Vol. 112: The Rescue of Braunon II

Vol. 112: The Rescue of Braunon II

The Rescue of Braunon II

The A-crofollowed the Trementian Freighter for some time simply observing it. And it was behaving very oddly.

No Transmissions where coming in or out of the ship in any way. And though it didn’t have a true cloaking device, it was somehow magically erasing its presence in many ways. It left no trail, and sensors had a hard time picking it up at any great distance, especially if it moved behind a planet or moon. Most irritating was that they could not read ANY life signs aboard. The whole of the ship seemed like it was designed to escape detection from anything but sight. Where there REALLY prisoners being held on this ship? Right now, they couldn’t tell.

More curious was where it was going. Which was nowhere. It meandered along the edge of universes seeming adrift at times. Then it would Reality Jump to another universe seemingly at random. Tracking it from universe to universe was no easy task and the Dragons used every ounce of magic they had to do so.

In universes being consumed by Oblivion they would ride RICULOUSLY close to the Crawl, almost as if they were teasing it to take them. More than once Oblivion Wraiths burst from the Crawl and wrestled with the freighter. But each time they escaped and never once made a course correction.

After a few days of this the crew of the A-cro became restless. They decided they would somehow try to smuggle one of the vampire twins aboard to see what was going on. These twins shared an unbreakable psychic link which would allow one twin to tell the other what they saw aboard the Trementian Freighter if he could get there. But how to get him aboard?

They decided they would simply try to hail them. When they appeared out of nowhere and hailed them the Trementian ship it lit up like Tremmy Berry Bush during the Winter Celebration. Briefly they charged their forward weapons array which led to some laughs aboard the A-Cro. But they quickly powered them down and sent a text reply that simply said, “Stand By.”

So they did. During this time the Dragons fashioned a magical invisible bridge connecting the A-Cro to the Freighter. The Vampire twins both had the power to turn invisible and move with insane speed. But even with that speed it would take the twin some time to cross the bridge, reach the ship, and break inside. If either ship moved more than even 100 meters in any direction, the magic bridge would shatter, and the twins would no longer be a duo.

So to maintain the freighters attention Raine bombarded them with continuous hails about how much trouble they where in because they were lost, and their reality drive was broken, and his first mate had a terrible infection on his butt that they had no medicine for, and so on… Raine wanted to come across as desperate and in need of serious assistance. No Trementian ship would ever ignore such a plea. If this one did…

Finally, they replied with visual. It appeared to be a normal Trementain starship bridge but dimly lit. Various Trementians moved about but there seemed to be too few of them and there was something… off… about their appearance. Many others may not have noticed, but the crew of the A-Cro where well-seasoned travelers with keen senses and a knowing look traveled among them. These were not Trementians.

The men enthralled to the O-Boy women moved about the bridge making constant slight corrections. They knew they had to keep their ship in close relative position to the freighter or the dragon’s magical bridge would break.

On the view screen, the bridge of the Trementian freighter seemed very dark. And the Trementian who addressed them looked very…pale. And other things were off about him too. His eyes appeared sunken, and his whole body slightly stretched somehow. It was all very odd.

The Trementian who was speaking to them offered a litany of excuses. They were a simple cargo ship and lacked any supplies that may aid the A-Cro with repairs or help heal their crew members butt. It was obvious to Raine and the crew that they were eager to leave. The Trementian made to so several times but Raine and his comrades continued to ply him with questions.

One of the O-Boy triplets slowly moved toward the main view screen. Raine watched her curiously. What was she doing?

The Trementian was growing more and more flustered with the questioning and became frantic. By now the O-Boy triplet was almost leaning against the edge of the view screen. When finally, the Trementian stammered, “I’m sorry I have to go!” and the screen shut off.

A momentary gasp escaped the crew of the A-cro but then then the Triplet exclaimed with a bright look in her eyes, “I have him!” and a moment later the view screen came back on. The Trementian then addressed the Triplet directly. “My you are so beautiful. I noticed you in the background while I was speaking with the others. I could not leave an angel like you in distress. How can I help you?”

She had enthralledhim! At this distance! A knowing and shocked look traveled around the bridge. Raine whispered to himself smiling, “Damn girl…”

The Triplet now engaged the Trementian in parlay for several minutes. He readily agreed to all her requests but when asked directly about their ship or their mission the Trementian balked. It seemed some other pressure was keeping him from revealing anything about these matters.

Finally, the Blood Mage Vampire appeared on the ship and simply nodded. The mission was complete. The Twin had gotten aboard safely.

The Triplet smiled and released her enthrallment of the Trementian. The Trementian looked some what dazed and extremely nervous. Raine then spoke.

“Well we appreciate your time. We will be on our way then. Good Journey!” And Raine cut communications just as the Trementian seemed to be saying something.

“Take us away from here slowly won’t you?” Raine said to the crew. They readily complied. They put some distance between themselves and the freighter. Now Raine and the other the other 11 joined in a meeting room in the lower decks. It was time to see what was going on on this ship.

“Give me a moment to orient on my brother.” The twin who stayed aboard said as he settled himself into a chair and lightly touched his forehead. They all waited.

“I have him.” The twin said. All eyes then turned to Raine.

“Sit back and relax everyone.” Raine said cracking his knuckles. “Let’s see what these ‘Trementians’ are really up too.” And with that Raine used his awesome psionic powers to reach into the twin’s mind and shared his vision with the rest of the crew. At this moment they were all seeing through the eyes of the twin aboard the freighter. What they would see in the coming days would be talked about for the rest of time.

About the illustrations: Here we have a member of the race known as the Graze. And another unique looking alien dude.

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