Vol. 84: Vamps & Boys

Vol. 84: Vamps & Boys

Vamps & Boys


Vamps and Boys

A quick note on Vampire stealth: The magic vampires use for stealth is the most powerful in the multiverse. Their stealth goes far beyond invisibility. Its almost as if they can erase themselves from existence. There is no known way, either magical or technological, to detect them. This “stealth” magic is unique to the vampires. They have integrated this magic into their ships making them also undetectable. A “Vampire Cloak” for a starship is priceless and frankly unobtainable. At least at this time…

And now back to our program which is already in progress 😊 : 

The vampires watched the O-Boys with much interest. As mentioned, they found them fascinating and they reminded them very much of themselves in their past. They also came upon them during a period of great change. The O-Boys had recently joined some sort of alliance at some great structure they called, “Elysium 12.” The political intrigue of all of this fascinated the vampires. So much so that they wanted to learn more. 

The vampires of course had been well aware of the Dark Dwarves and most of the other races of the multiverse, but they had never associated with any of them, except the humans. As such they never saw any reason to keep up with the goings on of them, or even the multiverse as a whole. As such the vampires were truly the most naïve and ill-informed race in all of reality. Something they were quickly realizing. 

The vampires began infiltrating Elysium 12 posing as humans. They began to sit in on various senate hearings and learned frightening and amazing things about the multiverse. It was all very exciting to them. Vampires love complex and deadly politics and they had it here in spades. Truth be told if the vampires had known there was this much political intrigue to be had in multiversal politics they likely would have become involved some time ago. 

They also obtained Psion Orbs and began watching everything the PsiNews Corp presented. This new form of “entertainment” also enticed the vampires. They were creatures who lived for diversion and this was exciting and new! All in all, they were like children at a theme park discovering new and thrilling things each day. But the fascination wasn’t to last.

The Xerxes once again found them. An entire away team exploring one of the O-Boy’s home worlds was all but taken. Only one vampire escaped and made it back to the ship to tell the tale. They would have to move again.

Or would they? More and more vampires were suggesting the unthinkable. Many were voicing openly their desire to let themselves be known. This wasn’t a popular opinion but one that was gaining ground. The vampires had NEVER made themselves known to anyone or any race. Since the beginning of time they have existed in secrecy. Talking about ending this secrecy borderlined on taboo. Nevertheless, desperation leads to extreme ideas and now more than ever the vampires were desperate. The more they watched the O-Boys the more they thought they could befriend them, and the more they learned about the Elysium 12 and the Multiversal Senate the more they thought that they may be the help they needed. 

The vampires learned that the allied forces had also dealt with the Xerxes. They also learned about T-Traxts, the Trinity, and many other things. The vampires had also noticed the Traxting Phenomenon among their own people for countless lifetimes now, but it meant much less to them. Firstly, they were incredibly long lived and durable. So long lived that they would give races like the Elves, Trementians, and Swaft a run for their money. Also, when vampires die the true death, they instantly turn into a pitch black dust. This dust would often cover the Traxt as it was formed leaving it unfound until later. And even once it was truly discovered most vampires took it in stride as some other kind of phenomenon. Vampires lived lives of fantastical magic. A small (but beautiful) gem appearing now when one of them died barely even registered a response by them. Little did they know what this aloofness had cost them! Apparently, these gems were incredibly powerful!

Alas this was something they would have to ponder at another time. Their immediate concern was the Xerxes and the constant stream of vampires they were losing to them.

Things were tense aboard the megaship Crepuscular. There was a constant ebb and flow among their people about what to do. Some thought they should continue to flee as always. They knew their stealth was superior to all others so there had to come a time that they could finally slip away from the Xerxes. It astonished them that the Xerxes were able to track them at all. How did they keep finding them? Others thought they should make a stand with the O-Boys. They were wild and hedonistic, but it was a lifestyle that meshed with well with the vampire aesthetic. They had also learned that these O-Boys had access to some of these T-Traxts they had heard so much about! Supposedly they could be used to detect the Xerxes! What they wouldn’t give to have some of those! Still others seemed ready to approach Elysium 12 itself. These people lived without fear of the Xerxes. Surely if they joined them, they too could know this peace. With vampires being taken all the time things were coming to a head quickly. They had to do something and the time to do it was now. 

And things did quickly escalate. It soon became a worry that they would all descend into their ancient ways and begin killing each other. Several fights had already broken out on the ship, some serious. The officers who had led since the loss of Braunon felt his dream slowly slipping away…

But they persevered. But not without loss. A small sect of the most diehard vampires refused to give up the old ways and decided they would leave Crepuscular. Emotions ran high at their leaving but in the end over 10000 vampires left on their own ship. Great sadness filled the Crepuscular at their loss. The remaining vampires had come to a choice. They were still incredibly hesitant, but they had decided it was time. Time to formally meet the O-Boys. 

The hierarchy of the O-Boys was sufficiently complex enough to please the vampires. Their society ran as a sort of mega-gang or mega-mafia. Many of the vampires on board had run their own gangs and mafia organization in their day. The O-Boys existed as a species in various “cycles of life” where those of a higher cycle managed and protected those of lower cycles. The affection they showed for each other reminded the vampires of the love they held for their own children which were also created and not born. Their highest cycle, these Cycle-6 O-Boys, were the rarest and they looked to be in charge (and by far the most powerful). These were the O-Boys they would approach. 

They soon found out about a meeting of Cycle-6 O-Boys from various places that was to take place. These meetings themselves were not common so the vampires truly had a bit of luck in this. They were meeting to discuss their recent acceptance into the Multiversal Senate, so this also boded well for the vampires. One final bit of luck was this meeting was to take place at night. O-Boys partied hard during the day and then slept doing most of their “work” at night. The vampires kept finding more and more reasons to like these O-Boys…

As they prepared for this meeting the vampires highest ranking officers set out their finest clothes. These high cycle O-Boys also liked to flaunt their wealth and opulence so the vampires would do the same. They also prepared gifts of all kinds. Priceless treasures, magical items, rare potions, and drugs and liquor of all kinds. Drugs and liquor have no effect on vampires (Except for Red Whiskey) but they always had some on hand for occasions just like this.

And much to their surprise they were nervous. Most of these vampires had ruled cities, empires, or even worlds in their past but none had ever done anything like this. No vampire in history had ever done anything like this! They were, for the first time ever, about to reveal themselves to the multiverse. Those that were going expressed their trepidation to each other. Sharing it with each other helped them find their resolve. 

How to approach them took some time to decide. They didn’t want to just show up and demand an audience. That would not be politically acceptable or fashionable. Instead they sent lavish gifts to each O-Boy they knew would be attending the meeting along with a Holo-Message expressing their desire to attend. They claimed to be representative from a Human kingdom, which was technically true, and that they had a very profitable business venture to discuss with them. They didn’t really care for the subterfuge, but they thought opening with, “Hey we’re vampires.” Might not be taken seriously. 

Several days passed and the vampires feared they would get no response. Had the gifts they sent not been enough? They had sent their rarest and most valuable treasures to try and ensure the meeting went well. They were again nervous. At last, less than a day before the meeting they received a one word reply from the O-Boys, “Come.”

That was enough for them. So it was that the most powerful vampires in the multiverse boarded a shuttle, brimming over with more exotic gifts, and began their decent to the O-Boy home world below. In mere moments the vampires would be met for the very first time…

About the Illustration: It’s a Destiny Elf carrying a bag…what's in the bag? WHAT'S IN THE BAG?!! 😊


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