Volume 39: Racial Classes (some notes)

August 09, 2019

old traskoria sketch

Racial Classes

Hello everyone and happy day!

So today we enter another new milestone of our story. The introduction of new races. There are a crazy number of new races to introduce you, but of course we won’t do them all at once. We are just going to meet a handful now, ones that have already been introduced in our story, so you can have a better understanding of them as we move forward. Similar to the Dark Dwarves write up we have already done. 

Now I say “New Races” but the truth is some of you may already know some of them! You may have seen them in dreams or visions. (The Swafts in particular are known to be dream walkers.) These races (all races) are part of the integral fabric that creates and binds the multiverse.

That being said let’s discuss a few things.

First when describing the races, I will always attempt to not describe how they look “ethnically.” This is because all the races can look like anyone! We are talking about the nearly infinite multiverse! There are Elves, Merpeople, Swafts, Dark Dwarves, etc. of every race and color and orientation you can imagine! That is something else I think has been missing from the tabletop gaming experience. Diversity. How many elves of color have you seen portrayed? Not many, if any at all I’d wager. And this is a shame. And not how the multiverse really is. If you want to play a Hispanic, blue skinned, winged, transgender elf, why should you not be able too? Every person should be able to play a character they identify with, AND/OR one that lets them live the fantasy they want to live. 

When describing certain characters however I may go into more detail of how they look. For example, one of (if not THE) main Swaft characters I will be introducing to you has “Nordic” features. He is obviously not Nordic, but that is how he looks. I offer the description just to put an image in your mind.  But OF COURSE, as mentioned above the Swafts and all other races are culturally, and sexually diverse, as is the entirety of the multiverse! And as such I very much hope that you will find I try to express this diversity by offering characters of all shapes, sizes, and orientations. 

OK I believe that is enough of an intro! The first new race I’ll be introducing to you is the Swafts

In todays illustration we have a very old (almost embarrassingly so) drawing of some of the MANY races we will eventually see. The quality of this drawing is not the best (probably from middle school lol) but I think it speaks to the diversity the multiverse gives. Be who you want to be. Not only in game but also in your real life 😊 You are beautiful and unique and worth celebrating every day

-Random Psionic

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