Volume 0: The Introduction

April 19, 2019 1 Comment

Volume 0: The Introduction

Hello! And welcome to Traskoria! A place where I will share my art with you, but more so a place where I will be telling the story of Traskoria!
Since the 6th grade (and before) I have been creating my own fantasy world. Through time it has changed and evolved, but the threads of its existence have remained the same. I have reached a point in my life that I feel if I do not begin to tell this story, it will go untold. I believe it is a story that must be told. I hope you will agree.
If you enjoy fantasy and sci-fi I hope you will find a home here. I hope to create content as often as possible so there will always be something to see. I am choosing to tell the story of Traskoria in the fashion of a tabletop gaming series. It is very much my hope that through this page and perhaps of connections with people like TheTabletopGameShop will take notice of my work and want to help me tell this story. (We did!)
As a tabletop gamer going on nigh 30 years of play I believe I will be introducing novel concepts to the world of gaming. I believe I have ideas that have never been used before that could revolutionize the tabletop gaming world. I will introduce some of these concepts as needed for the story to unfold. Others I will save for a time, however I do believe Traskoria could and will kick start a new thriving era of tabletop game play!
More to the point as I begin to tell this story there are 2 things I want you to know:
1) This is a true story. It may seem odd to say so but I believe it will be proved to you as the story unfolds.
2) And this is truly a story about you! Yes YOU! You may not know it yet but you will be all very much active in creating this journey’s story. In fact you are doing it right now. As you live and breathe wherever you are right now you are creating the story of Traskoria!
OK That’s it! I hope to have the first part of the Traskoria story following this post! (it’s dropping Monday, April 15th!) I hope that we will go on this journey together! I hope you will tell your family and friends and spread the word! This is a universe for you. This is Traskoria!
-Random Psionic
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Ben Wesner
Ben Wesner

April 16, 2019

Sounds awesome and I can’t wait for more!

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