Vol. 94: Fires in the Sky!

Vol. 94: Fires in the Sky!

Fires in the sky

During this time visions of the Radiants continued throughout the multiverse. Mostly with psionic users but followed closely by magic users, and even a small group of “regular” people. People still liked hearing about the Radiants from people who had the visions. They offered a sort of calm and hope. The visions were becoming more detailed, with people expressing that at times they saw small ships and even people flying around the Radiants. Some reported seeing them being propelled across space or even jumping from universe to universe. But regardless of all this the reason for these visions was still a mystery. What did they mean? Why were we having them? It was concerning to many.

Then something else extraordinary began to happen. People began to tell stories about seeing the Radiants in real life! But these stories came from dubious sources. Mostly from space pirates, thieves, and drunken bards in out of the way universes. In space dive bars across all of reality rogues and black-market merchants told any who would listen about their harrowing experiences with the Radiants. The stories were always similar. While cruising in dark corners of some far away galaxy massive glowing Traxts would appear. Absolutely incredible in size. People said they were bigger than planets and some even said they took up entire solar systems! They seemed to get larger with each retelling. Nevertheless, those that “saw them” said they glowed brightly or were covered in a golden fire. They would appear for brief moments and then disappear leaving nothing in their wake. Conveniently not a single photo had been captured by anyone and ship sensor logs reported nothing. Most people chalked them up to being “old pirate tales” and nothing more. Still many began to wonder…

On the subject of visions many began to once again report sighting of the being known as Arc. If The 5 were at this time considered only legends, the story of Arc would be considered an almost forgotten legend. All the same, seemingly out of nowhere, people did begin to report seeing him again. But something was odd this time. He still appeared on battlefields, standing over the injured and fallen as if to bring attention to those most in need of help. But now when he appeared Black Lightning followed soon after. This lightning left craters in the ground and shook the area nearby with thunderous noise. Those that claimed to see Arc said they swore the lightning came as a surprise to Arc himself who would jump out of the way and looked “startled” when it appeared. 

The most well documented sighting took place outside of one of the Nighttide Trinity’s Bloodspring facilities. A battle had erupted between a large group of miscreant adventurers who were attempting to steal the Bloodspring and the Nighttide and goblinkin inside. At the height of battle both sides claimed to see Arc standing atop the facility surveying the fight. When “all of a sudden the sky grew dark as pitch” and Arc seemed to look up at it in fear. He shielded his face as a massive bolt of black lightning flew down upon him. The entire facility erupted in a fantastic explosion, killing and injuring many on both sides. In the smoky aftermath people reported seeing Arc, unscathed, crawling from body to body with silvery diamond tears rolling down his face. The sky rumbled and Arc looked up again and disappeared. The sky cleared almost instantly, and the sun of this world shown down upon the carnage. This was the end of the visions of Arc. 

This tale comes from questionable sources as well. The Nighttide Trinity considered by many to simply be gangsters, and the adventurers who survived who were all known criminals. Most chalked up the explosion to some errant spell that missed its mark igniting something inside the facility. But the Nighttide present swore it was all true. 

Finally, there was one other group having visions during this time, the vampires. The vampires as a whole had always been sensitive to precognition, with many of them having visions regularly. But these were different. The vampires did not tell outsiders of these visions, only the Nighttide. Recently the vampires had become insatiable in their quest to learn about Raine the Younger, to the point of annoying their Dragon and O-Boy companions. They had long since had their own ancient legends about “The Qazferatu” or “The last vampire” and there were some who believed it would be a vampire “named after the storm.” Some said their ancient ancestors even specifically named Raine as the Qazferatu. In the past the vampires had hunted down and killed anyone they even considered might be the Qazferatu. Their reasoning being if they killed this vampire off, they would ensure their own continued survival. The more they learned about this Raine the Younger the more they believed he may actually be the one from the legend. 

The O-Boys and Dragons mostly rolled their eyes and tolerated their vampiric friends’ fanatical interest. Even among the vampires there were many who just considered it a story. One of many false legends the vampires had created since ancient times. But there were still plenty who took it very seriously. 

And then the visions began. Vampires in trance or in repose claimed to see Raine the Younger and their former leader Braunon locked in epic battle. It would always end the same with both beaten and bloody, but Raine claiming victory. Raine then sealed Braunon in a prison of black energy where he was to remain captive for all eternity. It caused a swelling of unrest among the vampire people. 

In the end it seemed the whole of the multiverse was seeing things. Planet sized flaming Traxts, ancient figures cloaked in lightning and blood, and long dead leaders. All adding to the punctuated panic of this time. What if any meaning any of this had remained to be seen. Most still struggled to survive day by day in a multiverse fraught with war and suffering. What use did the common people have for dreams and shadows of the mind? 

About the Illustrations: Today we are showing a quirky wizard riding a dinosaur! And a bonus doodle sketch 😊 

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