Volume 17: Light Finders

May 29, 2019

Volume 17: Light Finders

Volume 17: Light Finders

Character Class

RPS: 5/10

At a Glance: A psionic who uses Photokinesis (The ability to control and manipulate light) for varied effects, but most notably, to battle the Dark Dwarf scourge. 

In-Depth: The history and origin of the Light Finders is, unfortunately, not well documented. It is generally thought that Raine (The Younger) had some hand in creating the ritual that is performed to turn someone into a Light Finder but even this is debated. What is known is they started appearing with a much greater frequency around the beginning of “The Second Crush” 

It is also known that they rose up around a need to be filled. The Dark Dwarves “War Sung” fleets moved as seemingly invincible juggernauts. From their highly enchanted ships and armor to their massive destructive weaponry, finding a crack in their armor has proven to be a very difficult if not impossible task. Even with the discovery of their weakness to “Light Magic” fighting them was almost always suicide. 

Enter the Light Finders. They alone have crafted what is considered to be the best offensive and defensive abilities available to fight the Dark Dwarves and their machinations. 

Light Finders come from all walks of life but in order to become one you must be young and you must have some level of psionic or magical ability already present. Then you must make the choice to become a Light Finder. It is not forced upon anyone. However the choice is usually only offered to those whose home worlds are under imminent threat by the Dark Dwarves, thus providing significant motivation. 

Once someone decides to become a Light Finder the ritual can begin. From start to finish it takes about a full day and a full night. It involves the construction of a giant magic circle that cannot be prepared ahead of time. It must be started at dawn and the person who will become a Light Finder must remain in its center for the entire time. The nominee cannot eat, drink, or sleep until the ritual is complete. Once the circle is complete a veteran Light Finder will begin the incantations which will last until dawn of the next morning. It is a trying time for both the nominee and the veteran. Both must have intense concentration and most of all be uninterrupted. Distraction from either person will ruin the ritual. 

If they can make it till dawn unhindered, as the first rays of sun touch the magic circle for the new day, the nominee will undergo a beautiful transformation in a rainbow of colored lights expanding in mesmerizing fractals all around them. This will continue for several minutes and after which the nominee will fully be a Light Finder. The new Light Finder will usually then stay under the tutelage of the veteran who helped create them for as long as possible or up to a year. However with Dark Dwarf attacks imminent many times this learning period is cut short. Furthermore the new Light Finder’s old life is now over. They will never perform magic again nor will they wield traditional psionics. For people who may have already begun a life as a fledgling mage or psionic user the adjustment can be a bit jarring. But they will quickly find they have come into a new set of bold and diverse powers and abilities. Powers and abilities they will wield the rest of their lives. 

Powers and Abilities: Light Finders possess many offensive and defensive light based abilities. They take half damage from all fire and heat based attacks and deflect lasers effortlessly. They are immune to all dark type attacks, negating them instantly. Magical darkness will recede from their presence and evaporate like the morning fog under a full sun. 

They possess the ability to create 2 light weapons of their choice, one handheld and one ranged. The weapons can be of any type (within reason and with GM/DM approval) and will do increasing damage with level. The most popular weapons tend to be staffs and handguns, though swords, rifles, clubs, smgs and more are all completely viable choices. Both weapons do double damage against Dark Darves and objects enchanted by them.  

Surprising to some, Light Finders also have complete night vision and see just as well in total darkness as in broad daylight. As the area around them gets darker their eyes shine brighter and in complete darkness their eyes pierce through the inky blackness like burning hot coals suspended in the air. Likewise they cannot be blinded by any type of light or lighting effect or magic. They can stare directly into a sun indefinitely with no ill effect. They can also amplify existing light to extremes. With the light from a single candle a Light Finder could light up an entire auditorium. When no outside light is available they can produce floating orbs of light that can illuminate in the round or be focused like a spotlight or flashlight. These orbs can be bonded to other people who can then manipulate them freely for light and last several hours. They can also absorb light darkening a space. 

They can produce light from any part of their body and produce and assortment of various effects. Blinding flashes, and dazzling displays that can entertain, mesmerize, hypnotize, stun, and even cause extreme nausea. On the other side their light effects can also strengthen and inspire their comrades and provide light healing. 

They can heal themselves and restore psionic energy by sunbathing. This must be done in bright full sunlight and in the nude. But it triples their rate of healing and doubles the rate of psionic energy restoration. A Light Finder cannot be “sunburnt” regardless of how long they spend in the sun. Furthermore they tan beautifully and are known throughout the multiverse for their radiant skin.  

By concentrating for an action they can focus their light into intense small lasers that can start fires even with wet kindling and in a pinch burn thru restraints. This ability does not work well at range however and is rarely used for attack, though it can be used as an intense “Burning Grasp” if necessary. 

By taking a physical action they can also cover themselves with an ALMOST invisible light shield which will absorb damage and act as an air filter straining out smoke, poisons, and other harmful gasses. 

Their final 2 abilities are their most extreme and can each only be used once a day. When I describe the second ability the reason will be obvious. 

To begin there is the ability “Rising Hope.” After concentrating for a full round (15 seconds) the Light Finder will begin to shine brightly from head to toe. They will also gain flight. This is their Light Form and it gives them several other abilities for the short time they can maintain this form. Firstly, though the light is intensely bright, friendly forces will suffer no negatives even when looking directly at the Light Finder. Friendly forces touched by the light will receive bonuses to dodge, parry, attack, damage, and initiative. Enemies touched by the light will receive equal and opposite negatives. Dark Dwarves receive additional negatives. Runes, Glyphs, and magic inscriptions created by Dark Dwarves are FULLY NEGATED while under the light from a Light Finders light form! Rendering extreme impotence to Dark Dwarf armor, weapons, ships and more. 

During this time the light finders speed is tripled. Both on the ground and in flight. They will have no need for air and can exist in the vacuum of space unaffected. They also gain the ability to fire massive beams of destructive light (damage increases with level) and can do so with only a physical action/attack plus psionic cost. Lastly they gain the ability to produce “Liquid Light” which can be smeared onto friendly forces to provide a sustained healing effect which will even mend armor over time, and likewise be smeared onto enemy forces to provide and sustained damage over time effect. The effect increases with level and lasts a very long time, continuing to heal or harm long after the Light Finders light form has ended. Light form lasts 5 mins + 1 min per level. 

The last ability is called “Final Sunrise” and is a massively destructive spell with the ultimate cost, the Light Finders life. The ability triggers quickly, taking only one physical action to initiate and then one physical action to detonate. When triggered the Light Finder will immediately begin to glow with a blinding light. So bright, friend and foe alike must make a saving throw or be blinded for 1d4 rounds. (Other Light Finders are immune to this blinding however AND immune to the destructive light blast that follows!) On the following action the Light Finder detonates in a gigantic spherical explosion expanding out 10’ + 10’ per level. The damage it deals is devastating and absolute. Dark Dwarves and any things with their enchantments take double damage, which frankly usually means they are vaporized. However realize again that this is a one time effect. There is only a 1% chance the Light Finder will survive this blast. Also since it affects friend and foe alike Light Finders will not use this attack if there are innocents or friendly forces in the blast radius, except in the most extreme of circumstances and maybe not even then. However as mentioned other Light Finders will not be affected by this blast so there have been occasions where one Light Finder will detonate themselves in a last ditch effort to save other Light Finders fighting alongside them when they are attacking (or evading capture) as a group. 

Other Notes: Light Finders across the board usually share a deep hatred for Dark Dwarves. This is almost always with good reason. Most Light Finders have experienced profound loss at the hands of Dark Dwarves and their forces. 

A new Light Finder cannot perform the ritual to create a new Light Finder until level 10. At level 10 this knowledge will well up inside of them and they will then be able to create the magic circle and perform the ritual. The chance for success rises with each level after 10. 

These characters can be stoic or unattached. Especially at early levels as most of them have experienced some sort of loss, or at the very least, intense war and battling, prior to or shortly after their transformation. This can easily change over time, especially if they are surrounded by supportive friends. 


-Random Psionic


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