Volume 18: The Second Crush, Intro.

May 31, 2019

Volume 18: The Second Crush, Intro.

The Second Crush, Intro.

The 2nd Crush, The Beginning. 

We have covered most of the main details of The First Crush. There may be (probably will be) times when we need to revisit this period but we will cover that when we need to. A few odds and ends are left to cover before we move forward.

Of course some of you have noticed we haven’t covered ALL of the main subjects that have been brought up on their own yet. The prime examples being: Traxt Magic and Raine (the Younger), among several others. Rest assured they will all be covered in time. I am attempting to present all things in an order that compliments the story. Many of the things left uncovered will be covered in this new chapter however. So let’s begin…

As a quick reminder we have talked about the 1st Crush previously. “The Crushes” being expansions by The Oblivion throughout the multiverse.  The dates for the first crush may be impossible to pin down for obvious reasons. Mostly because determining where and how The Oblivion began has thus far proven an impossible task. Many say that The Oblivion is a natural phenomenon. That it is the natural answer to the “Continuous Bang Theory” that brought the multiverse into existence. A Yin and Yang of sorts, being complementary rather than opposing forces. Others however swear they can sense a sinister mind or force at work behind The Oblivion. Regardless, the origin of The Oblivion is a philosophical question we will address later.  Right now what matters to the multiverse as a whole is it exists and it is coming. 

In general then The First Crush is considered to be the time period from which it began (unknown) to the start of The 5’s mission as heralds of The Oblivion. 

The second and third crushes are much less ambiguous. The Second Crush then is considered to start at the approximate time of the beginning of The 5’s mission as heralds and ends with the beginning of “The Panic”, which will be the starting point of The Third Crush. There are some purists that say this period is just one long continuous event but most agree, for point of reference, that The Crushes are separated by this event. As such we will talk about them so. 

At this point The Oblivion is still basically unknown. A handful of multiverse faring travelers and space pirates may tell tales of “A giant fog monster consuming galaxies” or something similar, but these stories are often just considered “tall tales” and dismissed as such despite the fervor with which they are told. Likewise the number of universes still in existence could still be considered, basically infinite. Multiverse faring races have noticed no difference in traveling thus far. If a universe is a grain of sand on a beach, and you take a shovel full of sand from every beach in the world would there really be any less sand to view? A clumsy analogy perhaps, but apt. 

It should also be noted that at this time the only people who know of the existence of the universe called “Traskoria” are The 5, Arc, and Raine (the younger). 

As we begin to talk about The Second Crush we come into a confusing time for The 5. In honor of their fallen member Dran it was decided among them they would never be known as The 6 again, and took to calling themselves The 5. However throughout the multiverse they were still known as The 6, so many rumors sprouted up about this name change. Especially since they were now traveling with a new companion in the form of Raine (the younger). Many people believed Raine (the younger) was simply Dran in a new form. They had seen, or many had heard stories about the amazing magics that had come to bear in the history of The 6’s travels and it was not far fetched at all for most to believe Dran had simply adopted another form for whatever reason. Also during this time The 5 began traveling off and on with a sentient robot by the name of “Snish” further adding to the confusion. In truth though it mostly added to their mystique, and they began to be called by many names: The 5, The 6, The 5 that are 6, and so on. If you think people don’t make a big deal about semantics take a look at any religion and multitude of factions they split into over a few words in a book. But I digress. The point is by simply losing one member, the once solid 6 had begun to show cracks in their multiversal prestige, simply because they changed their name... “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...”

Compounding this was the need for The 5 to be apart now, for long periods of time as they entered each new universe. Their mission now was pretty straight forward. They would travel to universes being affected by The Oblivion and attempt to rescue as many as possible while continually learning all they could about The Oblivion. In general things would begin this way: Firstly Telanor would use Delphi to scry for a universe in peril from The Oblivion. The rest of the crew would begin making preparations to jump to that universe while Telanor continued to divine all she could about that universe on their way in. And even after the jump Telanor’s work would not be done. She would continue to divine and scry all she could about the universe they were now in to help lay a plan to save the most people while continuing to scry for new universes being affected by The Oblivion. 

Here we come to a pivotal moment in our history. One that will literally change everything. So significant is what happens next that after describing it we will end today’s reading and pick up on it next chapter from here. This moment of importance being the “Origin of Traxts.”

Upon entering any new universe for the first time The DC emits a wave of cosmic and magical energy that permeates the life force of every sentient being in that universe. From that point on any sentient being that dies will turn into a Traxt gem within seconds of death. The deceased body shatters into a beautiful diamond dust that quickly coalesces into a beautiful purple black and blue gem about the size of a large diamond. Inside the Traxt you can see a multitude of effects which most people describe as swirling stars or glitter or lights. It is quite mesmerizing. In general the more powerful the person had become in life, the brighter their Traxt will shine upon their death. Even if a body is completely destroyed in an explosion or similar, a Traxt will still form in the spot where they died. 

Traxt are indestructible and full of magic. But this magic is not easily tapped into. Several forms of Traxt Magic exist to use this magic and we will talk about them in upcoming readings. 

Nevertheless, this event causes much turmoil in any universe The 5 enter. Upsetting the religious rites of many peoples and disturbing the general public. It is quite an adjustment to not have a loved one’s body to mourn over and quite a jarring reality to see this beautiful gem in their stead. This event along with the knowledge that wherever The 5 go, The Oblivion follows, quickly shredded The 5’s once noble and rock star like image, making them unwanted, and even hated in many universes they would enter. It was a hard time for everyone. 

However The 5 continued their work knowing they were doing what they must to save all who could be saved. Because the fact is Traxts, and the magic enabled by them, is the only force in the universe known to slow The Oblivion’s crawl, and is effective at combating the Oblivion Wraiths and Oblivion Ghouls associated with it. The 3 classes associated with Traxt magic are: The Traxt Smiths, The Weavers, and The Jewelers. All 3 of which will have separate write-ups forthwith. 

As mentioned Traxts generally appear as a gem about the size of a large diamond, like you would find in a very expensive ring. Though they can be any variant in shape and size. Much like snowflakes, no 2 Traxts are exactly the same. In time people will notice certain races or family lines have Traxts that share a similar size, or shape, or coloring, etc. But we will also discuss more about this aspect of Traxts in future readings. 

There is much more to say about Traxts but before we dive into them, I will, in the next reading, continue on about The 5’s mission in these new universes and talk briefly about what each of them has been charged with in this new age. We will also of course get to hear the stories of Raine (the Younger) and learn about this new mysterious robot known as Snish. 


-Random Psionic


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