Vol. 91: Bastion's Bio

Vol. 91: Bastion's Bio


I hope you are all having a great week! Today we will be looking in-depth at another one of the founding members of The 6. Bastion. 

Appearance: Bastion has the musculature of a Greek god. He is the epitome of “Tank”. He is covered in thick, soft, fluffy, stark white fur, which he keeps fastidiously clean. Moreover he does appear as a gigantic, muscular feline. And yes he cleans himself with his tongue and hates getting wet. Bastion is what is referred to in the Traskoria universe as a “Unique.”  Sadly, for reason that will become apparent as our story continues, Traskoria is home to many Uniques, The last, or only one of their kind. These Uniques are also refered to as “Class U” beings. 

Bastion, also referred to as “Chirpy” by his friends due to his very distinctive and soothing, loud chirp like purr which emanates from him during battle or during times of high emotion. The purr becomes very loud during battle and any friendly forces battling alongside him that can hear the purr are plus 1 to ALL rolls. 

Bastion has deep, wet, shiny, full black eyes, that turn bright red when he enters battle. 

Bastion does not like to be encumbered and usually will carry no weapon nor wear armor or clothes. If he does bring a weapon to battle it will usually be something he can sling over his shoulder, which with his size and strength is often a full size Gatling gun. 

Bastion can change his size at will but is normally considered, “large humanoid,” standing close to 8’ tall. When entering “battle mode” his size will generally triple. He can be larger as the situation dictates, but loses some speed with greater size, and has serious balance issue maintaining any form larger than 30’. His 4 paws are covered in a golden, velvet like fur, and he has retractable claws that can grow up to 2 feet long as needed. 

Weapons: As mentioned above Bastion does not usually carry any weapons but on occasion, has carried massive, oversized guns into battle. His favorite is his custom made, massive, neon lit, Gatling Gun he calls, “Finale

Finale has several unique properties given to it by both Raine’s enchantments and Jodi’s forge. It is considered to be nearly indestructible. Bastion keeps a magic chip inside his left paw that he can press to summon Finale to him at will. Pressing the chip again will dematerialize Finale and send it back to storage. 

It’s body is full mirror chrome and it is accented with long neon lights, that throb in various patterns while the weapon is in use. 

Besides being a weapon of mass destruction, Finale has 3 additional incredible abilities. 

First it has endless ammunition. It never needs to be reloaded.

Next is the ability called “Neon Dragon.” Once a day Bastion can fire Finale into the air releasing a massive, proton pack type energy blast into the sky. The blast is striped with a neon rainbow of colors and creates a gigantic electric neon dragon that will fight at Bastions command. This creature is an electrical elemental, and I will post all of its stats in a future post. 

Lastly is the ability called, “Final Movement”. When powering up this attack Finale glows white with power. All of its neon lights become incredibly bright and steady. After a 15 second charge up Finale can then unleash 3 massive, railgun like blasts. These blasts are insanely powerful and can easily level a mountain with a single shot. After these blasts Finale must cool down for 15 seconds. This ability can also only be used once per day. 

However Bastion is not oft to break out this weapon, instead favoring his own natural weapons, his razor sharp claws. Bastion can instantly spring forth massive onyx black claws, generally about a foot long but can be made larger at will. They are nearly indestructible and can cut thru almost any substance. His razor sharp teeth and fangs are similarly destructive and he can easily bite out a large chunk of a tank if so inclined. 

Skills/Abilities: For the purpose of game play Bastion should be considered a God level/type character. Bastion has many special abilities. He possesses super natural speed, strength, and endurance. 

To say he has a healing factor is a gross understatement. He is immune to all disease and all but the most powerful of poisons. He can instantly heal from even grievous wounds and can regenerate an entire limb in about 15 seconds. When entering battle mode his skin becomes nearly indestructible. The most annoying thing in many battles for Bastion is that his fur does not share the same indestructability and he doesn’t like seeing it burned off or marked. 

He has incredibly heightened senses across the board. By spending an action concentrating he can enhance any of his senses further for super natural effects, like microscopic or telescopic vision, the ability to see the invisible, the ability to hear over great distances, the ability to search for a single sounds even in places that may have a lot of noise, the ability to taste for poisons and other impurities, and many many more. 

Bastions saliva has great healing properties and he will often lick injured companions to accelerate their healing. It also has antiseptic qualities cleaning immediately, and disinfecting. 

Bastion can easily reach speeds of 300 MPH for short sprints, and can maintain 100 MPH indefinitely. He also moves with amazing alacrity in close courters and can attack in a flurry of claw and tooth gaining an additional attack every single round with no upper limit!

Perhaps Bastions greatest power lies in why he is called, “The Master of Forms.” Bastion possesses the ability to take on a humanoid form of any animal or creature and gain all of that creature’s abilities. His entire body will take on the attributes of that creature including their appearance. The only thing that doesn’t change are his large bright red eyes. 

For example if he wanted to take on a dragon form he would become covered in armor like scales, possible grow horns or breathe fire (depending on the type of dragons he is taking the form of). He will often take a pterodactyl humanoid form to fly around and scout locations, and has on more than one occasion taken on a rhino like form to bust down walls. He can also take on aquatic forms to transverse even deep underwater. He can also assume a “battle mode” of any form he takes, increasing his size and strength and potency of any abilities gained by said form. Bastion can change form with a single action, and over countless years has mastered many different forms he uses for varying effects and situations. 

He can converse with any animal including insects, and can compel them to do favors for him. The only animals that don’t communicate with him are spiders. Any sort of animal abuse enrages him.  

He has absolute night vision. He can move in absolute silence and leave virtually no trail even in heavy woods. 

When Bastion dreams he is able to “speak with his ancestors” and get advice from them, and even learn new skills. He has access to the knowledge of nearly 100,000 of his people. 

He is an accomplished engineer and smith having taken up smithing as a hobby to spend time with Jodi, for whom he has a son like desire to please. He has in his time designed many marvelous bridges, buildings, and city works on various planets throughout the multiverse.   

If it comes to battle Bastion has been known to kill far more readily than any of his companions, much to their chagrin. Though he has gotten much better over the centuries, and will now often attempt to only “seriously injure” rather than kill, which is still not where his teammates wish he would be but they will take what they can get. 

He is an accomplished space craft engineer and can often jury-rig fixes that others might not consider. He is able to repair most systems on any ship by himself. 

Bastion does take increased damage from silver weapons and has a low psionic resistance. He is however quite resistant to all forms of magical attacks. 

Character and Disposition: Generally Bastion, despite himself, is very “cat-like.”  Warm and staunchly loyal to his friends, but deadly and quick to strike when there is a perceived wrong. One of his favorite past times is napping, anywhere and everywhere. However this is often welcome, because his deep, loud, chirp like purr is very relaxing and has a healing biofeedback component to it that accelerates the healing of all manner of maladies and injuries. It is not uncommon for Bastion to curl up around, or “spoon” an injured or sick companion or stranger in need to imbue them with some amount of healing. During prolonged battles Bastion can often be seen in full 30’ battle form curled up asleep, with dozens of injured laying against him to increase their healing. 

Bastion likes to be clean almost to the point of being OCD about it. He has similar feelings about getting wet and will try to avoid it whenever he can.  He loves rich expensive foods and can eat massive portions, and often does. He also enjoys drinking at times of victory and is known to get a bit “sloshed” on such occasion causing him to emit a very cute chirping hiccup purr. He is a very jovial drunk and exhibits behavior one might consider “sophomoric or frattish” during this time. Slapping butts, belching loudly, play fighting, noogies and laughing at inane things. However due to his incredible endurance Bastion will often have to consume entire barrels of ale to reach that state, and it usually does not last long. Luckily for him he seems incapable of achieving a hangover. The exception to this is when he can find “Red Whiskey” made only in one place in the multiverse, and is specifically made as “a whiskey for gods.”

Much like a cat Bastion is very wary of strangers and new people and it takes some time for him to trust someone. He also is known to hold grudges and if you betray him or lie to him he will probably never trust you again. However once he bonds with you he would lay down his life for you. He takes pride in soaking up much of the damage his team would otherwise take. He will often refer to himself as “The Wall” when they go into battle, gladly placing himself in harm’s way to protect his allies. 

Despite centuries of experience Bastion still holds on to a bit of ‘feline nativity” which is often annoying to his team mates. He has little value for others personal space (though he expects his own to be monitored fiercely) and will often stand right next to his allies making physical contact to the point of “hanging on them.” He thinks nothing of administering a few licks to any friendly person near him if he sees a scratch or wound or even if they just have dirty hair. 

He has a feline curiosity which also causes him to overstep boundaries. He thinks nothing of roaming around, and climbing, around places he really shouldn’t even be, simply to “look around.” 

He can also sometimes be a bit selfish, especially with his companion’s time, and can grow jealous if they spend time with other people, particularly in regards to Jodi. 

When he is bored (which can be often) he is often aloof, and will day dream (usually about food) when he should be listening. 

History: Bastion’s history is a tragic one in many regards. He came from a planet filled with beings who share his abilities. His universe as a whole is considered quite “regular” other than that. His people were benevolent and since their abilities allowed them to advance quickly they spread out thru their galaxy using their healing abilities to save entire worlds. But it was their ability in battle people soon came to notice them for. 

A scout force of Dark Dwarves happened upon them and watched them for quite some time, gaging whether or not they could be easily conquered or not. It seemed to the dwarves they were the only force in this universe that could possible offer them resistance. After watching them for some time, and seeing them in battle, the Dark Dwarves decided they would conquer Bastion’s people not with warfare, but diplomacy. They could see these people had a sort of “Feline Pride” and they were going to exploit it. 

The Dark Dwarves sent a “welcoming” convoy to Bastion’s home planet. They regaled them with gifts and praise for being “The most advanced race” in this universe, and told them how they would like to share their “Reality Drive” technology with them so they could spread their healing prowess throughout the multiverse. 

Bastion’s people (who called themselves “The Werefold”) were smitten with these new, doting allies and started working with great passion on their own “Reality Drives” under the tutelage of their new dwarven friends. During this time however the Dark Dwarves were secretly planning something insidious and terrible. The entire enslavement of the Werefold race. Over the next year they positioned themselves thru out this universe poised to scoop up the vast majority of the Werefold people in a single swoop, using magical silver bindings and weapons which they had learned the Werefold were susceptible too.  The Dark Dwarves, like all dwarves, are master metallurgists, and smiths, so this entire race having a weakness to silver could not have been more ideal. 

When they were poised to strike they launched their attack. They deployed massive “World Nets” made of magical silver around all the worlds known to hold large numbers of Werefold. On planets where the number of Werefold was significantly less they were simply slaughtered in mass by various means of silver weaponry devised by the Dark Dwarves. 

The universe as a whole fought back to try and protect the Werefold that had done so much for them but they were grossly outmatched by the Dark Dwarves might and those that did not subjugate themselves were simply killed, often entire planets at a time. 

The Dark Dwarves then went about claiming their prize. The entirety of the Werefold people who would be sold throughout the multiverse as both slaves and gladiatorial fighters. They fitted them all with magical silver collars that kept them in a perpetually weakened state, but could be “turned off” by whoever owned them when they wanted to make use of their special abilities. There was of course resistance but the Dark Dwarves are nothing if not brutal, and would often answer insurrection with the killing of multiple Werefold, often by torturous means, in front of the offender. This continued for nearly a century. There were heavy casualties as the Werefold were often, “worked to death” as slave owners attempted to push their supernatural endurance to and beyond its limit. Slews of others died in the arenas where they were made to face some of the most horrifying creatures in the multiverse in combat. 

It’s around this time Raine and Jodi learned of what was happening. But unfortunately it was almost to late for the Werefold people.  A proud people once boasting a population of nearly 100 billion had been diminished to only about 100 thousand in less than 100 years. 

Having had experience with the Dark Dwarves before, Raine and Jodi conceived their own diplomatic ploy. Under false identities they convinced the Dark Dwarves that they had interest in buying the entirety of the remaining Werefold race for a grand “Battle to the Death” where they would be pitted against each other to the last one standing. This raised a terrible bloodlust within the Dwarves who take great delight in death and destruction, and seeing as these 2 strangers were willing to pay for the entire event they were more than pleased to make the sale. 

They real plan was for Jodi and Raine to sneak in to the massive holding facility were the Werefold would be housed before the event, and while Jodi disarmed the planets antimagic defenses, Raine would cast a mass teleportation spell and transport them all away to a hidden planet where they would make ready their escape. 

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. Raine had managed to sneak in a few times under the pretense of “checking out the merchandise” to try and let the Werefold know the plan. He made contact with Bastion himself, who had become the impromptu leader of his people during this time of hardship. Bastion was incredibly grateful for Raine’s plan but was not optimistic. His people spirits had been crushed seeing the absolute desolation of their entire people. And they had a secret plan of their own. 

Bastions people have one more ability we have not mentioned yet, and that is the ability to literally will a portion of their strength into another being. This is not something they do often however because it causes an “intermingling”  of the spirits between the Werefold individual and whoever they are lending their strength too, and if the recipient is injured or killed the psionic backlash from this will often kill the Werefold who did the lending. 

The Werefold knew what was coming. They knew they were going to be compelled by one means or another to fight each other to the death. It would be an end to their people. Rather than do that they concocted a plan to go out on their own terms. The devised a plan that they called “The Great Purr” and when the moment came, if they were not rescued, they would all gather around Bastion and purr all of their great strength into him and set him loose on the Dark Dwarves. 

The night came for the event. A city size battle arena had been constructed and evil beings from across the multiverse (and a ton of Dark Dwarves) had gathered to watch the blood bath. Jodi and Raine set their plan into motion. Jodi battled his way into the main control area and managed to disable all of the Werefold’s collars but in the process set off an alarm alerting the Dark Dwarves to their presence. The Dark Dwarves, sensing their slaves might be about to escape, flooded the catacombs were the Werefold were being held to defend their prizes. Raine had just arrived when the first wave of Dark Dwarves fell upon them. Raine alone began a battle against nearly 100 Dark Dwarves and it took all his force to continue to hold them at bay as wave after wave came upon him. The Werefold, crestfallen but proud, offered up their final act of defiance. 

Slowly, one by one the remaining 100,000 Werefold encircled Bastion, kneeled and extended their open palms toward him, and began to purr. The sound started small. But soon Raine could notice it and it grew as a magnifying force within him and although he had nearly expended all of his magic the purr welled up inside of him a hidden strength and he began to mightily push back the Dark Dwarf swarm. The purr continued to rise. Soon it shook the entirety of the arena and many of its occupants began to fear something was amiss. 

Into Bastion flowed the power, knowledge, strength, love, and pride of his entire people. The Werefold gave without stopping,  not just imbuing him with the whole of their power,  but fusing their entire being with his. And then one by one they fell. From the outer circle inward, like petals falling from a flower, they fell. And finally the only one left was Bastion. Glowing with power, he was terrifying to behold. Even Raine caught himself staring at him in awe. 

Bastion unleased a mighty roar that collaped the earth above him opening a hole to the center of the arena. Raine joined him as he flew into the arena. The patrons of this awful event looked at Bastion in silence and fear. This would be their final emotion. Bastion unleased a tidal wave of power consuming nearly the entire arena and everyone in it. Raine barely managed to teleport away. Bastion clawed his way thru the earth into the underground area where the Dark Dwarves had made their base and moving at nearly the speed of light eviscerated every dwarf there. By now a mass of Dark Dwarves came upon the scene ready for war. They mobilized their remaining forces and brought to bear all of their weapons of war against this single foe. 

But then he was not alone, for Jodi and Raine had come to his side and with a simple nod acknowledged they were there to do battle alongside him. 

The battle waged for 3 days. The dwarves deployed more forces from space but they all met with similar ends. At the beginning the sheer power output of Bastion was far beyond that of Jodi and Raine combined. He quite literally waded into the Dwarven forces taking entire railgun blasts to the face and chest without flinching. However by the end of the second day Bastion had lost most of his shine. The infused strength of his people was beginning to wane. On the morning of the third day, the dwarves ground forces decimated, The 3 champions quickly turned their gaze to space determined to let none of the Dark Dwarves escape. They crushed close to 80% of the dwarves remaining space force before the dwarves engaged their Reality Drives to escape to other universes.

Then it was over. Bastion was the last of his people. Jodi and Raine offered what words they could. Jodi then offered that Bastion should come with them. He was obviously a mighty warrior and more to the point Jodi made it clear they would be fighting with the Dark Dwarves again. This was all that Bastion needed to hear, and besides he was impressed already by their ability in the previous battle. And so Bastion became the 3rd member of what would one day be known as “The 6” and set forth on a life of adventure with this, his new family. 

Author’s Note: I normally would not add such a note here but I feel in Bastion’s case it is warranted. Bastion is a very special character to me. In fact of ALL the characters in Traskoria, only one was created before him. I started drawing him in 5th grade. You will see when I start posting sketch book pages that I have been drawing him for a very long time. As such he is “technically” the first member of The 6. Anyway I just wanted to express while ALL of my characters hold a special place in my heart, there are a few “originals” like Bastion that have really been a great inspiration to me over the years. I hope you will grow to love him like I have.  

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