiny sparkly beings flitting about their baby doing who knows what. This has led to some mistrust in the Fae, though they never mean any harm. 

The other side to this is when the Fae take babies. But this is also not something done maliciously. A Fae will only take a baby under certain circumstances. One reason is if the baby or child is being abused. The Fae will first watch, doing what they can to encourage the parents to change their ways. But if the abuse continues or becomes severe a Fae will act and will take the baby away. Another reason Fae take babies is in times of war. If a baby’s parents or guardians are killed or driven away, a Fae will not hesitate to take an abandoned baby. What it boils down to is Fae WILL take babies, but only if they believe they have good reason to do so. 

Caring for the baby is usually no problem for the Fae. They delight in building things for the baby, surrounding it in Fairy Circles and preparing delicious and nutritious things for it to eat. But from the moment they get the baby it is a race against time for the Fae. The must figure out what to do with the baby before it turns two years old. 

The first thing Fae try to do is find another family for the baby. But they are VERY picky! But they do occasionally find loving homes for these babies. They love to find women who desire children of their own but for whatever reason cannot have them. If they find a home, they will leave the child in a beautiful basket, swaddled in incredibly soft blankets. After leaving a baby with a family the Fae will stick around for weeks or even months to watch the family to make sure the baby gets all the care and love it needs. 

But often this task proves impossible. War may have wiped out all possible families for miles, and even in the best of times families may not cut it when it comes to the Fae’s exacting standards for childcare. If this becomes the case the Fae are left with one last option. They will transform the baby into a Fae. 

This is only considered as a last resort but must be done before the child’s 2nd birthday. After this the ritual will not work. A baby is turned into a Fae so they can continue to be cared for. At first Fae did not use this ritual thinking it to intrusive, to change a baby’s very being. But they soon came to find caring for an ever-growing child was almost impossible. Their constant growth and change in size made protecting these children untenable. So, the Fae invented this ritual. The ritual requires at least 6 Fae and the construction of a Fairy Circle by them. The baby is placed in the center and from sunset to sunrise the Fae must dance around the child letting off a constant stream of magic. At sunrise, the baby will become Fae. And they will be embraced and loved for the rest of their lives. 

The problem is that this ritual is very bright with magics of all kinds being constantly shooting off, and the noise from the Fae dancing can draw quite a lot of attention. Humans or other races happening upon the ritual often mistake it for some dark magic and will attack the Fae thinking they are saving the baby. Overpowered humans may run away and return with reinforcements. All of this leading to terrible stories and tales of Fae corrupting babies in the woods. 

History: Much of the Fae history we have covered above, at least in relation to their powers and abilities. But how did the Fae become what they are today. 

Like the Goblinkin all Fae were once Nymphkin. When the multiverse was still new many multidimensional beings stalked this plane of existence, and many found a reason to put down roots here. One of these beings calls herself Tixie.

Tixie is one of 3 sisters. One of them being Thanisis, who is worshiped by the Goblinkin. But Tixie wasn’t interested in war and blood like her. She preferred playing and being surrounded by beautiful things. 

Tixie was quite powerful and quite small for a multidimensional being. This led to many of her own kind underestimating her. Their mistake. Tixie proved herself again and again in battles against other multidimensional beings, banishing many of them back to their own realms. But Tixie quickly grew tired of fighting. She longed for a place she could simply rest and play. And eventually she discovered the Nymphs

The Nymphs were small and cute like she was. (Though she immediately saw that they could be smaller) She also loved to watch them frolic and play their silly sex games. Their life seemed an unending paradise. She searched and found a world teaming with Nymph and set down there. She fell asleep and for countless generations her magic seeped into the planet, and from there into the Nymphs. The Nymphs began shrinking in size. But they didn’t mind. They just kept playing. Soon they found themselves amused by tricks and games. This also seemed to do no harm. The found they liked being tricked as much as they liked tricking! Practical jokes and base humor often left anyone around rolling on the ground with laughter. “Tee Hee! Tixie!”

By the time Tixie woke up her Nymphs were almost perfect. They had become so small and pretty! And she loved watching their playful mischief that they poured onto each other. But then it happened. Her sister Thanisis attacked!

She had been watching her sister for some time and loathed her. Sleeping and making these beautiful, innocent things to surround herself with, disgusting! Thanisis launched a surprise attack on Tixie’s Nymphs, sending wave after wave of Goblinkin after them. But Thanisis had made a mistake. She mistakenly thought her sister was still asleep! She had planned to ravage this world and its Nymphs so that when Tixie awoke it was to sheer bloody horror. But she had miscalculated. Tixie was awake! And now she was pissed! 

Tixie had quite a store of power after her long rest and unleashed powerful magics, further transforming her Nymphs. These Nymphs quickly transformed into the first Fairies, the first of the Fae, and under Tixie’s guidance they became powerful warriors. 

Tixie’s fairies raged against the Goblinkin and soon began pushing them back. Tixie sought out her younger sister and when she found her an epic battle ensued. Their clash shook the planet. But in the end Tixie gravely wounded Thanisis and caused her to retreat. The fairies would survive. But there was a cost. 

Tixie found herself injured and nearly depleted of power. She called together her Fairies and spoke with them. She would go back into slumber, but she would continue to provide power to the fairies as long as they followed her rules. There were only 3 of them:

1) Be kind to each other and all small beautiful things

2) Find beauty in all living things (Even the big things though they tend to be “less beautiful”)

3) Trick and be tricked!

And that was it! The Fairies readily agreed and Tixie went back into slumber, allowing her magic to continue to flow out into her people. 

(It should be noted many Fae say there is a 4th rule but not all acknowledge it. That rule being: Make life hell for the Goblinkin! Whether this rule is “real” or not seems to be unimportant. The truth is the Goblinkin are commonly the targets of the Fae’s most cruel, deadly, and devastating tricks and traps. This in turn raises the ire of the Goblinkin who seek to kill Fae wherever they are found. The war between the Goblinkin and the Fae has lasted since before history and most likely will exist for all of time…)

Tixie continued to teach the Fairies in their dreams and they realized new powers. They learned to teleport to other universes and other worlds using Fairy Circles. They began to mold new powerful magics that eventually led to their splitting into other subraces. They eventually became so diverse that they began to be called the Fae as a group. And not long after this they were so separated from the Nymphs, now the Nymphkin, that they were considered their own race. 

Today we find the Fae still very much alive and thriving. They possess no real technology of their own but have befriended so many races they have never had trouble surviving. Their constant practical jokes and tricks make them quite annoying to some, but they take as good as they get and love to live and laugh. Perhaps we could all use a little more laughing, living, and tricks in our own lives. 

About the Illustrations: Here we have a cool alien visitor, and a Fire Trementian charging up an attack! And just a cute lil doodle I threw in for kicks lol. 

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