Vol. 89: The Nighttide Trinity

Vol. 89: The Nighttide Trinity

The Nighttide Trinity


The Nighttide Trinity

The time immediately following the vampire’s acceptance into the Multiversal Senate was the greatest time of change in the entire Panic. Indeed, it could be considered the greatest period of change in even longer than that. Many huge things happened in relatively rapid succession that changed the landscape of the multiverse. 

The most notable being the alliance formed by the dragons, vampires, and O-Boys. It seemed you could not see one without seeing the other two. And truthfully this was by design. The 3 groups saw in each other mutual protection. (Also, TBH the idea of a dragon, vampire and O-Boy as an adventuring party is pretty bad ass…) They tended to work mostly at night as most vampires do have an aversion to sunlight, and it was not long before people started calling them, “The Nighttide Trinity.” 

And they seemed to be everywhere. But this was also by design as their business adventure was booming. Within a very short period of time after the vampire’s acceptance at Elysium 12 the Nighttide Trinity introduced a product that changed the game. They called it, “Bloodspring.” A macabre but perhaps accurate name. The most amazing thing was how quickly they were able to launch this business venture. It was almost as if some group with considerable resources was backing them…

Regardless, Bloodspring was a mixture of vampire and dragon blood and magic and O-Boy ingenuity. It came in a small crystal vial about the size of a golf ball. And drinking it would make you immune to Traxting for a full day and night! You could still die but now resurrection magics could bring you back! The realization of this product caused a frenzy throughout all reality. 

But it was expensive. Prohibitively so. Still adventurers that could afford it jumped at the opportunity to have it. The bottles it came in were notoriously fragile and broke easily but there was a strict no refund policy. More than one violent altercation took place over broken bottles of Bloodspring. 

All of this added up to the Nighttide Trinity becoming very rich very quickly. And demand was quickly outpacing supply. They realized they would need a larger workforce quickly. And so, another huge change began that shook the multiverse, The Nighttide hired the Goblins

The goblins and goblinkin (Hobgoblins, Ogres, Trolls, and others) had mostly been forgotten in these times. The majority of then remained fairly primitive and they possessed no spacefaring technology, and few had the ability to navigate the multiverse. But many dragons had been using goblins and their kin as a workforce for countless centuries so when they suggested it the O-Boys and Vampires jumped on it. Soon every O-Boy home was swarming with goblinkin, all working to produce Bloodspring. 

The result was Bloodspring became (slightly) less expensive but having a goblinkin workforce incensed nearly every other race in the multiverse. Most races in the multiverse have had to deal with the goblinkin in battle before. Some were still dealing with them now! The goblinkin worshiped a dark god (actually a multidimensional being who called herself Thanisis) who demanded blood sacrifices and other atrocities on a regular basis. As such on most worlds where goblinkin existed they were known to raid villages and cities regularly, kidnapping and killing men, women, and children indiscriminately. There was no reasoning with them as their god’s word was absolute and infallible. They only respected power. And luckily the Nighttide had it in spades. 

Making matter worse it wasn’t long before they demanded representation for them in the Multiversal Senate. It was absolute pandemonium inside Elysium 12 when they were introduced. But the Nighttide offered a compelling case. The goblinkin WERE being threatened by the Oblivion and they WERE sponsored by all three races making up the Nighttide Trinity. So in the end it proved impossible to deny them entry. It was through clenched jaws that the Multiversal Senate finally allowed them entry. 

But there were problems for the Nighttide as well. They were still adamantly hunted by the Dark Dwarves, The Xerxes and unscrupulous adventurers. And though the Nighttide was very strong they were far from invincible, and many shipments of Bloodspring were raided and stolen, usually in violent and bloody clashes. On top of this the goblinkin were notoriously devious, stealing and selling Bloodspring on their own when they could in dark alleys and other hidden places, and often times providing intel to the Xerxes, Dark Dwarves, and others when it suited their interests. 

The Counsel (Who was secretly backing the entire Bloodspring venture) also started making their own demands. They insisted on an almost unlimited supply of Bloodspring and began sending the Nighttide on various “assignments” of their own. Retrieval of (often theft of) rare artifacts and magical items, intel gathering, and occasionally even assassinations. The Nighttide found it hard not to comply. It was in this way that once again The Counsel began gaining a foothold in the politics of the multiverse. Insidiously gaining control over senate seats and planning their own agenda. What this agenda entailed was privy only to them and as it continued even the Nighttide began to feel nervous about its implications…

One last note of import is that the vampires were learning more and more about the history of the multiverse that they had not been involved in until recently. The most interesting thing to them currently was learning about the legend of The 5, and those who traveled with them. And one day when the Nighttide leadership was meeting the vampires came with a request. “Tell us”, the vampires said, “What can you tell us about the one they call, ‘Raine the Younger’, or as we may call him, the Qazferatu…”

About the Illustration: Here is a Trementian standing ready for battle!

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