Vol. 124: Patchers

Vol. 124: Patchers



Character Class


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At a Glance: Patchers have revived the ancient art of magical patches first created by Jodi of the 5. They are also the 3rd group to blossom from the Multiverse Warriors at the beginning of the 3rd Crush


In Depth: The final group to spring up from the Multiverse warriors during this time would come to be called the Patchers. This is how they came to be...


The Multiverse Warriors (MW) have been ardent explorers since time immemorial. Since the First Crush and before they have not only been the tip of the spear for protecting the Multiverse, but they have also been its chief pioneers, scouting hidden and dark universes and discovering incredible wonders few would ever see. 


Near the beginning of the 3rd Crush one such group of MW explorers were charting a small dark universe. Almost devoid of life this universe seemed to have very little to discover. But then just as they were about to leave, they started to detect a massive magical signal, almost by accident, on a faraway moon at the edge of a galaxy. When they found this moon much to their surprise, they found a massive base constructed there! It did not take long for them to discover this was a base that had once belonged to The 5 themselves! Astonished by this find they began to explore it. 


Long since abandoned, most of its defenses had crumbled to ruin. But shockingly they found a gigantic cosmic forge! Still warm and sparking! This had obviously belonged to Jodi, or perhaps Bastion! What incredible wonders had been forged here?!


Not far from the forge lay a gigantic vault. After some trying, they managed to open it. And what they found inside would change the MW forever!


It was littered with all sorts of fantastic weaponry, both magical and mundane but all quite advanced.  But what the vault was most filled with was patches. J-Patches to be exact. The MW knew about these from history. Patches imbued with magical power that could be placed onto armor, weapons, objects and more to imbue them with power, or destroy them! But they were beyond rare. The secret to making them died when Jodi disappeared and only a handful remained. Most of these were kept in vaults or hidden away, unstudied, and unused. Many generations ago the MW had attempted to unlock the secrets of the J-Patches but they were so incredibly rare that after destroying several with their experiments they stopped. Considered too valuable they were put away in the MW vaults and eventually forgotten. 


But now they had tens of thousands.  A truly extraordinary and epic find! The entirety of the vault was loaded onto their ships, and just in time! As they were preparing to leave, they began to pick it up on their sensors, the Oblivion! A fast mover too! They had plenty of time to leave from their position, but they knew this universe would not last long. If they had not discovered this treasure trove when they had...


Back at one of their secret schools the MW began to study the patches fervently. They lost many patches this way but now they had room for error. They began to bring in mages and psionics of all kinds to assist them. And after a few generations it happened. They unlocked the secret! They could now activate and control the patches! Soon after the MW created a new squadron. A group who specialized in using the patches. They would become an elite force within the MW known collectively, as The Patchers


Powers & Abilities: There are two types of J-Patches. Cloth or Metal. J-Patchers specialize in creating one type but can use both. J-Patches have many nicknames including Jays, P-Disks, Slappers, and more.


The two types of patches share many of the same abilities but of course they are differences. Let’s talk about the differences first.


Cloth J-Patches: Patchers who specialize in cloth patches tend to be studious and bookish. Almost nerdy. Cloth J-Patches (Sometimes called Threadies) specialize in spells that work over time. Gradual heals and continual damage. Most of these spells increase in strength over time as well. They are most famous for a ramping magical slow that will eventually stop targets in their tracks, and a ramping haste that can double or more the number of attacks a target has! 


Metal J-Patches- Patchers who specialize in metal patches are usually loud and boisterous. They like loud music and extreme living. Metal J-Patches (Sometimes called “Tinnys” or “Tinners”) specialize in huge moments of power. Instant crippling stuns, and big sudden boons to their allies. They are most famous for their Launching patches that launch targets into the air with a snap of their fingers. Friendly launched targets are moved to a position picked by the Patcher and take no damage. Enemies that are launched lose initiative and may take damage and lose attacks from the fall.

Despite their different dispositions and lifestyles both types of Patchers consider each other family and will fight for each other without hesitation. Likewise, they will hang out together in unlikely settings. Cloth Patchers are just as likely to be seen at a heavy metal concert with their metal patch brothers and sisters as Metal patchers are likely to be seen at a lecture on Oblivion Physics with their Cloth Patcher kin.


Both types of Patchers have their own spells they apply to patches. Many are similar or identical to existing spells and psionics. A compilation of these will be printed at a later time but basically if it is a patch that applies something over time it will belong to a Cloth Patcher, if it is sudden and dramatic it belongs to a Metal Patcher.


Beside these differences Patchers share many powers and abilities in common.


Only J-Patchers can activate patches. Both types of Patchers can activate, deactivate, and use BOTH types of patches. Though they can only make and repair the type they specialize in. For this reason two Patchers battling each other usually does not go well. But it comes in handy when they work together! Two Patchers on the same team can be devastating!


Perhaps the greatest ability Patchers share is the ability to shoot bolts of arcane energy from their patches! Patchers are able to throw their patches like throwing stars, but the patch only flies out about 5 inches and returns to the Patchers hand. This releases a bolt of arcane energy at the target dealing 1d4+1 damage on hit, +1 per 4 levels of the Patcher. Amazingly these bolts cost no mana or spell slots! The patches themselves provide the energy for the bolt. A Patch bolt can be thrown with just a physical action! This by far is their most common form of attack. (Range 25’ + 5’ per 5 levels)


Patch lifecycle: Created patches have a dynamic lifecycle. From there initial creation to there (sometimes inevitable) destruction they have a life all their own.


Patchers start at level 1 with 2 level 1 patches. They have created these during study and now are ready to set out on their own adventure!


Patches have 1d4 HP per level of the Patcher. Every time a new patch is created the player should roll and keep track of the HP of each patch they own. At each level they can create 1 more patch with a spell of their level or lower. Every 4 levels they can create an additional patch as well.


Once a spell is chosen that will be their patch spell for life. Patchers cannot learn patch spells from other Patchers. But they can trade and borrow patches from other Patchers. (More on this later).


If a patch is damaged a Patcher can attempt to repair it. The base skill for repairing a patch is 10% + 4% per level of the Patcher. Repairing a patch is “Try or Die” If they roll successfully the patch is repaired. If they fail the roll the patch is completely destroyed. Repairing a patch takes 1d6+1 hours so it cannot be done casually. For this reason, especially at higher levels, most Patchers will allow patches to accumulate damage and only repair them when they are close to destruction.


If a patch is destroyed another can be made. The materials to create a patch are not necessarily expensive. Thread, glue, tin, aluminum etc. The biggest part of creating a patch is the time needed. Patches take 1 day per level of the patch spell to create from scratch. It is easy to see this can become quite daunting at higher levels! It should be noted this does not apply to a new patch created for level up. For these patches it is considered that the Patcher has been working on the new patch between levels and at level up the new patch is ready. For example, a Level 10 Patcher can have a level 10 patch ready as soon as they level up. But if that patch is destroyed in their next adventure out it will take 10 days to create a new one!


Another quick note: Using a patch not of your type costs 2x the mana to activate. Also, Patchers cannot repair a patch not of their type. They must find another Patcher of the same type as the patch (cloth or metal) to attempt a repair.


A Patcher cannot learn a spell from a borrowed patch. BUT they can choose to learn the same spell as a borrowed patch upon level up if they choose, if it matches their type.


When a patch reaches 0 HP it dissolves to nothing and cannot be recovered.


Using Patches: Patches are used by applying them to targets. Anything can be a target. Weapons, Humanoids, Walls, Bathtubs, Laundry baskets, anything. Whether the spell has any effect on the target when activated depends on the spell and the DM’s desire. Keep this in mind. For example, a damage over time spell could equally damage a person or a wall if a patch is applied to it. A patch that compels the target to speak the truth would also work fine on a person, but the wall may be more adamant about not giving up its secrets.


Applying patches can be done by hand or by throwing them at a target. Patches can be thrown 20’ + 4’ per 5 levels. Both require a roll to hit. Patches will stick to any surface but lead. Dirt seems to offer no deterrent to a patch sticking though gross filth may require a check from your DM. Oily and slick surface may also cause a problem. Other than this, patches will stick strong to anything. Flesh, Steel, Plastic, Cloth, etc.


Once a patch is attached it can only be removed:

By a Patcher

If the Patch is reduced to 0 HP

Or the patch can be ripped off with 3 successful consecutive strength checks. If a single check is failed it resets requiring 3 more.


Once a patch is applied it can be activated by a Patcher. The range for activation is sight! If a Patcher can see a patch, they can activate it! This includes through viewing glasses like telescopes and binoculars! Also, magically or psionically enhanced sight! It DOES NOT include viewing the patch through electronic means like a camera or view screen.


The initial cost to activate a patch is high. Patches are not made to change targets rapidly. But here is one of the best things about J-Patches. Once a patch is activated on a target the first time it becomes “set.” A patch will remain set for 1 day per 3 levels of the Patcher who activated it. A set patch can then be reactivated for a fraction of the cost during this time!


Finally, patches must be retrieved. Patchers can sense all patches up to a mile away, knowing their general direction instinctively. They can detect the patches they have created up to 5 miles away! If a patch travels more than 5 miles from the Patcher who owns it, it will begin to deteriorate losing 1 HP per day. Many patches are lost this way. This gets much better at Level 16 when Patchers gain the ability to summon to their hand any patch they have created that they can see.   Borrowed patches will always have to be retrieved by hand though or they will be lost.


Patchers receive bonuses to all thrown weapons and skills involving accuracy. Throwing stars, Daggers, Hatchets, Darts, etc. Cloth Patchers can pick an additional knowledge or language skill at level 2. Metal Patchers can pick an additional performance or lore skill at level 2.


Patchers are an exciting and versatile class consisting almost entirely of humans. This is also true of the MWs, Bazooka Dudes, and the EMC. Together they form one of the strongest, mostly human forces, in all of the multiverse! It will be exciting to see how these classes grow as the 3rd crush marches forward!


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