Vol. 122: The Rescue of Braunon: Questions

Vol. 122: The Rescue of Braunon: Questions

By this time, it was what passed for night on the ship. Oslo really lucked out because he was looking for a way to break away when the giant doors to this holding pen opened again. Oslo was startled and jumped back but the Destiny Elf telepathically told him, "Don’t worry. It’s what passes for mealtime here. They won’t do another fear session until later tonight." 


This news did please Oslo but for reasons not apparent to the adventurers he had been speaking with. As the Ghosli came near to pass out what appeared to be a hard gray bread and what might be onions Oslo turned invisible and slinked away. 


But what to do now? The information they had gotten was surly life changing and valuable, but it set them no closer to finding Braunon. When the doors to the prison opened again Oslo snuck out and made his way to an empty room to rest. He was nearly spent. Back aboard the Acro they were similarly weary. It was decided that they would all take another rest. 


The next day they were faced with some big choices. Oslo consumed the last of the blood he had brought with him. This would sustain him for another day, maybe 2, but then he would need to feed again. Xerxes blood was inedible and he was wary about trying Ghosli blood. Besides this they had to try and find a way to locate Braunon and get Oslo off the ship. 


Well, one thing at a time they all agreed as they reconnected back into their psychic group. The best chance to find the information they needed was on the Bridge of the ship. But they knew it would be dangerous. But what else could they do? Oslo began to carefully make his way toward the command center of the ship. 


As he neared the bridge progress slowed to a crawl. There were Xerxes and Ghosli everywhere here. Oslo found himself crawling on the ceiling like a spider trying to avoid them. But even then, he had to be careful. The lighting on the ceiling was loose and in disrepair and several times while crawling on it Oslo sent of sparks or loud creaking noises as fixtures pulled from the wall. Several Ghosli appeared to be suspicious about this and Oslo barely escaped being discovered several times. But finally, he did reach the bridge. The psionically connected group let out a collective sigh of relief. 


But this was premature. Once aboard the bridge an entirely new set of problems faced them. What to do now? As Oslo cautiously wandered around the bridge the task seemed more and more impossible. The controls were all in the bizarre Xerxes language. Weird crystals and stones seemed to be jammed into several of the control decks. Who knows what any of this did? Several hours passed. They all became frustrated. But then Raine hatched a plan. Raine suggested Oslo look for an officer that seemed to be in a position of power. He could the follow that officer and hopefully, eventually, follow them back to their quarters. Once their Oslo would attempt to enthrall them to go back to the bridge to steal the information they needed. So, Oslo began to look. 


Eventually Oslo decided upon a Ghosli that seemed to have access to many of the computers. He wandered from post to post watching the Ghosli with interest. Hopefully this would be the one. But time dragged on. These Ghosli seemed to work shifts that were longer than standard days. And the hours piled on. Aboard the Acro so much time passed that again many of their party took breaks disconnecting from their psionic group chat to piss or eat meals or simply rest. The only 3 who did not were Raine, Norsan, and Oslo. And Oslo definitely had the worst of it. Not only was he constantly using power to stay invisible, but he was also using power to maintain his psionic link with the others. On top of this he really had had almost no real rest and he was quite hungry. These Ghosli were looking more and more appetizing...


Nearly an entire day passed. Raine and Norsan were nearing their limit. How Oslo continued was unknown. But they could all feel the terrible weight of his exhaustion. Finally, though it happened. They could hear this Ghosi saying goodbye to his comrades on the bridge. Oslo's invisibility flickered in excitement. Not only because he was about to leave this god forsaken bridge, btu because he had decided Ghosli was on the menu tonight. He reckoned they had to taste like Trementians, which wasn’t great, far too sweet, but he was willing to have a dessert menu this evening...


As they left the bridge Raine and Norsan could sense Oslo's hunger. He was almost frenzied. "Remember the mission." Raine urged him calmly. This fell on deaf ears, but Norsan could also sense his brothers desperation and offered more practical advice...


"Get the info we need to free Braunon first. Then feel free to feed on as many of those white and gray bastards as you want brother." Norsan said telepathically to his twin with a grin. Raine made as if to retort but caught a glance from Norsan and did not. Raine was unhappy with this mission in many ways. 


By the time they reached the Ghosli's quarters Oslo was nearly frothing at the mouth. But a new problem presented itself. It appeared the Ghosi were housed in a sort of barracks. When they entered the room a line of rough cubes in the wall housed about 7 other Ghosi. Now what would they do. But just as Raine was formulating a plan Norsan muttered, "uh-oh..."


Oslo apparently could hold out no more. The thought of having to wait who knows how much longer to feed set him off. Oslo allowed himself to slide into a full feeding frenzy. With lightning speed Oslo ripped into the Ghosli present. He killed 3 before they could even react. Several then attempted to fight back, one tried to erect a fear aura. But it was too late. Oslo cut into them splashing a weird grayish red blood over everything. He was sucking the blood from one of the lifeless corpses as he approached the one he had been following. Aboard the Acro the other vampires and even the O-Boys were laughing at the carnage. Raine was furious. Norsan however was trying his best to reign in his brother. 


"Not that one brother!" Norsan telepathically shouted at him. "We need that one." 


The final Ghosli seemed to be petrified with horror. He was covered in the blood and viscera of his fellow Ghosi. Oslo tossed the lifeless husk of the Ghosi he had been feeding on across the room. It splattered on the wall and slowly slid down. Oslo loomed over the Ghosli. 


"What do you want?!" the Ghosi stammered. Oslo made to reach for him. But as he did Norsan shouted at him one last time. This seemed to snap him out of it. Raine and Norsan both let out sighs of relief. The O-Boys seemed very disappointed. 


"I very much wanted to eat you." Oslo said spitting grayish red blood. "But you taste like shit." Oslo picked up a rough blanket from the Ghosli’s bed and began wiping the blood from himself. "So instead, I have a job for you." And with that he locked eyes with the Ghosli and enthralled him. "Here is what you are going to do..." 


Aboard the Acro Raine wondered how long they would have before someone else came into the room and saw the carnage present there. This had now become an even more intense race against time...

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