Volume 4: Traskoria Author's Note

April 26, 2019

Volume 4: Traskoria Author's Note

Volume 4: Traskoria Author's Note

Happy day everyone! So we are now moving into a new phase with our storytelling. I wanted to make a note here to help prepare you for what is coming.

So as stated in my first post it is my intention to tell this story in the way you would receive it if you were reading a tabletop gaming book. Some of you (perhaps many of you) have never read a story in this style before. Well be excited! You are about to experience something new!

In the upcoming readings I will be presenting character bios as well as some explanatory posts about different phenomenon we have had in our story so far. You will get to know the characters on a much deeper level. The general criticism of this type of storytelling is that you don’t get to know the characters ‘organically’. And this is true on some levels. However the benefits of this type of storytelling are many, and I would like to review a few of them now.

First, for many of you this will be a new way of engaging with a story. I have read a lot of books and one of my very favorite things is finding an author who has a completely unique style. By posting in this form I hope to introduce you to an entirely new genre of books and reading you may have never considered before. Palladium, Wizards of the Coast, and many many others have TONS of books written similarly that may catch your attention now. 

Secondly, it is important to me on a personal level to write in this style to introduce some of the new and novel concepts I have for the tabletop gaming universe. I believe I have ideas that will hopefully lead to a renaissance in this genre and more importantly add to your gaming experience! It is my hope that one of the big names in gaming will eventually take notice here and pick me up to help tell this story. 

Next, as it pertains to your reading experience, there are many ways this will allow you to have a much different (and hopefully richer) experience moving forward. After reading these character bios you will immediately have a much deeper and intimate understanding of these characters. So when you ‘see’ these characters again, when we return to more straight forward story telling, you may look upon them more like a new friend, rather than a stranger you are struggling to get to know. You will have insights into their powers, abilities, and personalities. It offers a unique thought process when the characters come into peril or face a choice, because you have a very good idea how they would react. Or more to the point, how you may want them to react. It adds a level of intimacy to the story, like you are reading a story about someone you know. When Jodi comes to decision X you may think “There is no way he would allow ‘THAT’ to happen”, or, “He doesn’t have the ability to get out of ‘THAT’ what will he do?” and so on. Moreover it will also give you pause when the character DOES NOT act as you would expect, and can lead to intrigue when said character goes against their expected action. Why would they do this?, Something must be happening!, I wonder if they are being influenced by ‘THIS”? etc. 

Lastly on this note realize character bios are not the final word on a character. This is a ‘snapshot’ of these characters.  These characters are living breathing souls subject to the whims of existence much like we all are. As things change, they will too, and down the road many characters will have additional bios, showcasing these changes and perhaps, new abilities and paradigms. But that will be quite a ways off.

We will also showcase the introduction of Character Classes. These will be Class types for playing in a gaming setting. It will list an overall review of the class, as well as some of their abilities, powers, etc. In the interest of not boring the reader with tedious spells and abilities I will most likely only list a few for each class at various levels. If there becomes a demand from you readers for more info on any particular class I will provide more info in a supplemental post later. Because believe me, I have a copious amount of spells, abilities, features, and much more I’ve created for each one over the years.  

I hope you enjoy and as always I would love to hear your thoughts, criticism, and accolades on everything we make here and everything we have already made. Traskoria is for you! This is your universe and I am so happy to be able to share it with you! Have an awesome day today! You are all AMAZING! 


-Random Psionic



Stay tuned for next weeks post & let us know what you think in the comments! :D
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