Volume 44: Planes & Dimensions

August 26, 2019

Volume 44: Planes & Dimensions

Planes & Dimension

Planes and Dimensions:

Today we are going to talk about the different Planes of Existence & Multidimensional beings. This is actually something we should have covered sometime ago. 

It will be hard not to wax philosophical to some extent here because what we are talking about are not fully concrete ideas. The different planes of existence exist, but the very physics of them, what happens in them, much of it may be beyond our understanding. Not because of any fault of our own, but because we do not have the senses or experience to understand them. I think of the old example of, how would you describe what an airplane is to an ant? The ant can go on a plane, it can crawl around it, maybe find food in it, but can it ever understand what it really is? 

Anyway I digress, lets talk about what we need to know. 

Let’s start with where we live. We live in the multiverse. A nearly infinite sprawling scape with nearly any sort of reality you can imagine. Here is where we can know things. We can understand the physics of where we are and what is happening. Things are solid and we perceive them easily with our senses. All that said we are our own plane of existence. We sometimes refer to our plane of existence as “The Material Plane” or “The Prime Plane”. It encompasses the entirety of the multiverse. It IS the multiverse. It is where we live and where our story takes place. Not just the story of Traskoria but your individual story as well! 

So besides our plane (The Prime Plane) There exists other planes of existence. They ARE NOT other Universes. They are entirely other realms. Creatures and beings live there, but their motivations, desires, the very physics of their realms are so fantastically different from our own they defy understanding. We can not exist there. At least not for very long. How many planes of existence there are may be impossible to know. It may be infinite or near infinite. 

We will not dive to deep down that rabbit hole now because it is not important to our story. Lets instead talk about just a few of the different planes of existence. The most important planes for us right now are, The Elemental Planes and The Astral Plane

Let’s discuss the Astral Plane first. Many (perhaps most) of you have probably heard of this plane. It has been popularized in many stories, games, movies, etc. And for the most part it is usually portrayed accurately. It is sometimes called The Plane of the Mind. It is a place where psychics tread. A place for dreamers and dreams. A place where thought and reality converge. It however, like all the planes other than our own, is also dangerous. Creatures of the mind live there. Mental Horrors, Horrifying ideas come to life there. Beside these dangers one can also lose oneself here. Time has literally no meaning. Many people will let their minds wander here oblivious to their own dying physical body. 

All that being said, it can also be a place used by psionic users to do good. To speak with other psychics, to save one’s mind while the body is being assaulted, and many other uses. It is still incredibly dangerous to go there, especially to the untrained or unfamiliar. 

Now we move on to the Elemental Planes. The 4 major ones are the planes of: Earth, Air, Water, & Fire. There are other elemental planes but by far these are the most well-known. These planes are nothing like the Astral Plane. To go to any of these planes means instant death. They exist as realms of pure elemental force. No laws of physics we know of have any meaning here. The beings and creatures that exist there have desires and wants we could not know. We glimpse these beings sometimes if they are summoned to our realm by some wizard or technology. But even when beings from the elemental planes are brought to ours, they cannot exist long here. Our world is as foreign to them as theirs is to us. 

There are however very powerful beings from the elemental planes (and other planes) that can “project” themselves into our reality. Usually in the form of some avatar they have crafted. Using this avatar, they seek out sentient beings for a multitude of purposes. The two most common things these beings are looking for is torture or worship. Sometimes both. It is unknown why but beings from the elemental planes (and other planes) Can gain power, sustenance, from our emotions and our worship or admiration. It should be noted not all these beings are “evil”. In truth even some of the ones we perceive to be evil may not be so. Can you be angry at a scorpion for stinging or a snake for biting? It is there very nature to do so. 

Often they will offer to exchange power from their realm in exchange for favors in this realm. They may wish to take on a priest or cleric who they will imbue with power. In return they will expect this new cleric to go and gather followers unto them, whose worship will make them stronger. Sometimes they will give someone power and want this new acolyte to bring them others to torture and kill so they can feed off their pain and emotions and fear. Sometimes they will empower a small group of people and have them go out and do good works in their name. The joy and healing and happiness brought about by these people will feed the being in the same way. We call these beings that can project themselves into our plane of existence “Multidimensional Beings” This is because they can exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Projecting themselves here into our plane, while they exist in their own. They could also be called “Multiplaner Beings”.  By their very nature they are usually incredibly powerful. The ability to manifest oneself onto another plane of reality for any extended amount of time takes tremendous power. 

In our story we have seen two prime examples of this. The Dark Dwarves and their dark gods who seek to be worshiped, and relish in the death and misery the Dark Dwarves cause. And on the flip side we have the Sliders, who were contacted by beings from the plane of earth and wanted the Sliders to go out and help other cultures, providing them with knowledge, and saving them from all manner of calamity. Convexly we have the Swaft. Who gained their power not from a deal with any multidimensional being, but by being connected to the plane of air by their very nature. 

It is a complex thing to talk about in some ways. Hopefully this has allowed the mud to become somewhat more clear lol. This is not something that will be visiting often in our story. It is simply something that exists and as such should be addressed. As mentioned there and many other planes but we will only address them when we need to. 



About the illustration: This is a painting I did for a friend’s wedding called, “Moon and Water” I chose this piece for today because I think it helps represent what the elemental plane of water might look like. In this painting I was attempting to capture the essence of the moons light over the water. But in reality I was trying to capture something that doesn’t really exist. We can see the moons light reflected over the moving, living water, but can we understand it? I imagine this may be what the elemental plane of water looks like. A swirling, refracting, unending deluge of living waters, rioting with lights and colors and textures we could not give pattern too. Beauty and chaos melded together in a frolicking tempest. 


-Random Psionic

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