Volume 27: An intro into Traxt Magic...

June 28, 2019

In the simple illustration provided we see an alien being powering up some spell with a T-Traxt. See how brilliantly it shines when in use!

Volume 27: An intro into Traxt Magic...

Traxt Magic

The time has now come to begin our intro into the world of Traxt Magic. We will be exploring this over several posts. There will be individual write ups for each of the classes of: Traxt Smiths, Jewelers, and Weavers.

In fact this trio is commonly referee to as, “The Trinity” or “The Triad”. This is for several reasons. Firstly, it is very common for these 3 classes to group together in adventuring groups as their abilities complement each other. More practically, it does take all 3 in order to turn a regular “Raw Traxt” into an object of incredible magical power. 

One to make them, One to shape them, and One to make them glow.” Is the common phrase applied to this “Trinity” As we begin to discuss Traxt magic we will be learning why this is so.

A common Traxt itself is already a beautiful object. They are dazzling gems swirling with lights in their core. They are also potential sources of massive magical/psionic energy. But attempting to use them as such in their “unrefined” state leads to what is referred to as “Wild Effect” 

Wild Effect occurs when a magic or psionic user attempts to use an unrefined Traxt as a source of energy. Most magic/psionic users are familiar with this effect and will only attempt it in desperation. When a spell is attempted in this way there is a 50% chance the spell will simply create a huge cloud of acrid thick blue and purple smoke around the caster. This explosion of smoke is commonly referred to as “Traxt Backlash” or simply “Backlash”. This Backlash smoke burns the eyes and lungs doing 1d4 damage and blinding those in the area. Negatives apply to all those effected until the cloud dissipates which can take some time. There is a 40% chance that some other spell the caster knows will be cast instead! The spell will be completely random but will be some spell from the casters pool of spells (or psionics). Finally there is a 10% chance the spell will cast as normal. There is no mana or energy cost for the caster in any eventuality. 

So how does a “raw unrefined Traxt” become a reliable vessel for spell casting? It all starts with the Traxt Smiths

“One to make them...”

Traxt Smiths stand at the very core of Traxt Refining. Their magic allows them to ply the Traxt as if it were metal instead of a gem. They temper its cosmic energies and start to bring its crystalline structures into focus using their Chaos Anvils, Cosmic Hammers (sometimes also simply called Traxt Hammers), and skill. Much more about this process will be revealed in the Traxt Smith write up. After being forged, the Traxt will have a smokey look. 

“One to shape them...”

However even after the Traxt is forged it is still not a usable conduit for magical conduction. The Traxt must then be “cut” by a Traxt Jeweler. Through their lapidary process they hone down the gem, super focusing the raw reality energy inside. This process will also be discussed in The Jewelers write up forthcoming. When the gem has been precisely cut it will be an amazing sight to behold. Already of such quality any collector of gems would find it breathtaking. However the familiar swirl of lights inside the gem will be much muted. It is not until its last step with The Weavers that we finally see a Traxt resplendent in all of its glory.   

“And One to make them glow.”

The final stop in turning a Traxt into a magical conduit is with The Weavers. Through intense meditation The Weavers reach with their very spirits into the Traxt and pull out its inner energies. Very few Weavers seem to be able to put the experience into words but those that have tried have described what they do as “adding the flavor to salt.” Others among them say this is not accurate because it implies they are giving something to the Traxt that wasn’t there. They say a more precise way of saying it would be they are “making the salt realize it is flavor.” Regardless, the process by which they achieve this will be explained in The Weavers write up to follow. At the end of the process, finally, a true magic born Traxt exists. It will look to the untrained eye very much like it did before the process began. But to those that “look” they will see it has been transformed into something truly glorious. A perfectly cut, radiant, gem, swirling inside with lights and stars in intricate patterns, and shining with just the slightest glow. This Traxt is ready to produce magic. 

Beings from any race can attempt to become a member of The Trinity, though some races excel more at it than others. The greatest Traxt Smiths for example are true Dwarves. But finding a Traxt forged by a true Dwarf is akin to finding a unicorn. Perhaps even harder than that because many people have encountered unicorns throughout the multiverse! This is due almost entirely to the way true dwarves have been mercilessly and tirelessly hunted by the Dark Dwarves, nearly to the point of extinction. 

There is a very secret society however amongst the Trinity. A society you cannot ask to be part of, but one you must be invited to join.  This group is made up almost entirely of members from the Trinity (Smiths, Jewelers, & Weavers) but does also include a very small number of other classes like, Multiverse Warriors, Light Bringers, Spell Spinners and a few others. This group is rumoured to exist throughout the multiverse for various reasons but it is always said the MAIN reason they exist is to protect a secret clan of true Dwarves. These dwarves, said to number less than 100, are rumoured to make the strongest Traxts in all of reality. This group of dwarves are said to call themselves, “The Secret Siblings” and this secret society that protects them, which is talked about in secret places, calls themselves ‘The Order of the 3 Horned Ram.

In the end no two Traxts are exactly the same. Traxts from similar families, areas, and even events, will share similar characteristics, but no two will be exactly the same. And even when rendered completely some Traxts will be more powerful than others. A fully “processed” Traxt is usually referred to as a T-Traxt, A Trinity Gem, or a Mother/Father Stone. The names very from universe to universe but these are the most common ones. 

Invariably the Traxts of heroes, scholars, philosophers and the like are most sought after. The Traxts of those who lived the greatest lives make the most powerful T-Traxts.  

There are many more intricacies that are involved in this entire process but they will be explained in the further write ups to come. One final note is that at the point of becoming a T-Traxt the gem is now useable by almost any class as a psionic or magical battery, as long as the person using the T-Traxt has a suitable connection to the gem. This connection will also be talked about further in the upcoming readings.  Also not mentioned in this post, we will also be exploring how the Dark Dwarves stop gapped their inability to create substantial Weavers, and their use and creation of Traxt Weaponry to help offset this. 

This has been a decent intro into the world of Traxt magic. We will have more on all of this in the upcoming readings. But next we will return to the story of Raine (the younger)! 

In the simple illustration provided we see an alien being powering up some spell with a T-Traxt. See how brilliantly it shines when in use! 


-Random Psionic


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