Volume 34: Art Interlude 3

July 21, 2019

Naga character from traskoria plus 2 other unnamed characters

Volume 34: Art Interlude 3 

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support. As many of you know I’m kinda going through an unavoidable life event at the moment. I thought it would be wrapped up last weekend but it’s not going to be over until this weekend. The great news is it’s definitely over at the end of this week.

That being said prepare for a TON of new material to start coming out. I’ve purchased a new computer to help me generate better content more quickly and have other exciting news involving a partnership I’ve been working on which is going to be an incredible boost to the Traskoria fandom! More news on that VERY soon!

Anyway thank you all and enjoy this week of Traskoria Art. Then stay tuned as we introduce several new character classes, races, and finish the history of The Second Crush and move into The Panic!!!


Naga Character from traskoria

Naga: In this (very old) artwork we see some characters we havnt met yet! The Naga character (bottom right) will be VERY important! 🐉🌟



Lizardman and mermaid characters from traskoria

Character Beginning's: Here are the original designs for 2 of my characters. The mermaid has changed quite a bit by now! But my Lizardman has remained much the same. 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🦎



Experiments on the oblivion Sketch, here is a wizard performing an experiment on a liquid he hopes to use to thwart The Oblivion

Experiments on the Oblivion: Many many experiments were performed on The Oblivion and The Crawl, looking for ways to push it back or eradicate it. With the exception of Traxt Magic almost all were considered failures. The main Sketch here is a wizard performing an experiment on a liquid he hopes to use to thwart The Oblivion.



destiny elves and the psionics sketch

Destiny Elves and Psionics: Destiny Elves wield powerful Psionics, forsaking the use of any magic. But they are not the only Psionic users by far! On the lower right we see a Trementian and a Class U being both also using powerful Psionics!


-Random Psionic

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