Vol. 99: The Oh!

Vol. 99: The Oh!

The Oh

Character Class

RPS: 5/10

At a Glance: The Oblivion’s Hand (Called “The Oh” by most) are a fanatical cult who worship the Oblivion and welcome its consumption of the multiverse. They are beings from nearly every race who have given up their magic and psionic abilities to become agents of the Oblivion. 

In Depth: Near the beginning of The Panic, beings in incredibly elaborate hooded cloaks began to show up across the multiverse. At first, they were considered simply an oddity but as The Panic continued there seemed to be more and more of them. And soon they were setting up churches in mega cities. They call themselves, “The Oblivion’s Hand” though most people simply refer to them as “The Oh” or sometimes “The Cloaks” (Usually in a derogatory way like. “We got more of those damn Cloaks running around the city shouting off their nonsense!”)

The Oh, like the O-Boys, are usually desperate people. They commonly have had some encounter with the Oblivion at an early age that shakes them fundamentally. But unlike the O-boys who absorb the Oblivion into their bodies through the Oblivion Wraiths, the Oh choose to “weave” the raw Oblivion itself into power. 

First and foremost, the Oh worship the Oblivion. To a lesser extent they also worship the O-Boys as sort of “high-priests” of the Oblivion. Initially the O-Boys paid them no attention as they do every other race, but soon saw their fanatical devotion as something to be exploited, and toward the end of the Panic the O-Boys began using the Oh and their churches for everything from hoarding Bloodspring, to hideouts for illegal weapons and more. 

The Oh see the consumption of the entire multiverse by the Oblivion as inevitable. They claim those absorbed by the Oblivion live in a state of eternal peace and that all people should embrace this peace. In the beginning these radical views led to many of the Oh being ridiculed and to their places of worship being vandalized. But something curious happened. The Oh started to become very involved in the communities where they live. They started soup lines to feed the very poor, they offer shelter and housing to the homeless and to wayward travelers. They have even begun taking in orphans. They do this all for nothing. Nothing but the chance to talk to those around them about the ‘Glory of the Oblivion”. Shockingly to many the “Church of Oh” began to garner many followers. Other desperate people with no food, no place to go, looking for meaning in a panic filled multiverse. Soon a Church of Oh could be found in almost every megacity anywhere. 

Anyone can join the Church of Oh, but only those with potential magical or psionic power can become “The Cloaked.” The Cloaked are the true “priests” of the Church of Oh and they can become very powerful over time. To become one of the Cloaked one must go thru a taxing magical ritual. For whatever reason it seems to work better on the young so the Oh does all it can to recruit young adults, teenagers, and even children to their cause. However, this does not stop people of all ages from attempting the ritual in order to become more involved in the churches organization. 

The price is high to take part in the ritual. Whether the ritual fails or succeeds, whoever attempts it will lose all magical and psionic power permanently! But if it succeeds they will gain new powers that grow over time, all based around the spinning of Oblivion into thread. People who make it through the ritual gain the ability to turn Oblivion into a sort of magical thread. One cubic foot of Oblivion creates 1ft of thread so a single Cloaked Oh can wipe out massive swathes of Oblivion simply creating a single spool of Oblivion Thread. (A common spool of thread has nearly 4000’ of thread on it!) Many people admonish the Oh for not using this power more often for good. A Cloaked Oh can easily wipe out vast amounts of Oblivion near worlds about to be taken by it, and they often do so. But once they collect what thread they need, they leave. Allowing the world to be consumed and being ecstatically happy for the people left on said world as they are swallowed up by the Oblivion and its Crawl

The true power of the Oh doesn’t lie in the thread they create, but instead in what they create from the thread. (There is a class of Oh that specializes in using the Oblivion Thread itself as a tool and weapon, but that character class will receive a separate write up at a later time.) The true power of the Oh comes in the creation of their beautiful and highly intricate Cloaks. 

A Priest of the Oh starts level 1 having just completed their own cloak. They have survived the ritual intact and have been collecting Oblivion Thread for some time now. They have studied their “religion” and learned from their fellows how to weave and sew the thread into fabric and garments. When finally, one day they complete their own Cloak and are ready to join the priesthood proper. 

The first time they put on their cloak it becomes bonded to them. From that point on no one else will be able to use their cloak. The cloak provides them with an array of powers and abilities that grow stringer over time. Let’s look at their many abilities now. 

To begin Priests of Oh have many powers unrelated to their cloaks, some of which we have already mentioned. They can “Pull” any Oblivion they can see into thread. They don’t even have to be very close. Priest of Oh can pull Oblivion from an astonishing 100 miles away per level! The Oblivion coalesces into a shimmering thread as it is pulled and then wrapped around the priest’s spindle. The power is awesome to behold, and onlookers will often gasp as they see the Oblivion surrounding their world disappear and become this beautiful shimmering thread. 

They also have a sort of “anti-oblivion” aura that also extends 100 miles per level! This means that Oblivion Wraiths will avoid them and their ships. The tendrils of the Crawl will veer away from them. At higher levels a few Priests of Oh can hold back the Oblivion from an entire planet for quite some time. But they don’t do this often. Why would they want to keep a planet from knowing the Peace of Oblivion? The aura can be shut on or off by the Priest at will. This allows them to pull thread from the Oblivion when they want to and be unhampered by it when they are conducting other business or travelling in Oblivion filled areas. It should also be noted this aura cannot be kept up indefinitely. It can be maintained for 1 hour per level of the Priest. They also have the ability to “Bless” O-Boys near them by touch. This blessing gives O-Boys a quick burst of healing and a lingering regeneration. (1d6{+1 per level} initial healing, with 1d4{+1 per 2 levels} healing each round after for 4 rounds) This healing blessing works with 50% effectiveness on “non-O-boys”.

The Priest’s real power lies in their cloak. Through their cloaks they can wield incredible powers that become stronger per level. 

1) 360-degree Telekinetic Push: By spinning rapidly in a circle the Priest can push back anything and anyone around them. The push works as the psionic: TK Push, but instead of pushing in one direction it pushes in a full circle around the priest! The push can move any object up to 200 lbs +5 lbs per level of the priest 10’ away + 2’ per level! Objects or people colliding with other objects or walls may take damage. 

2) Super Telekinesis: Perhaps their most powerful ability the priest gains is the psionic power “Super Telekinesis” at their level whenever they are wearing their cloak. See the psionic/spell for full description but in general it allows the priest to move and propel objects with their mind! 

3) Telekinetic Leap: As the psionic power at their level. This allows the priest to jump incredible distances both vertically and horizontally. 

4) No fall damage: A priest wearing their cloak can literally fall any distance and take no damage! 

5) Psionic Armor: The cloak itself absorbs all damage directed at the priest. It can absorb 10hp damage +5hp per level of the priest. 

6) Hand of the Oblivion: The Priest is able to summon a large spectral hand that can attack for them! The hand has a strength of 8 but gains 1 strength point per level of the priest. Meaning at high levels the hand gains supernatural strength! The hand can do punching and squeezing damage per its current strength. It has 30hp +2hp per level of the priest and can persist for 1 min per level of the priest. 

7) Finally, the priest may choose one more psionic ability to wield at levels 5 and 15. These psionic abilities can only be used while wearing their cloak and are used as the psionic at their level. The psionic picked at level 5 can be any non-super psionic and the one picked at level 15 can be any psionic including super!

Despite all the good the Church of Oh seems to do for their communities they are still very much a terrorist organization. Their main and only goal is the propagation of the Oblivion. They are responsible for attacks on research vessels studying the Oblivion, and any other group trying to stop its steady march. They despise Traxts for their ability to push back the Oblivion and likewise despise The Trinity (Though none have existed for many many generations now, they do all they can to discredit their legacy) They also go out of their way to help cripple worlds in the Oblivions path, and thwart rescue efforts that could save many more people on these worlds. 

Overall, the Church of Oh and its colorfully cloaked priests are still somewhat of an enigma. The good they do in the megacities has gained them the support of the poor and neglected, but their ties to terrorism and fanatical devotion to the Oblivion (and the O-Boys) are a thorn in the side of the Multiversal Senate and many others. What their real impact on the multiversescape will really be is a story that is still unfolding…

About the Illustration: This one is a bit different than most of the illustrations I provide. But it came out so well I thought I would share it. This is a straight up art piece I designed. It is meant to show energy being contained and escaping! I hope you enjoy it! 

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