Volume 14: Presence Revelers Character Class

May 22, 2019

Volume 14: Presence Revelers Character Class

Volume 14: Presence Revelers Character Class

RPS: 6/10

At a Glance: A psionic class that avoids damage and excels at physical damage at the beginning of battle.

In-Depth: Presence Revelers are a class created originally by Telanor (Of “The 6”), to combat the Fungaloid scourge of her home universe. They have several enhanced Psionics and can easily dish out massive damage while avoiding taking damage in the beginning of battles. They gain these abilities by being constantly, “In the NOW” and being aware of what is around them to the tiniest of details. They are best in short decisive battles where they can use their powerful but short lived abilities to end conflict quickly or open up battle lines for their comrades. 

They pull most of their psionics from the physical and sensitive spheres but their main power comes from their starting Super Psionics which they have from level 1!

Presence Revelers start at level 1 with ability to wield a physical psionic weapon of their choosing and the ability to create a physical psionic shield. They also start with 2 other Super Psionics of their choosing! The rest of their Psionics will be chosen per class and can only be taken from the Sensitive and Physical types.

The majority of their  power however circles around their unique ability “Superior 6th Sense.” This ability allows the Psionic to know when danger is coming automatically, a minute before It happens. Any attack or danger to themselves OR to a member of their party will be sensed before it happens. The type of danger or peril is not sensed or known. They only know the danger is coming. However this is where the ability becomes “Superior.

When Superior 6th Sense is activated the Psionic Reveler becomes “Hyper Aware” of their surroundings. They become very present in that exact moment. This “Hyper Awareness” provides many bonuses and lasts for 3 minutes (1 min before the event when Superior 6th Sense activates and 2 mins after the event, usually in battle) 

First, neither the Psionic nor their group can be surprise attacked. If it was a surprise attack the moment the attack begins the Psionic will be aware where from and all bonuses that would have been applied to the surprise attack are negated, to both the Reveler and their party. The Psionic will also automatically have first initiative on the first round of attacks and be +4 to all initiative rolls for the entire time the ability is active. They will also be +4 to parry and dodge for this time. 

When 6th Sense Superior is activated the psionic weapon and shield are also summoned to the Psionic at no cost! 

They also receive +1 physical action/attack during this time. ALL skills are also enhanced for these 3 minutes with a +25% chance of success of all rolls. Finally we get to their most powerful abilities. Once a round (every 15 seconds) the Psionic can avoid any attack for free! Instead of being hit, the Psionic can claim their “Hyper Awareness” and miraculously avoid any damage! They can also once every round call a critical hit! Instead of rolling to hit for that attack the Psionic can again claim “Hyper Awareness” and do automatic critical damage with their attack. 

At the end of the 3 minutes however all the bonuses fade away. The psionic weapon and shield also disappear but can of course be summoned again but this time at cost as a regular psionic. They lose all the skill bonuses and the extra action/attack. Superior 6th Sense can also only be activated twice a day, so on the battlefield teams may be caught unaware if they are in continuous battles over a period of time. Psionic Revelers also receive negatives to using any type of ranged weapon. They only tend to use weapons that allow them to be “in the midst of battle” and using ranged weapons doesn’t allow them to be “fully present” with whomever they are attacking. Psionic Revelers always receive a +1 to dodge and parry even when not under the effects of Superior 6th Sense, and this bonus is added on to whatever other bonuses they may have from skills, class, etc. 

Psionic Revelers tend to be very optimistic, flower child, hippie like in nature. They tend to talk a lot and will often make kind comments even to people they are attacking. They are fond of psychedelics of all kinds and as another “bonus” to their class they receive zero combat negatives to fighting “high”, “drunk” or while “tripping.” They are friendly to a fault and exude “free love” towards people and animals of all kinds.

One other unusual aside to this class is their love of mushrooms. Not just the psychedelic kind but the kinds you eat. Some theorize this is a “psionic trait” passed on from the original Psionic Revelers who fought so ardently against the Fungaloids. That somehow their predecessor’s animosity toward the Fungaloids has been passed down to the newer generations in a form of “psionic fungal hunger.” Psionic Revelers will eat mushrooms with great contentment at any meal or even for snacks. They also love finding wild edible mushrooms in the wild, where they will often say things under their breath like, “I am going to fucking cook and eat the shit out of you!’ Which will often glean glances from other members of their party if they are nearby, to which the Reveler will simply smile and pick the mushrooms like nothing happened. Mushroom dishes or Mushroom Teas prepared by a Reveler will enhance the healing and mood of whoever eats or drinks them. 

Psionic Revelers generally prefer to be outdoors, and in the wild surrounded by nature. They love camping and are also very interested in philosophy and music. Most Revelers can play multiple musical instruments well, and/or sing. 


-Random Psionic


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