Vol. 86: Grand Meeting

Vol. 86: Grand Meeting

Grand Meeting

So it was that the Vampires made their grand (holographic) entrance into Elysium 12. Upon their announcement a sputtering of commotion erupted at various places across Elysium 12. The Animus Captain in charge of moderating the event called for order. 

“Order!” he demanded slamming his hammer onto the table in front of him. It echoed loudly throughout the room and the people fell silent. He then addressed the holograms. “I don’t know how you hacked the communication grid or what kind of stunt this is, but it will not last.” 

One of the holograms addressed him, “We know we don’t have long. We estimate 10 minutes, so we do hope to speak quickly.” 

A human senator interrupted, “This is absurd. Vampires?! This is making a mockery of what is supposed to be an important meeting!”

To everyone’s surprise an O-Boy delegate stood up. The entire room turned to look at them because they had never said anything before. The O-Boy spoke, “It is true. They ARE vampires. And the O-Boys officially sponsor them for entrance into the Multiversal Senate!” The room erupted into noise. But the O-Boy continued, “Furthermore what they say about the Xerxes is true!” shouting above the din and pushing her hair back. “The Xerxes have returned, and they are more dangerous than ever!”

The clamor reached a fever pitch and around the room senators were standing and shouting. The Animus Captain tried to bring order to the room but was unsuccessful. But amidst it all one group of delegates remained seated, looking on seemingly annoyed. The delegates for the Dragons looked at each other and frowned. The dragons also tended to remain silent most of the time. We have mentioned before that if you understand cats you can understand dragons. When they are in the room, they assume they are always the center of attention. Anything and everything they do is worth your notice. But lately they have come to understand that they are not being noticed. They cannot understand why but it is now unacceptable. The lead delegate stood up silently with the chaos swirling around him. He looked down to the vampire holograms below and made eye contact with one and smiled. 

The dragon (he and all the dragon delegates retained a humanoid form while in Elysium 12) rapped his elegant staff onto the floor and released a knocking noise so loud not only did it startle everyone in the room, causing many of their ears to ring, but for 2.7 seconds all of Elysium 12’s security systems booted up. Everyone looked to the dragon delegates with a mix of emotions on their faces. 

The dragon spoke, “2 things…” he began drily, “Vampire ARE real. We are surprised some of the more ancient races here are not aware of this…” He paused allowing a murmur to pass throughout the senate floor. “Secondly” he said looking at the vampires below, “If you are looking for the Multiversal Senate to protect you, you are looking in the wrong place. We came to them for help ourselves many lifetimes ago and we have been driven nearly to extinction waiting for them to act…” 

Loud conversation began again but a delegate from the Sliders spoke silencing it. “Honored Dragons we have offered you aid at every opportunity! If you needed more why have you not spoken up and asked for it? Are things really as dire as you claim?”

A look of anger and annoyance passed over the dragon’s face. “How could anything we do be beneath you notice?! We are the dragons! Yes, you have offered us some paltry help but you should have done more!”

Across the room a smartly dressed “human” stepped out of the shadows behind the O-Boy representatives. He whispered something into their ears and smiled, the light sharply glinting off what appeared to be fangs before stepping back into the shadows and seeming to disappear. 

An Elf spoke, “Dragons you have always had the ear of the Senate available to you. If things have gotten worse, you should have let us know!”

The dragon delegate snarled and started to reply but the O-Boy delegate cut him off. “If the Dragons are not receiving the attention they require from the senate, the O-Boys and vampires offer aid!” Unrest once again broke out on the senate floor. Across the multiverse people watching VIA Psion Orb looked on intently. 

The Animus captain again spoke calling for order, “It is not for the O-Boys or anyone else to offer protection to any member of the senate without approval! Furthermore…” But now it was the dragon’s turn to interrupt.

“The Dragons grow weary of waiting for the senate to act. We are willing to speak with the O-Boys and vampires to see what can be arranged…” The dragon all but hissed. 

A Merfolk representative stood up, “We cannot divide ourselves this way! This is what the Dark Dwarves want!” 

But the O-Boy delegate, a cycle 6 herself was poised and diplomatic in her response. “We will not be divided! We will be completely transparent in our dealings with the dragons and will also offer our support to any other race that might be in need!” 

“Order! Order!” The Animus captain called banging his gavel loudly. “Now if we are through this meeting will come to order!” the crowd grew silent and most of those present returned to their seats. As they settled themselves the captain continued. Addressing the vampires, “You certainly made an entrance but your time on stage is done. You have been sponsored so you may fall in line with the other new races being presented here today. When your time comes to speak, I am sure we will have much to discuss.” The vampire holograms spread their hands and nodded in agreement and disappeared. Then to the dragons, “Our dragon friends, the senate apologizes if you have felt abandoned by us. We are shaken by your claims and will investigate them immediately. If the situation is as bad as you describe you can expect swift and powerful action from us!” The dragon delegates looked appeased as they sat down but they gave a long knowing look to the O-Boys as they did so. “And to the O-boys… The senate is pleased you have finally taken an interest in participating! But protection of our members is not to be decided by you alone. However, we will consider all you have said as we move forward.” The captain paused and drew a long breath. “Now… How about we try this again shall we?” He cleared his throat and continued. “Members of the Multiversal Senate and guests old and new. Welcome to Elysium 12. Let us begin…”

The meeting that followed was equally intriguing but not all of such interest that it needs to be recorded here. Many things were discussed. Talk of the Oblivion and the Dark Dwarves filled most of the first half of the meeting. By the time this happened the dragons had brought forth proof for the senate to view about the dire straights they were in. Unfortunately, everything they said was true. Their populations had been significantly decimated. The Green, White, and Luck Dragons were particularly savaged, as they could be harvested for many more magical components than most dragons.  But the problem wasn’t senate involvement, it was in the way the dragons handled themselves. They didn’t bring their problems to the senate because they assumed, they were the center of attention.  It was a hard truth for them as the members of the senate had to spell it out for them that they were not. Added to this was the dragons themselves refused to stand together. Dragons are notoriously solitary, rarely associating with their own kind or anyone else for that matter. Added to this most dragons of different types tended to hate each other, or at the very least find each other annoying. This isolation has led to them being easy targets, being quickly dispatched one by one by the Dark Dwarves and their allies. The senate offered to do all they could to help remedy these situations, but it would be up to the dragons to help make it happen. The dragons reluctantly agreed but for the most part continued to behave like petulant children. Many of the delegates had moved their seats and now were sitting with the O-Boys, conversing with them in low voices. 

When it came time to introduce the new races, they each lined up with a representative from a race willing to sponsor them. The vampires easily got the most attention being lined up with an O-Boy sponsor. As each race was presented, they were allowed to say a few words and they were questioned by various members of the senate to find out their intentions and what they had to offer and what they needed. Most of it ran smoothly and quickly but when it came to the vampires things hit a stall. For many many hours the vampires (and the O-Boys) were questioned (grilled) at length. They were asked to display their abilities and perform many other tasks, to which the O-Boys strongly objected but vampires were willing to take it in stride and performed all the tasks they were asked to. In the end there were still many who did not believe they were what they said they were, but with sponsorship from the O-Boys and now the dragons they could not be denied. The vampires were accepted into the Multiversal Senate. 

But even after their acceptance the senate was not done questioning them. Their attention then turned to the Xerxes and their interactions with them. The tales they told gave fear to many present. The Xerxes were possessing and kidnapping vampires and seemed to be intent on turning their combined might against not only the Dark Dwarves but anyone who stood in their way. Presumably this meant the senate and its members a well. The senate set out a plan to offer increased protections for the vampires as their continued capture meant possible turmoil for all present, but the vampires did their best to refuse it. They claimed they only wished to be protected by the O-Boys. In the end however they had to agree to some oversight, so the Multiverse Warriors were charged with keeping tabs on them and organizing them as best they could. The Multiverse Warriors were less than pleased by the assignment…

The Grand Meeting went on and on. But after nearly a full day and night many began to depart. It was considered a rousing success by all who attended. The bonds between the various races of the multiverse was growing stronger and stronger. Many exciting new plans were set into motion to help save those being threatened by both the Dark Dwarf empire and the Oblivion. Hope was shining brightly. 

Slowly the congregation of ships outside Elysium 12 began to dissipate. Slower than one might imagine though as many could not help but stop and gawk at the vampires megaship Crepuscular. By far it was the biggest ship any of them had ever seen, rivaling Elysium 12’s mini-moons, Puissance and Unity. Many hailed the ship asking about its specs and technology. The Centaurs and Humans who were most fascinated with technology sent the most hails. The vampires on board responded as best they could. 

Many came to greet the vampires and the other new races on their way out. The Vampires accepted their greetings warmly, but truthfully seemed more interested in talking with the O-Boys and the Dragons. The representatives from the 3 races sat around talking like guilty teenagers, falling silent when others approach and looking like they hoped the grownups hadn’t heard what they were talking about. When all was said and done the only ones remaining in the senate chambers were the dragons, the O-Boys, and the vampires, and a handful of Animus, Grinders, and the ECC who were cleaning up and performing maintenance. Several tense looks were exchanged between the O-Boys and the Grinders when they came close…

Eventually it seems the 3 groups came to some sort of agreement and were about to part ways, when a regal looking elf approached them. 

As the elf neared them they rose and a vampire spoke, “Ok ok we understand. We’ve been told several times to wrap it up. We will be on our way…”

“No, no sit. I’d like to talk to you as well.” The elf said smiling broadly showing his perfectly white teeth. 

“About?” said an O-Boy curtly.

“Tell me friends, have you ever heard of ‘The Council’?” 

About the Illustration: A human warrior clad in armor. Perhaps its enchanted?

We also have Raine the younger looking devilish and a robot from the Technorganic Conglomerate, and finally a Swaft flying high!

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