Volume 40: The Swaft (Part 1)

August 12, 2019

The swaft racial class sketch

Racial Class:

At a glance: The Swaft are a peace-loving humanoid species who are masters of the element of wind. They have been at war with the Dark Dwarves for untold centuries. Sometime early in the war the Dark Dwarves deployed a forbidden weapon against them and changed their entire race forever.  

Appearance: The Swaft appear as fully human. However, exactly like the Dark Dwarves they have 4 large spiderlike appendages that extrude from their backs. They did not always look this way. (Explanation to follow.) Though they can be any normal human height, they do tend to be on the shorter side (approx. 5’ tall) They also generally tend to have a “runner or swimmers build” being lithe and sinuous. The whites of their eyes, the tips of their fingernails, and their teeth are all brilliantly white. When they breathe fog comes out of their mouth and nostrils. This also happens when they talk. The more excited they get or the higher their emotions are running the more fog they will produce. When they exert themselves, they also produce fog. Fog is made when they sweat, and with other bodily functions as well… 

History: The Swaft are a long-lived race, rivalled only by the Elves and the Trementians. They were also among the first few races to begin traveling the multiverse, being among the Dark Dwarves and the Elves who similarly began exploring the Multiverse while it was still very young. 

Early on in their travels they met the Dark Dwarves. The Swaft are a peaceful people and always sought peaceful contact with new races. Surprisingly in these very early days of contact the Dark Dwarves were not as aggressive. They still considered themselves conquers but the multiverse was still a new place to them with unknown enemies, so they were much more “diplomatic” at first. 

Upon making contact they became fast friends. Both interested to have met another multiverse spanning race, but for different reasons. The Swaft saw a new potential peer to form a friendship with, The Dark Dwarves saw a potential stumbling block to their plans to rule all realities. 

For a short time it was well. The 2 cultures began to intermingle heavily though most of it was the Dark Dwarves mingling on any world the Swaft were on. The Swaft did make many attempts to visit the home worlds of the Dark Dwarves but almost all of them never seemed to pan out. The Dark Dwarves claimed to be a very private people with strict religious customs making it hard to have visitors often. The Swaft found this incredibly bizarre but in the interest of friendship acquiesced. 

Over time the Dark Dwarves began to deploy a plan to capture an destroy the entire Swaft race. They had come to see the Swaft as “to close to equal” in both power and technology so they could not be allowed to continue. 

They had hidden their World Net technologies from the Swaft. By Deploying just a handful of ships around a planet they could activate their World Net tech and completely enclose a world in a purple blue dazzling net. The nets are incredibly strong and regenerate with amazing alacrity. No form of communication can escape them, be it technological, magical, or psionic. Teleportation is absolutely hindered and Portals are nearly impossible to open. A truly frightening and powerful technology. 

And so, after a long peace, the Dark Dwarves struck. Having ingratiated themselves to the Swaft for so long they easily were able to put their ships into place, and in one fell swoop, they netted 99% of the entirety of the Swaft population in a day.

At first there was panic and confusion from the Swaft. They did not understand why their good friends would do this to them. Many attempts at communication were made. All but the first few were met with dogged silence. Then they started arriving with Magi-Chains and other restraining devices. Now the Swaft would show the Dark Dwarves they were not the only ones who kept a secret.

The Swaft exist on the razor’s edge of being corporeal or elemental. The live on the material plane but are so connected to the elemental plane of wind they could be elementals. Regardless this gives them access to a wide range of abilities. One of these is Teleportation. The Dark Dwarves knew the Swaft possessed this ability, but their World Nets should make this impossible. But the Swaft do not REALLY teleport. 

When describing this ability to people they will call it teleportation just to make it easy. But when a Swaft “teleports” they are not expending any magical or psionic energy. Anywhere there is air, a Swaft can be. A Swaft need simply turn themselves into air and exchange that air for air anywhere they want to be. Easily one of the most fantastic feats of “teleportation” in the entire Multiverse. 

As such the Swaft stuck back. They began “teleporting” directly onto Dark Dwarf ships and capturing them. A massive battle erupted. The fighting lasted for weeks across realities, but in the end the Dark Dwarves were overwhelmed and retreated. There were heavy losses on both sides. The Swaft drew back to their own home worlds and began to heal. 

Time passed. There was no contact from either side for lifetimes. The Swaft believed they would never see the Dark Dwarves again. They were wrong.

After their stunning loss the Dark Dwarves returned to their home worlds enraged. Their “gods” had told them they were to be “The Unstoppable Blight” that world enslave the multiverse! They now turned to these “gods” for answers.

The multidimensional beings who had propped themselves up as Gods to the Dark Dwarves also found these Swaft to be a troubling factor in their plans to rule. They began to consider using forbidden magic against them. 

There was a spell they knew of but had dared never use. It was one of the “First Spells”, made when the Multiverse was still forming. It extolled a high cost to use but gave terrifying results. Its name could be translated to: “The Erasure” To use this spell each of the Dark Dwarves “gods” would have to permanently give over a portion of their being. They would be forever diminished. Doing this would bind them to the Dark Dwarves forever, as they would need to draw from them for substance and energy from now on. They were wary to do this. However, the rage of the Dark Dwarf people began boiling over and the “gods” knew that their rage would soon turn to them. So rather than lose the worship of the Dark Dwarves forever they began disseminating a plan to the Dark Dwarves about how they would defeat the Swaft, and they began preparing the spell. 

We will end it here for today and finish the Swaft write up in the next post. In the Illustration today we have a Swaft. You can see him flying high in the clouds. You can also see the Spiderlike arms they share in common with the Dark Dwarves. 


-Random Psionic

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