Vol. 87: Recap

Vol. 87: Recap


Hello! So, before we start the main story again, I thought we’d do a quick recap. As mentioned previously as we near the end of The Panic we are now about halfway through the backstory. A lot has happened! As such, and since we are coming back from a short break, I thought now would be a good time to try and “catch up” on all that has happened. 

This is just a recap I’m sure to miss some detail ha ha! So as always, the best way to “catch up” is to go back to the beginning and read it from the start! But of course, I’ll do my best! 😊 

As the Panic winds down, we see the Dark Dwarves and their allies no longer in a position of ultimate power. This is significant because this has not been the case throughout all of history. At one time seeing a Dark Dwarf fleet entering your star system spelled certain doom. But now the Dark Dwarves are repelled much more often. This is due to several reasons. One is that the alliance formed under the Multiversal Senate that is based in Elysium 12, has helped foster a sense of friendship and camaraderie throughout the many varied races of the multiverse. This has allowed a boom in technology, and magical and psionic advancement, the likes of which has not been seen ever before in the multiverse. These advances have allowed the Dark Dwarves to be defeated or at least pushed back with every increasing frequency. 

This is not to say things are not still bad with them. The Dark Dwarves and their allies still attack new planets and star systems daily and win many of the worlds they hunt. For them this remains a holy war, one in which they are the heroes. They believe by bringing the multiverse under their subjugation, that they will eliminate the Oblivion, and bring back all the universes that have already been lost to it. 

Another reason the Dark Dwarves are losing ground is that their forces are just spread too thin. Their holy war has frenzied them and made them overreach. More importantly they are now fighting a new force. The Xerxes. These 2 races had long stayed out of each other’s way, but now with an ever-shrinking multiverse they are being forced into conflict with each other. They are also both covetous of the Vampires and the Dragons for the various magical components that can be harvested from them. So, they have come to blows many times while hunting this prey. There is more to say on this, but it will be covered in another reading very soon…

The ancient civil war between the robots also continues. But it has become less terrorism based and more political. The Techno Empire (TE), who are allied with the Dark Dwarf empire, still recruit many bots with their propaganda against “The Organics.” They claim they have autonomy with the Dark Dwarves and that they work “with” them, not “for” them. The spin is: with the Techno Empire robots can truly be free and will never have to serve an organic master, nor deal with their gross biological functions. Regardless they will still occasionally terrorize random Technorganic Conglomerate (TC) cities but now tend to use propaganda as a weapon more often.

The Technorganic Conglomerate has grown in its own right. They remain the main organizational force behind Elysium 12 (with the help of the Graze), and by far still take in the most wayward races. Technorganic Conglomerate Cities remain bastions of hope and acceptance for refugees across all of reality. 

The 2 factions of robots have also made cosmetic changes to differentiate themselves from each other. At one time the TE used the fact that all robots look alike to their advantage, using this fact to slip into cities and sew discord unnoticed. But over time they have sought to differentiate themselves from the TC. They have taken to only fashioning themselves in black, and or gold materials giving them a distinct “look.” As such the TC has taken to using every color BUT black and gold. Ironically the TE chose these colors because they were Snish’s colors. Not because they admire Snish, (Though there do remain robots in the TE that still respect him) but because they knew the TC would be upset by it. 

Since we brought up Snish now may be a good time to bring him up and the other heroes of old. For many many MANY lifetimes no one has heard from The 5, Raine the younger, or Snish. To most, they are all just legends. Even among the older races, many have forgotten about The 5, or just consider them to be stories. But some people do still remember them and speak of them and claim they will return one day to rescue them all from the Oblivion and constant war with the Dark Dwarf empire. The two main exceptions to this are Bastion and Snish.

Bastion is still very much worshipped as a god by the Werepeople. Statues and monuments and temples built in his honor pepper the landscape of every world inhabited by the Werepeople. 

As for Snish the TC still also believes he will return one day to lead them, reuniting the TE and TC into one robotic brotherhood. The truth is Snish is so respected for all he has done for the robots as a people that even among the TE there are few who will speak ill of him, and many there also secretly long for his return. Many robots also claim that when Snish returns Lunar 1 will be reborn and there will be a new age of peace for all of robot kind. For most other races though, those that consider The 5 to just be legends, they see the robots belief in Snish’s return as a sort of robotic religion. Though there are no churches or temples of Snish to speak of…

The Oblivion presses ever onward but has also reached a plateau. For a very long time it seemed like the Oblivion’s acceleration would continue ramping up forever. But as we near the end of the Panic most races agree it seems to have reached a maximum speed. Which is still not good. Without the Trinity and Traxt magic to hold the Oblivion at bay universes have been consumed at an incredibly rapid pace. Leading to more and more refugees being displaced and sent looking for new homes throughout the multiverse. This has all led to the continued rise of Megacities, were races of all kinds live together trying to eek out a meager existence with limited resources and often little hope. Elysium 12 however has done much to alleviate this, traveling the multiverse with its “mini-moons” Puissance and Unity. They do all they can to help struggling people and effectively manage what limited resources are available in an ever-shrinking multiverse. Tremmy Berry Bushes and Panic Ice Cream remain staples for many struggling communities and megacities. 

The Trinity have likewise become almost mythical beings. Very few exist and those that do live in hiding. Some attempts have been made by various races over time to rekindle Traxt Magic but with little to no results. 

Traxts and Traxting have become an accepted way of life. Many don’t even remember another way of dying. Different cultures have done different things with the Traxts of their loved ones. Sometimes arranging Traxts into elaborate works of art, sometimes burying them in “Pocket Graveyards” filled with tiny head stones and mini-graves where the Traxt lies underground in a tiny box or casket. 

The Counsel, who has fallen in and out of favor and power, still exists. Being made of the most powerful and wealthy families from across the multiverse. For many lifetimes they have been regrouping and ruling what they can from the shadows. But recently it seems they are in search of new allies and may be looking to expand their reach once more…

There is of course MUCH more but I can’t rewrite ALL that has happened since the beginning in this writing. I think (I HOPE) I’ve covered most of the major, recent developments. I invariably have forgotten something. If so, I will bring it up when I can, or you can read it yourself in our previous readings. 

I hope this recap has been helpful. I want it to launch us into the next exciting phase of our story! Which starts with our next post! In it we are gonna talk about Gnomes! 

About the Illustration: Today I’ve included a drawing of one of the Lizard People using a Psion Orb! And a Skeleton Wizard!

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