Volume 38: Closing this chapter on Traxts…

August 05, 2019

raine and bastion sketch

So we have talked a lot about Traxts in the previous posts, but they are a very important aspect of our story. They provide a paradigm shift in our concept of life and death and resurrection, specifically in the gaming universe. 

But the time has come to move on to other parts of our story. There will be other things to learn about Traxts and their magic as we progress, but we will cover them when we need to. 

Before we move on I wanted to provide just a few more notes on these very important gems. 

Traxts and T-Traxts

In the last few posts we’ve seen how Traxts are turned into T-Traxts, AKA Motherstones or Fatherstones. Let’s clarify a few things about this.

First it should be noted even without the Trinity’s process, normal Traxts are still incredibly beautiful. They sparkle and glow and are all around beautiful to behold. They are adored and revered by many cultures and people. They are also often made into jewelry and used in all forms of art. Remember these are the remains of the dead. Many cultures, families, and religions have created their own rituals and traditions for how these relics should be handled. Some families fuse the Traxts together into elaborate sculptures which they place in mausoleums, or at grave sites, or in their homes. Others have the gems set into all manner of jewelry they wear or collect to remember their loved ones. Still others bury the Traxts as they would any other remains leading to vast “mini” graveyards full of tiny headstones and mounds with single gems buried underneath them. The possibilities are really endless.  

The MAIN difference between a Traxt and a T-Traxt is the glow. There are other subtle differences that can be seen by those who know how to look, especially the Trinity, however for the average person the glow is what they notice most.

All Traxts glow. However, with regular Traxts it is usually so subtle you must be in near absolute darkness to notice. However, with T-Traxts you can usually see the glow even during the day. During the day it may look like the stone is just extra brilliant, catching the light at every angle, but at night there is no doubt about the light they produce. A fully decked out Jeweler is a sight to behold come the evening. 

On this note it should be noted this makes stealth a big problem for the Jeweler class and to a lesser extent The Smiths, with their Cosmic Hammers lit up by T-Traxts. For this reason, The Trinity has created “Shadow Wax” which they apply to their gems to darken them when necessary. The formula for Shadow Wax is a Trinity secret not even known to all of them. But it can often be purchased from members of the Trinity found in everyday life. When applied to a T-Traxt it will almost completely darken the gem making it much easier to maintain stealth. The wax usually lasts for 2-3 days but extreme heat will melt it and prolonged contact with water will deteriorate it. 

Traxts for the Nontrinity

So as we have seen in the last few posts The Trinity (Smiths, Jewelers, & Weavers) use T-Traxts to create their magic. Without the T-Traxts their type of magic would not be possible. Whereas most normal spell casters need to use words, weave signs, and more to cast their spells, the Trinity need simply use their T-Traxts and concentration. They still require the same amount of time to cast their spells, they just don’t need any of the extra things that most spell casters need to execute them. 

However even Nontrinity magic and psionic users can use T-Traxts as batteries if they meet certain criteria. Members of the Trinity can literally use any Traxt they come across to turn into a T-Traxt for use with their magic. They do not have to have a special connection to it of any kind. However MOST members of the Trinity will seek out “special” Traxts. They may have a preference like they want each Traxt to be from a different race, or each one to be from a prominent family, or each one to be from a different universe or galaxy, again the possibilities are endless. 

With Nontrinity members however they must have a special “connection” to the stone they choose. Otherwise they will not be able to use it as a battery. The stronger the connection the stronger the battery will be. Family members, lovers, friends, all are great sources for Traxts they can use. 

Once they obtain a Traxt with a suitable connection they must then find members of the Trinity willing to process the stone. This is a time-consuming process and most members of the Trinity require payment or service of some kind to perform this task. (A great way to setup a quest chain hint hint) If they do manage to get the stone fully processed, they will then need to “Bind the Stone” to themselves. Many will have the stone set into a piece of jewelry, but they can be carried loose. For the binding to occur they must have the T-Traxt within 3’ of them at all times for 7 + 1d4 days. Then if the T-Traxt has a suitable connection it will become a mana or psionic energy battery for that person. Note that it will only be a battery for them. No other person can draw energy from it without consequence. The stone will only bind to a single person with a suitable connection. A Nontrinity person can possess a maximum of 2 T-Traxt batteries. One can be obtained at level 5 and another at level 15, if they are willing to put in the work to get it. We discussed in an earlier post what happens when someone tries to use magic or psionics from a nonbound gem. Refer to the previous readings for that information.

Besides being batteries they can pull from for magic or psionics these T-Traxts offer one other amazing benefit to the caster. Spells or Psionics used with energy from a T-Traxt do QUADRUPLE damage to all aspects of The Oblivion! Including O-Boys of any stage! Members of the Trinity have this naturally with all of their spells, but this allows other casters to be able to push back The Oblivion as well! When used to attack the Oblivion Proper or The Crawl it will push them both back 100’ miles per level of the spell! This has allowed many worlds to keep The Oblivion at bay for often weeks while they are evacuated. Oblivion Ghouls of any size are instantly destroyed by even the lowest level spell powered by a T-Traxt. 

Traxts for the common people, NPCs, and nonmagic users

Our last subject to cover is this. We have already discussed above how many cultures, religions, and races use Traxts. Despite this it should be noted even regular Traxts are not as abundant as you would imagine, even with a multiverse collapsing. Anyone absorbed by The Oblivion will not become a Traxt. And for the most part this accounts for the largest loss of life in the multiverse. Even in massive wars the majority of Traxts are simply abandoned because who would be there to collect them after? And even if someone were to go looking for a lost loved one’s Traxt on the battlefield, unless their family has some very distinctive marking, shape, or other way to determine which Traxt is which, to the untrained eye almost all Traxts look the same. A huge amount of the war and battles happening during The Crushes also takes place in space. When ships are destroyed and those people Traxd (a term for someone turning into a Traxt, “They died and were Traxd”) combing thru what could be lightyears of space for a gem is again nearly an impossible task. 

As such most Traxts are coveted. Whether it be families, cultures, or something else most Traxts are collected and cherished in one form or another. That being said, they tend to have extreme monetary value. Not to mention the outrageous prices a fully realized T-Traxt can sell for. All of this should be kept in mind when approaching NPC’s to discuss Traxts in anyway. They are a very sensitive subject for many people. 

Ok I THINK I’ve covered everything we need to know for now. I always feel I have forgotten something ha ha. If I do remember any aspect I forgot I’ll note it in an upcoming post. Time to move on to a new part of our story! 

The Illustration: The Illustration this time is a sketch of Raine (The Older) and Bastion. I have drawings of The Trinity coming up hopefully tomorrow. I have so many sketch books finding what I’m looking for is sometimes time consuming lol. Definitely by Friday I will have them for you though. Tomorrow we will enter a brand new part of Traskoria lore as we begin to discuss the different races! 

-Random Psionic

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