Volume 42: Partnership, Races & Classes

August 19, 2019

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Partnership, Character Classes, Racial Classes, and more…

Hello Everyone! A few things to talk about today! I want to start by announcing an amazing partnership we have made! The AWESOME people at TheTabletopGameShop have partnered with Traskoria and are a home for this story! These guys are SO EPIC and I can not thank them enough for giving us a home. PLEASE check these guys out! First of all, they have the most AMAZING dice I have ever seen. Such amazing and unique collections! And not only dice, they have anything you could possibly want for gaming! 

And it doesn’t end there! Tons of incredible merchandise like apparel, mugs, journals, seriously you can get amazing gifts for absolutely anyone you know! (Including yourself lol) They have cool things for people who are not even gamers! 

Moreover, they are your one stop for anything related to tabletop gaming! They have links to their partner podcast, AllD20 (it's so good!) Fan art, other blogs, and of course our story, Traskoria! So anyway I can’t thank them enough for all their support with Traskoria! I will be linking them in all my blog posts and letting you know when they have sales or other cool promotions. Check them out!



On Racial and Character Classes:

So as we move on and begin discussing Racial Character classes it should be known that yes, there are certain Character Classes that have been made specifically for each race. This was hinted at in the last chapter where I mentioned in passing that the 1% of Swaft unaffected by The Erasure would eventually become their own character class. This will be true for each of the Races. There will be character classes that are specific to each race. That being said most races are open to almost any other “regular” character class. Meaning for example, if you want to play a Swaft heavy gunner, or monk, or warrior these are all open to you. The Swaft make a good example for this because they also have limitations that were mentioned. They are closed to all elemental schools of magic save Wind. So you could not play an Elemental Earth magic Swaft. Though you could play a regular wizard or a psionic. Anyway I hope this helps explain things. 

I bring this up also because I want you to know that there are COOL character classes for each race. They are something I hope to share with you in the future. However, in order to keep the story moving I am not listing them all out now. I feel a lot of our readers would get bored if the next 6 posts were all Swaft character classes. I mean they are all REALLY COOL, but we are telling a story here first so the Racial Character Classes will have to come with time. We will continue to pause the story to do write ups on races and character classes where they are necessary. 

OK So that all on that. We do have a few more Racial Class write up to view before we continue with the story. Just the ones we have mentioned already in our story. Learning about these races is important because as The Crushes continue specific races are going to be coming to the forefront of our story. 

Next up will be our earth movers! The race known as “The Sliders!” 

About The Illustration: This is another older drawing (Im trying to use all of my “older art” first.) It shows some of my original “gang” of characters. Many of the Races are represented here.  


-Random Psionic

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