Vol. 110: Things left unsaid

Vol. 110: Things left unsaid

Things left unsaid

 Authors Note: Hello again Traskorians! As you know I hate doing these Author Notes. I feel they interrupt from the story. But I feel I have to this time. 

The next and almost final part of The Panic is the Rescue of Braunon. It is an important story. One I have been making art for since my teen years. But it is a long story. One deserving of its own books, which one day it will have. But the fact is we don’t have the time now. As mentioned in the past this is all “backstory; prequel” The real story cannot begin until we reach Traskoria proper. 

But the backstory is our foundation. It is needed to fully comprehend Traskoria once we arrive there. 

Anyway, enough of that. The truth is I feel now is not the time to tell this story in full. We must move on. 

But we cannot do so without at least acknowledging the highlights of what happened here. These events are so significant many historians mark the Rescue of Braunon as the end of The Panic. We will find out shortly that most others place the end at a certain other event. Regardless, here is how the mission went down…

The Rescue of Braunon (Highlights)

12 warriors from the Nighttide met Raine the younger in hanger 13 of the Elysium 12

3 O-Boys, Female triplets, known to be 3 of the deadliest assassins in the multiverse. All Cycle 6. They each brought along an entourage of 4 men whom they dominated, much to their pleasure. Despite being enthralled to these femme fatales, each of these men was quite highly trained in various disciplines. They would make up the crew for this mission and did much of the grunt work along the way. 

4 Dragons. A Luck Dragon, A White Dragon (By far the rarest), a Green Dragon, and a bony quilled Porcupine Dragon. Each one immensely powerful and some able to wield incredible magic. 

And finally, 5 Vampires. Twin Brothers, both of which were powerful psionics, able to share each other’s senses and communicate with each other even in separate universes! A rare Bloodmage vampire. And 2 Giant Vampires, standing 11 and 12 feet tall and with muscles to match. 

The mission was straightforward. Rescue Braunon, and as many other prisoners as possible being held by the Xerxes. During this time, the Multiversal Senate would continue diplomatic efforts to do the same. 

Originally Raine wanted to take his ship, the Diamond, but the Vampires insisted on taking one of their own. The ship was a relatively small piece of Crepuscular that could break off for side missions. It was not an incredibly large ship but big enough for their compliment. The ship was named, “Achromic”, “A-cro” for short, and was made of a brilliantly white medal stem to stern. It is arguable who has the greatest cloaking technology, the Xerxes or the Vampires, but the Achromic boasted perhaps the best vampire cloaking device and moved like a ghost through space. 

The mission itself would take about 6 months from beginning to end. Finding the cloaked worlds of the Xerxes was no easy task. Impossible in fact. The Xerxes had existed without detections since the beginnings of the multiverse. For most of history the Xerxes existed only as Trementian myths. How the Dark Dwarves had been so successful in hunting the Xerxes presently, remained a mystery. They certainly weren’t telling. Many believed they were probably using their secret Medal Magics to detect the Xerxes ships somehow. But this is only conjecture. 

Despite this, following many dark leads given from some of the shadiest beings in the multiverse, they learned that the Xerxes kept MOST of their prisoners on 11 massive “Prison Planets” scattered throughout the multiverse. Now they just needed a way to find them…

Back at the Multiversal Senate Kryxflixtx and Pckxly made their first appearance. Several of the security systems, both magical and mundane, had to be temporarily deactivated on Elysium 12 for their arrival. It made many uneasy. And negotiating with them would prove to be just as odd as the introduction video they sent. Kryxflixtx attacked a group of senators almost immediately upon landing in one of their massive and bizarre Puzzle Ships, and was imprisoned by the Grinders and Animus which only led to more violence by Kyrxflixyx. Pckxly faired a bit better and addressed the senate a few times but he was exceedingly awkward. It seems they shared authority to make decisions for their people but couldn’t agree on much. The short of it was this: The Xerxes “demanded” entrance into the multiversal senate along with all the protections that went along with it. Only then would the Xerxes free Braunon and “all” of their other prisoners. 

The Senate of course would not agree to such ludicrous terms and demanded the freeing of all imprisoned people being held by the Xerxes before negotiations would even begin. Neither side seemed willing to budge. Well… Pckxly was, but not Kryxflixtx.

Back on A-Cro Raine and his group had many amazing adventures. They searched the multiverse looking for clues to help them find even one Xerxes Prison Planet. During this time, they were discovered by the Dark Dwarves who pursued them (when they could) attempting to blow them to smithereens. 

Raine and his companions performed many fantastic feats during this time. They once changed the orbit of a planet… twice. It was acts such as this that earned their team the name, “The Cosmic Architects”, much to Raine’s chagrin. 

Finally, they discovered something very bizarre. A Trementain freighter, filled with prisoners bound for the Xerxes. They followed it in stealth for several days. What they would find would not only shock them, it would rock the entire multiverse to its core…

About the Illustrations: Working our way thru some of the oldest art, this is some of the Trementians still in their “cute stage” of development, A Traxt Smith we will not meet for some time, and 2 dudes out on an adventure…with a rope.

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