Vol. 83: Vampires

Vol. 83: Vampires


Racial Character Class

RPS: 7/10

At a glance: Vampires have existed in human mythology throughout the multiverse in various forms. But these powerful and deadly beings are not myth, and they wield unique psionics and magics found nowhere else in reality. 

Appearance and Lifestyle: Vampires are unique in many ways. They appear as humans. So much so that usually they live among humans never being noticed. Bizarrely the magical rituals by which they create more of their kind only work on other humans. As such the other races of the multiverse may have never even heard of them. 

How a vampire looks can vary greatly, just like the appearance of humans can vary greatly. Generally, though they will be pale, athletic, and beautiful. Humans turned into vampires will usually become the best version of themselves, at least physically. Most vampires live lives in the night. They tend to prefer being around power and opulence and to be powerful and opulent themselves. They tend to dress in lavish, often intricate outfits that are a mixture of cutting-edge fashion and revealing provocative outfits. 

Powers & Abilities: So, what makes a vampire? They exist with all manner of different powers, abilities, and weaknesses. As such what is it that makes a vampire a vampire? 

Vampire share many things in common but when you boil it down to its basics there are really 3 aspects of their being that defines them. Here is what they are…

Effected by Light: All vampire will have a reaction to some kind of light. MOST vampires have an aversion to sunlight. It usually will harm and eventually kill them. Though this is not always the case. Some vampires walk freely by day but are harmed by moonlight. Some may glow florescent or shine in the light. Still others may be harmed by artificial light. There are many different options but across the board ALL vampires have something that happens to them in some kind of light. 

Feed on life energy: All vampires must feed in some way on life energy. MOST vampires do this by drinking the blood of humanoids. But of course, there are many differences. Some can feed on the blood of animals. Some may only need humanoid blood every once in a while. Still others may pull the very energy from a victim’s body and feed on that. Regardless of how it is done ALL vampires will need to feed on life energy in some way. It should be noted the vast majority of vampires will never kill what they feed on. Not only does this eliminate a food source but leaving a trail of dead bodies behind you whenever you eat is no way to remain out of the public eye. And as we will see, vampires never want to draw attention to themselves. 

Procreation Rituals: All vampires are sterile. As such they need a way to make more of their own kind. This can be done in many different ways. For some vampires the creation ritual to create another of their kind may be able to be done quickly. For some it may take a day or even longer. Whatever the case may be all vampires will have some sort of magic ritual they must perform in order to create more of their own kind. A note on this: Almost all vampires consider their progeny to be their children and will love them and seek to protect and teach them. 

As mentioned, there are many other things vampire have in common, but ALL will share at least these 3 traits. In the gaming world there will be many charts provided for these and other traits to allow players to create a vampire randomly if they desire. Or certain traits can be chosen outright with DM approval. 

Vampires are exceptionally powerful and do nothing but grow stronger over time. Vampire use a mixture of psionics and magic freely making them diverse and dangerous. They will have at least one supernatural stat (can pick any one stat to start at 20!) and at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 can add 1 point to any stat they choose! 

Added to this is a variety of “superpowers” that vampires enjoy. Flight, turning invisible, super speed, super strength and many many more. Usually these superpowers are passed from a vampire to their “children” but not always. Sometimes a random new power will appear either replacing an old one or adding to it! 

Vampire also can heal at a supernatural rate. They can regenerate 1d6 hp per action! Some can even regenerate entire limbs in minutes. This regenerative power is not limitless however, being fueled by either lifeforce (blood) they have ingested or by mana. 

Vampires have many magical and psionic abilities, but they are not wizards or mages. They cannot learn new spells. The magic they use is innate, part of their being. This internal magical ability blocks them from being able to weave the arcane energies of the multiverse. Despite this most vampire know several different magical abilities that act like spells. They also receive more abilities as they level like any other class. These abilities will usually follow a path or theme. For example, a vampire at level one may know a few simple fire spells. As such most of their abilities as they level up will be centered around fire. Most vampires tend to specialize in this way. 

Lastly it should be noted vampires are extremely hard to kill. In order to truly kill a vampire, the brain and heart must be completely destroyed by fire or similar force. If either remains in any amount the vampire will eventually regenerate and come looking for revenge. Besides this, vampires are truly immortal. They do not age with time. A unique power indeed. As such many vampires choose to “sleep” for massive amounts of time. All vampires have the ability to put themselves into a sort of suspended animation for any amount of time they choose. It is nothing at all for a vampire to put themselves to sleep for 100 years or even much longer. They usually refer to this among themselves as entering “Repose.” 

Quick note: There ARE vampires who specialize in magic. These mage vampires are very powerful indeed, but in exchange for the ability to manipulate mystical energies they give up many of their other vampiric powers. For this reason, most vampires choose not to explore this path. 

As with all of our classes one day a supplemental writing will be made to talk about all the different types of vampire, exploring their subclasses and much more. 

History: The vampires are one of the 2 hidden races of the multiverse. The other being the Xerxes who existed only as myth throughout all of history except for a brief run in with the Trementians (See the Xerxes write up for full details) But whereas the Xerxes hid themselves in the shadows, and inside the bodies of others, the vampires have hidden in plain sight. 

Vampires have existed in the mythologies of nearly every human culture throughout the multiverse. Many of these include the creations myths of countless human civilizations. They have hidden themselves in human stories and as such existed only as that, stories. 

One of the oddities of vampires is that they only exist on human worlds. The vampires know about the other races, and can feed on them, but for whatever reason they have never been able to turn any other race besides humans into their own kind. So they have existed with the humans since the beginning of time. But they have remained hidden by living among them. They take their secrecy to absolute extremes. It is ingrained into them in every part of their lives that no one is to ever know what they really are. Mistakes are not tolerated. For this reason, many new vampires never survive. One slipup and they are killed. This leads most young vampires to be paranoid to the point of psychosis. 

All of this and more makes vampires scarce. They do not even exist on every human world, and even on the worlds they do exist on, they make up a very small part of the population. Also keeping their population down is the way they live. Vampires tend to have overly elaborate and extensive chains of command. A region or even world inhabited by vampires will usually have a king or queen as its leader. Vampires love power and being in a position to wield it. But they don’t like the work involved. So they delegate everything. A king or queen vampire will have an entire “court” that serves them, usually made up of similarly powerful vampires. They, being vampires of power and prestige themselves, will have their own underlings they delegate power to. And so on. It is not uncommon for power in vampire societies to be delegated a dozen or more ranks deep. And this tends to work for them, except for when it doesn’t. Often a King or Queen’s order will pass through many vampires before it comes to one who will actually execute it. As such, much like with a game of telephone, the order can be twisted or misinterpreted by time it reaches the vampire who will do it. If the order was sufficiently corrupted or worse not completed, and word reaches the King or Queen, there is usually hell to pay.

Vampires may be lazy but those in power didn’t get there by being weak. Any vampire that becomes king or queen has probably gotten there through vicious battle and backstabbing politics. Their fury is not something to be taken lightly. If a ruler’s orders have not been followed it is not uncommon for them to go on a killing spree, eliminating the entire chain of command as far as they see fit. This in turn raises the ire of the deceased vampires’ friends who may seek to overthrow the current ruler resulting in more fighting and death. This sort of deadly political infighting helps to further suppress the vampire population. In many ways vampires are their own worst enemy. 

A final complication to the vampire population is they are extremely intolerant of vampires who are not like them. For example, if one faction of vampires can feed off of animals and one cannot the two factions may fight. Differences in powers, weaknesses, even appearance can cause factions of vampires to go to war with each other. This had made things especially difficult as vampires began traveling the multiverse. Different vampire groups meeting each other almost always ends in one group being expelled or killed. Usually killed. 

But this is the way vampires have existed since their beginning. Living among the humans and playing their deadly political games. They have lived lives of incredible power, hiding, and death. But things started to change as the Crushes began. Now vampires were being forced from their home planets, made to travel to new worlds sometimes quickly. This led to increased conflict and even deadlier wars. Refugee vampires often don’t last long on new worlds. Native vampires see them as different, so they are enemies. Wave after wave of vampires began to be wiped out on many worlds as the Oblivion continued its ceaseless crawl…

This continued for some time. But towards the ending of the First Crush a new leader rose up that began to try and change things. For some time now many groups of vampires could see things could not continue this way. Vampires were being forced to meet each other and it couldn’t keep ending in the deaths of one group or another. Continuing this way insured the eradication of their species. So some groups of vampires began to join together. And leading them was a fearless vampire named, Braunon

Braunon proved to be a powerful, capable, and charismatic leader. He and his group of followers would travel from world to world, universe to universe, confronting groups of vampires being threatened by the Oblivion. These meetings had mixed results. Rarely a group of vampires would be convinced of their need to join their coterie simply be learning about the Oblivion. But usually there would be battles. Often Braunon would have to fight and kill the ruling vampire of the group he was trying to liberate. To his credit he always tried deliberation first, but vampire pride is an awfully powerful thing…

Regardless in this way Braunon began gather quite a group of vampires under his banner. Soon he had to have a spaceship built to hold them all, then more ships, then bigger ships. Vampires have always specialized in hiding and stealth, so they used their powerful magic and psionics to hide their ships. Their unique magic was undetectable by almost all forms of detection, so they traveled the multiverse in absolute secrecy. In this way the largest group of vampires ever assembled began traveling together. Braunon ran a strict but fair nation and his people respected him. Many would look back on this time as a golden age for vampire kind. 

This continued for some time. Eventually the vampires traded in their fleet of ships for one absolutely massive ship. They constructed a ship so gigantic that it held their entire population and they had room for more 2 times over! They called their juggernaut of ship, Crepuscular, and it was the pinnacle of vampire technology and society. 

The main problem they began running into was food. Finding enough life energy to support a nation of vampires was no easy task. Also, by this time they had so many different kinds of vampires on board that food demands were quite broad. Their solution to this was to have a large portion of their population to go into Repose. To be honest this solution met with very little resistance. Many of the vampires they were with were weary from constant travel, moving universe to universe. So it was that more than half of them at any time entered Repose and existed in blissful slumber until they were needed or awakened. A simple and elegant solution, just as the vampires preferred. 

In this way the vampires continued. Braunon continued to lead with very few incidents. Ages passed and the vampires witnessed the shrinking of the multiverse from Crepuscular choosing to remain hidden and uninvolved. All the way to nearly the end of the Second Crush, when something alarming happened that would change everything. They were discovered.

Very close to the end of the Second Crush the vampires happened upon a solar system in a universe absolutely thick with human life. The humans here had inhabited nearly every planet orbiting their star as well as several moons and asteroids. There was enough life energy here to easily feed them all indefinitely. Many were woken from their Repose at this time and they went out to feed. And under Braunon’s leadership the vampires had taken to being much kinder to their human food. It was now the vampire M.O. to leave worlds better than they found them after feeding. They would hunt down and feed on criminals and murders, sometimes killing them off if they were especially heinous. They would use their amazing abilities to heal people in secret and would instill ideas into the human population directing them to new and helpful technologies, sciences, and medical advancements. Secret muses slipping through the inky blackness, bettering humankind. 

But this inundation of life drew the attention of someone other than the vampires. It also drew the Xerxes. Their scout ships, also almost undetectable, entered this solar system full of life and saw incredible opportunity here. They landed on various worlds and began their usual plan of possessing those in power to learn about these people so they could be more easily conquered. But an unlikely meeting between two hidden races was about to take place. 

On one of these human worlds political tensions were running high. This conflict not only drew the vampires who went there to see if they could help, but also the Xerxes who saw this as an opportunity to possess politically powerful humans there. At a particularly volatile political rally a massive riot broke out. During the chaos a human possessed by a Xerxes was gravely injured. A vampire nearby saw this happen and quickly sprinted the human away to try and heal them. In a dark alley away from all eyes the vampire used their powerful magic to heal the human and the Xerxes inside was shocked! Who was this human with this incredible power? And as soon as the human’s body was healed the Xerxes inside thanked the vampire, and then possessed it. It wasn’t easy. Vampires are not easy to dominate in any aspect, but if any being was going to be able to possess a vampire it would be a Xerxes. And after a fearsome mental battle the Xerxes won. And they had never felt such power! 

The Xerxes reveled in this new and powerful vampire body. They went on a startling killing spree testing out this new body and the powers it possessed. And when they were through, they returned to their own people to show off this incredible new lifeform. 

The Xerxes people were astounded. They had never come across a being this powerful! They raided the vampire’s memories and learned all about them. Their history was fascinating. And they were completely unknown! The Xerxes could not have asked for a more perfect set up. They would possess more of these vampires and with them they would conquer the Multiverse! 

Over the next few months the Xerxes sought out and possessed more and more vampires. The Xerxes had always excelled at the slow and steady long game, so they moved carefully possessing at a slow pace. And the vampires had no reason to leave. The humans here provided an unending stream of food for them, and many of the vampires had begun to grow fond of the humans here. Eventually the Xerxes set their eyes on Braunon. He would not be easy to possess but if they could get him alone and gang up on him, they were sure they could do it. They continued to possess the vampires closest to him and waited for their moment to strike. 

More time passed. But then it happened. The Oblivion appeared. The vampires detected it first and they knew soon it would be time for them to go. It saddened many of the vampires here that so many of these humans they had grown to care for would be lost. As such Braunon encouraged his people to turn some of these humans into vampires before they left. At least in this way some of these humans’ culture would survive, and they had not added to their numbers in quite some time so it was looked upon as a win win. The vampires were very pleased with this decision. 

But this proved problematic for the Xerxes. They needed much more time for their plan to reach fruition. But the Oblivion waited for no one. The Xerxes would have to accelerate their plans. Their main goal was still the possession of Braunon. He was easily the most powerful of the vampires and with him under their control they were sure they could subjugate the rest of these people. 

Time passed and the Oblivion grew closer. It would not be long before the Crawl began picking off the planets at the edge of this solar system. Braunon knew it was almost time for his people to make their escape. Many new vampires had been created and come on board the Crepuscular. Most were greatly saddened at what was about to happen to their worlds, their very universe, but they were also quite exhilarated at the incredible new powers they possessed. Braun had given specific orders to his inner circle to each turn at least one human. He preferred that this new boost in their population included offspring from those he trusted the most so all of his officers were given this task. But with only a week left until their departure 2 of his officers had not yet turned anyone. Incidentally it was two of his officers who were possessed by Xerxes. 

Initially Braunon let it slide. These were friends of his they were probably waiting for the right moment to turn the humans they had chosen. They may also have been busy making sure all the other vampires and their new children were in order. But as it neared the final days Braunon began to grow suspicious. 

He called a meeting of all of his officers and while they were gathered together, he began to scrutinize them. Braunon was very powerful and possessed fierce psionics and as his gaze passed over his possessed officers, he could see what they were. He said nothing. When the meeting was over, he asked these two officers to stay behind. When the room was clear except for them he mentally sealed the doors and unleased a massive psionic attack onto one of them. The sheer force of the attack ripped the Xerxes from his officer’s body stunning it. The remaining possessed officer turned on him jumping back against the wall and unleashing a psionic attack of its own. Braunon batted it aside with almost no effort. Outside the psionic blasts reverberated throughout the ship and his other officers began banging on the door. 

“What are you?” Braunon demanded of his possessed friend. 

“We could have asked you the same thing vampiiiiirrrreeee….” His friend’s eyes glowed and she bared her teeth. 

“How many of you are on this ship?” Braunon said walking toward her. The possessed officer scrambled back against the wall and then partially up it. 

Then the officers body shook with power and she shouted, “Xerxes awaken and attack!” The psionic shout was so loud even Braunon stepped back wincing. Across the ship possessed vampire began to attack. 

Confusion raged for long moments. Dozens of vampires, the most powerful on the ship, suddenly turned on their friends and began to slaughter them. Vampire blood coated the insides of the ship. Braunon disappeared and reappeared in a flash and was suddenly holding his possessed friend by the neck up against the wall. “You will regret this day whoever you are!” Braunon bared his fantastically white fangs.

The officer laughed a demonic laugh and looked him in the eyes. “Oh you have no idea what we have in store for you!” The officer let out another psionic scream in some foreign language and then the Xerxes “popped” the body sending the vampires blood and guts across the room. It then scurried next to its Xerxes comrade who was quickly coming too. 

Braunon was left only holding the head of his friend. He gently lowered it to the ground and turned to face them. “It’s over for you.” he said. His aura of power shown with such fury one of the Xerxes became so frightened it pissed itself, or at least the Xerxes equivalent. A foul-smelling puddle extended from it. 

The other Xerxes remained defiant. “Maybe so but we will take you with us! Brother explode with me! For the glory of the Xerxes!” The other Xerxes seemed to pull it’s wits about it and together they began to glow. Braunon moved toward them at inhuman speed but just as he was upon them, they both exploded with their “Big Blast” technique. The double explosion was tremendous. The entire room was vaporized breaching into space. And with it both of the officers, and Braunon. 

But Braunons power and spirit lingered. His death sent a wave of understanding throughout all of his people and they suddenly knew what they faced. Those that could began to use their powers to see those who were possessed, and they launched a counterattack against them. Battle raged on. For many hours vampires and Xerxes played a game of cat and mouse killing each other in turn. Finally, the Xerxes decided to retreat and those of them that remained made their way to a docking bay, pirated a ship and escaped. Some of the vampires tried to stop the ship but there was such chaos about them that it hampered their efforts. In the end the vampires estimated over 100 of their kin had been kidnapped, being possessed by the Xerxes. Far more than that lay strewn about the ship. Luckily, they would regenerate in time. It would seem the Xerxes still didn’t know everything about them, or they may have gone to greater lengths to make sure more of them had been truly killed. But the vampires has suffered other great losses. The damage to the ship had critically damaged their stealth systems so they were exposed, and most of all Braunon was gone. Their leader for so long was vaporized in the Xerxes explosion. He would not be coming back. 

The vampires scrambled to make their getaway having been discovered by the humans. They left the solar system not long before the Oblivion overtook it. They would need to jump to a new universe soon. 

The months, years, and lifetimes that followed proved hard. Braunon’s officers tried to continue in his stead but of course it was hard. But the memory of Braunon and his idea of a vampire nation living in peace endured. They continued his mission, their mission, and more and more vampires joined them over time. But now they were relentlessly hunted. The Xerxes followed them wherever they went. The vampires were the ultimate hosts for them. With their might the Xerxes now had the weapon they needed to confront the Dark Dwarves and anyone else who would stand against them. They would not let the vampires slip away. 

The vampires found fighting the Xerxes difficult. The Xerxes did not linger. They would hunt vampires like pack animals, cornering them and then running away with them once they were possessed. Once possessed other vampires found it hard to turn on their brothers and sisters and a moment’s hesitation was all it took for the Xerxes to slip away. A constant slow trickle of vampires was slowly being taken from them. More than this, Xerxes started searching other human worlds for vampires and often found them. These vampires that knew nothing about them were easy to take and soon the Xerxes had their own army of possessed vampires at their command. Soon they would launch attacks of their own against the forces of the multiverse. 

The vampires were desperate. As a people they had never asked for help from another race EVER. Being creatures that lived in absolute secrecy it went against every fiber in their being to even think about exposing themselves to some other race and ask for help. But then as they were searching a new universe, they came upon a race they had never seen before. They were powerful and wild, living lives of pure indulgence. As the vampires watched them, they couldn’t help but see something of their old selves in them. They behaved in many ways like vampires of the old days, selfish to a fault but fiercely loyal to their own. The vampire soon found out this race called themselves, “The O-Boys”…

About the Illustrations: Here we have a few drawings. In one we have a super hero and a bot, and a face and a bot, and Bastion and a bot! Dang I’m going bot crazy!!! 


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