Vol. 92: Twas a night during the Panic...

Vol. 92: Twas a night during the Panic...

Twas a Night During The Panic…

Twas a night during The Panic

And in every universe

All creatures were stirring

Because The Panic made things worse.


The children were hungry 

Without food or bed

Their parents were frightened

And filled with much dread.


The Dark Dwarves brought war

And conquered all in sight

The Techno Empire brought fear

With their robotic might.


The Fungaloids were rampant

Bringing Plaque Zombies to fight

And Nightmares caused terror, 

Dark mares stalking the night.


Everywhere you looked 

There was so much destruction.

Would there ever be peace?

All was constant commotion. 


The Oblivion marched on

It’s Crawl consuming all

The Multiverse was collapsing

Each universe in turn took it’s fall.


With Panic at its peak

It seemed all was disaster

What was left to live for?

Did anything matter?


But just at its height

When all seemed most lost. 

Hope was still shining

With incredible force!


Elysium 12 stood strong

And rallied the people!

They fought for the weak

And quelled much upheaval.


The Animus and Grinders

And Multiverse Warriors

Fought to protect 

And bring salvation to others.


Light Finders, Magic Spinners

And so many more

Adventurers and heroes

Fighting to even the score!


And during this time 

Of great indecision

People began to come forward 

With miraculous visions!


Psionics and Mages 

And more it would seem

Started to see 

Great things in their dreams!


They saw gigantic 

And beautiful gems!

They looked much like Traxts

And brought with them freedom!


These gems shown so brightly

And gave off so much magic

But oh they were big! 

Bigger than a planet!


Where these gems appeared 

Peace was restored.

Dark Dwarves lost all power

And Oblivion was turned.


Across all reality 

Many did wonder

Why are we all having these dreams,

Whenever we slumber?


Whatever the reason 

these visions raised spirits

People saw them as good omens

And were willing to hear it.


And what did the people call 

These massive gems so brilliant?

The people who saw them

Began to call them The Radiants!


And so we have reached 

the top of the Panic

We all seemed so lost

Like we’ve all run the gamut.


But we never lost hope! 

We are always stronger together!

We will never give up!

We will never surrender!


Adventurers everywhere

And now these new visions

Radiants and Heroes 

Strengthening our convictions.


So now rest your heads

We almost have made it

Hope is indeed returning,

You and I will shape it.


About the Illustration: A special illustration for a special day! Here we have one of the first real drawing of Arc! We are finally wading through all the older art work (though there is still a ton more lol) But some of the characters final designs are coming up. This is just a peek at Arc, there will be more drawings of him as we go, but this is a fun look at what he REALLY looks like. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I hope you are all embraced by magic!

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